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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Caro
Owner: greenladysoap
Pet Name: DreamEchos
Breed: Desert Gallion

About Caro:
It was dark and cool morning when DreamEchos and Caro started their journey into Lost Desert.
“There is a Shrine in the desert” – DreamEchos was telling Caro, “and it grants you one wish a day!” Caro nodded. “It can make any of my dreams come true – a new battledome weapon, shiny dubloons or even a million neopoints!” - DreamEchos continued with excitement in her voice, as they made their way through outskirts of the desert. There were single spots of green oasis around them, but ahead, as far as they could see, lay golden sand.
Caro, the Maraquan Gallion, was set to travel in small canteen, which was strapped safely over DreamEchos wings.
The sun was rising slowly, as they walked through the desert, talking in quiet voices. The sand was starting to glow from heat when they finally saw the Shrine on horizon. As they walk towards it, the sun reached its peak and began rolling down marking the end of long and tiring day. It did not make the heat of the desert any more tolerable – the sand was still radiating so much heat, that DreamEchos feet were starting to hurt.
“A little further” she said, “Just a little bit further”.
When they reached the Shrine, she sat down tiredly on the steps by the base of it, and put the canteen down. Caro stirred uncomfortably, she looked at him and gasped – there was a hole on the side of the canteen, and very little water was left on very bottom, just enough for Caro to stay alive.
Dreamechos was thirsty and tired, but she knew if they turn back home right now they might not make it, since the heat of the evening was very strong. She did not take one gulp of water, leaving everything for her dear friend, and decided to wait till night cools down the desert, before getting ready for journey back.
As night approached, they set to sleep on Shrine’s steps. Caro was already snoozing on the bottom of canteen, but DreamEchos was still awake, looking into starry sky.
She turned her head up to the Coltzan’s Shrine, that towered above them, and whispered: “I don’t want any shiny weapons, or a fortune, or levels – all I want is for my petpet to be OK, and for us to make it safely back home” – she looked at Caro to check on him again, and drifted to sleep…
She woke up with cool breeze over her, and something wet on her face. “No, no, I will not drink – that water is to save Caro!” – still not fully awake, DreamEchos got up and looked around.
A smile appeared on her face, and she jumped with happiness. Caro was standing next to her, magically transformed into Desert Gallion. She picked him up and swirled around the Shrine. “Thank you, thank you, Coltzan! My wish came true! Caro can survive in the Desert –he loves the Desert! And water left in canteen will be enough for both of us to make safe journey home!”
Caro jumped happily around the dunes, making sand rise and fall like magnificent gold sea waves. He was incredibly happy and curious with his new look and new abilities.
As sun poked it’s nose from the horizon, DreamEchos and Caro were already on their way home, leaving two sets of footprints, side by side – two friends traveling together again…

… A small ray of sunshine jumped through the window curtains and tickled Caro’s nose. He woke up and sneezed. He stirred on his soft sleeping cushion, and then sat up straight. Oh, it was a dream! He shook his head… He and DreamEchos already went to Petpet Puddle at Rainbow pool the day before to fulfill Caro’s long dream to become a Desert Gallion – it was a happiest day of his life.

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