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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Reverend
Owner: happiness_express
Pet Name: Kimadollus
Breed: Wibreth

About Reverend:
The Wibreth had seen the blue Zafara before, he was not a character easy to miss. He always wore the same piece of clothing, a dusty potato sack. What was strange to the Wibreth was that, although he knew the Zafara had a lot of points with him, he never seemed to mind wearing such cheap rags. That blue Zafara was the least of his problems now. Right now the Wibreth's attention was focused on this bag smelling of food.

After the bag had been tossed by a passing by villager, the Wibreth had scurried up to it. Garbage: nothing but rotten vegetables. Still, the quantity made it a feast, something the Wibreth hadn't had in a long time.

The Wibreth pulled out a piece of yellow and fuzzy blue corn. While picking out all of the nicer looking seeds, that was when he saw the blue Zafara wandering without a thought in his eyes. He was traveling slowly along side the path up ahead, watching his own feet move through the dirt and ferns. There was a secret smile on his yellow muzzle, like he had a happy idea in his head.

Not wanting to attract the odd Zafara's attention, the Wibreth scratched a bigger hole in the bag. An old apple and rubbery carrot tumbled out. A fine feast this was turning out to be.

The Wibreth pecked at the apple. From the corner of his eye he noticed the Zafara stopped and faced the path. Coming at him was a speeding cart that didn't show signs of slowing down. Without realizing it, the Wibreth ran over to the Zafara, pulled on his shirt with his beak, and jerked him away from the road. The villager driving the cart cursed at the Zafara and yelled to watch where he was going.

Panting, the Wibreth sat down and watched his life flash through his eyes.

"Thanks, Reverend."

The Wibreth looked up at the Zafara, who was smiling to him. Was Reverend the name the Zafara was going to call him or did he mistook him for a lost friend?

"Almost squished me, he did. Like a pancake." The Zafara thumped his left foot on the ground and made slurpping noises with his mouth.

This guy was crazy.

"I live in the woods on the otherside of Merridell," the Zafara said. "Came here to look for the local dumping ground. You live 'ere?"

The Wibreth nodded. This fellow was so ... odd. He felt the need to try making the Zafara stop talking and leave as quickly as possible. When a Pet and homeless Petpet met that Petpet would be adopted. The last thing he wanted was to be adopted by this empty-headed person.

"'S that food over there?" The Zafara asked, making his way towards the bag. "See you've already had your share of the corn and apple. Mind if I snatch this carrot?"

'Yes, yes, take it and go!' the Wibreth wanted to say, but all that came out was clucking.

"Thanks, mate." The Zafara grabbed the carrot and made his way down the road, humming a made-up tune.

Why hadn't the Zafara tried to take him in? The Wibreth wondered. Maybe he already had a Petpet, but with a dreamer like that guy it was hard to imagine so. Curiosity tickled him, then guilt hovered. That Zafara needed someone--a guardian. It was obvious that he could hardly take care of himself, and what if he got hurt? Not wanting to suffer through such a tragedy, the Wibreth hurried towards the Zafara.

It was a difficult walk. The Zafara had taken confusing paths that seemed to circle and went through the busiest streets in Merridell. The Wirbreth had to peck and ankles and flutter through crowds just to keep his eyes on the strange critter. Eventually the hustle diminished and the Zafara walked through the swampiest tracks of land. He stopped when they reached a purple sheet with only one of its corners tied to a tree. This was the Zafara's home. As the Zafara was about to go inside his face showed surprised when he saw the Wibreth.

"That you, Reverend?"

The Wibreth only stood there, pitying the only shelter the Zafara had.

"I'll get us some tea." The Zafara disappeared for a moment. Before the flap of the sheet closed the Wibreth noticed something dark taking up most of the room inside. "'Ere we are," the Zafara cheered, coming out with a purple kettle that was dripping liquid from a hole in the bottom and two cups. He poured some tea for the Wibreth, but it only filled the cup by a few centimeters. It seemed that he was out of tea, but the Zafara thought otherwise.

"Tea's bad, hasn't melted at all." The Zafara tipped the kettle over. The Wibreth choked at wiggling cubes plopped out: they were chopped pieces of Dung Jelly. The Zafara plopped one of the cubes in his mouth and chewed, sounding pleased.

"Want to see my express?" the Zafara asked when he was finished. Without waiting for an answer, he got up and pulled the sheet back with excited movements. It was the dark thing the Wibreth had a glimpse of, a black cart with missing wheels and a yellow face with a smug grin painted on the side.

"It's the Happiness Express," the Zafara explained. "When I get enough money I'm going to fix it up and equip it with a jet. That way I'll go really fast! I'm also going to get a catapult: to throw gifts people. Happiness can be found all around us, but I wanna help those who have trouble finding it."

At the end of every sentence the Wibreth thought the Zafara was crazier, but he was no longer frightened for him. Although odd, this pet meant good for the world and the Wibreth felt a need to be a part of that.

The Wibreth hopped on the front of the cart, impersonating a driver.

"You wanna help?" The Zafara smiled. Both of his ears perked up.

Letting out a chirp, the Wibreth nodded his head. He wanted to help.

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