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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Etoile
Owner: stella45678400
Pet Name: Kynikko
Breed: Faerie Drugal

About Etoile:
Kyuuu! A soft twinkling sound alerted Kynikko as she sat down on the couch. The sound started getting louder and soon, a faerie drugal appeared in front of Kynikko. The faerie xweetok smiled as her petpet, named Etoile fluttered up into her arms. Etoile’s soft shimmering fur tickled Kynikko and Etoile snuggled deeper into Kynikko’s arms, and Kynikko hugged Etoile tightly. The faerie drugal was Kynikko’s companion, best friend, and someone she told all her secrets to. Etoile even helped Kynikko feel better in even the most horrible times.

“Etoile, do you remember when I first found you?” Kynikko said. Kynikko closed her eyes and started remembering that glorious day when she met Etoile.

“ARG!” Kynikko growled as she flew up to Faerieland to pick up some faerie apples from the Faerieland food shop. “I really don’t know why mum needs all these faerie apples just to make pies for Bloom and Kayana!” Kynikko said and continued with her ranting.

After 30 minutes of waiting for the Faerieland food shop to restock on the right faerie apples Kynikko started for home.


Kynikko’s ears twitched as she thought she had heard a weird sound. She looked all around her and saw nothing. Huh? It’s probably nothing, just my ears playing tricks on me Kynikko thought. Kynikko took a few more steps forward and heard yet another sound. This time she thought she had heard a poofing sound and a flutter behind her. Kynikko narrowed her eyes and turned to run toward the Faerieland furniture shop. She quickly hid behind the big shop and peeked around the corner. Suddenly out of the blue, a dazzling faerie drugal popped out of a puffy cloud. The faerie drugal swerved it’s head this way and that, pondering where Kynikko went. Suddenly it then turned, and focused towards the direction of the Faerieland furniture shop and saw Kynikko peeping behind the building. Kynikko gasped and slowly stepped out.

“So you’re the one following me!” Kynikko laughed.

The faerie drugal looked embarrassed and turned a bright shade of crimson. Kynikko grinned and gently picked up the faerie drugal, trying not to pull at it’s long silky hair.

“Oh dear, you look tired and very hungry! Here eat this.” Kynikko said as she hurried to get a fire faerie apple she had bought earlier at the Faerieland food shop out of her backpack, and handed it to the faerie drugal. The faerie drugal scarfed down the apple like there was no tomorrow. Kynikko giggled and wondered if the faerie drugal had an owner.

“Are you alone out here? Don’t you have an owner?” Kynikko questioned the petpet.

The faerie drugal’s eyes looked sad and it averted it’s eyes away from Kynikko, then it shook it’s head no. Aww poor petpet… Kynikko sadly thought, her thought then was followed by an idea.

“Hey! How about you come home with me?!” Kynikko said to the faerie drugal.

The faerie drugal’s once gloomy eyes brightened up to a healthy yellow glow as it squealed for joy.

“Alright it’s settled then, I’ll take you home and see what mum will say about keeping you!” With the petpet securely in her arms, Kynikko hurried home. Once at home, Kynikko pleaded with all her might to ask if she could keep the faerie drugal.

“Hmmm… Are you certain that it has no owner and that you will take full responsibility for it?” Jen asked uncertainly.

“Yes and yes! I will! I’ll feed it and everything! Please mum?” Kynikko put on her irresistible puppy dog eyes and her cutest smile.

“Oh alright, just make sure you take care of it carefully!” Jen said with a sigh.

“Agreed! Now what shall I name you?” Kynikko looked carefully at her new faerie petpet. “Let’s see… How about Etoile? It means star in French, do you like it?” Kynikko asked the faerie drugal.

The faerie drugal then cried out a KYUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

“I’ll take that as a yes!” Kynikko smiled a thousand mega watt smile and hugged Etoile closely.

From then on Kynikko and Etoile have shared some great moments and have been there for each other everytime.

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