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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mr.CuddleBear
Owner: chloe_dzierba
Pet Name: Jetsamo
Breed: Plushie Warf

About Mr.CuddleBear:
Hello, I’m Mr. CuddleBear the Plushie Warf. But you can just call me Cuddles. My best friend is Bumbles, my tiny Mozito. My owner is Jetsamo, the Speckled Jetsam. Well since you’re here, you’re probably expecting an exciting story for me to tell, am I right? Well here you go. (puts on his reading glasses)
It was a bright and sunny morning, starting the beginning of summer. I was curled up in my doggy bed, my eyes hurting from the sunlight that was peeking through the curtained window. Bumbles crawled out from under my paw, yawned and stretched out his arms. He scurried up and down along my back, attempting to wake me up. I heard the sounds of birds chirping outside. I sat up, snatched Bumbles by his tiny antennas and flicked him onto the carpet floor. So, now being up and awake, I yawned, scratched behind my ear with my back foot and bounded over to Jetsamo’s bed, my collar jingling and jangling every hop I took. I hopped onto the cushioned chair by Jetsamo’s nightstand, giving me a boost to her bed. When I stepped out onto the pink, fluffy sheets, I soon saw that Jetsamo wasn’t in them. I plummeted my way through the bed (sinking into her feathery pillows) and hopped onto the floor, landing on the other side of her bed. I made my way through the door and down the stairs, Bumbles following me. I panted happily as I walked around the house. I walked casually through the hall, passed the living room and stepped into the kitchen. I suddenly saw Jetsamo, skipped over to the kitchen table and sprang into her lap. Jetsamo took a big drink of her milk as she patted me on the top of my head. She wiped a milk mustache off her mouth. Her and her siblings, Klelsea and Kaunitou, the Cloud Kougra and Jelly Kau were talking about something very exciting, I could tell by the tones of their voices. Jetsamo said in an energetic tone “Ooh, and I can take Cuddles! We’ll have the best time!”. Klelsea, Jetsamo’s little sister, excitedly ran up to her room to change out of her pajamas. Jetsamo put down her glass of milk, took one last bite of her syrupy pancake and began to put her plate in the dishwasher. I quickly slapped my paw onto her pancake, hoping to get some syrup in return. I licked my paw clean from the warm, sticky pancake topping. Mmm. Bumbles jumped onto my paw as I licked it.
About a half hour later, Jetsamo came upstairs into her room, where I was playing chess with Bumbles on the floor. Bumbles crawled on top of one of the chess pieces, gave it an angry look, and managed to scoot it over a square. While Jetsamo was changing out of her pajamas, I saw Kaunitou drive the car out of the driveway. He honked his horn, waiting for Jetsamo and Klelsea to get in. Jetsamo quickly slipped on her shoes, and grabbed me at the waist, knocking some of our chess pieces down. Bumbles sprang onto my ear before I was an inch off of the ground.
Jetsamo ran excitedly down the stairs, with Klelsea on her tail. Klelsea was wearing a frilly skirt and leggings, and Jetsamo was wearing baggy jeans with a white tee-shirt, and a bright orange hat. I, being crushed in Jetsamo’s arms as she forcibly held me to her stomach, had not a clue what was going on. Bumbles poked his head out from under my collar too see what was happening, too. I thought I was clueless as to where we were going, until I heard Jetsamo and Klelsea chant, “We’re going to the theme-park! We’re going to the theme park!” as we headed out the door. Well that was convenient.
What a theme park was, I did not know. Jetsamo buckled me up in a car seat, right next to her on the leathery car seats. I shifted my position and angrily tried to squirm out of the car seat, tugging on the buckle. Knowing it was no use, I settled back in the car seat and angrily folded my arms. A few minutes later, we arrived at this so called ‘theme park’. Jetsamo, Klelsea and Kaunitou all got out of the car, and left me buckled into my seat! I yelled “WAIT! DON’T LEAVE ME!”, but the only sound that came out was “RRrrrrUFF! RUFF rrrUFff!”. I should’ve known, Jetsamo was just getting my leash. Jetsamo opened the car door and clipped the leash on as she unbuckled me. I sensed danger in this ’theme park’ and had absolutely no interest in going. Jetsamo tugged a bit on the leash, trying to get me to hop out of the car. I hesitated, and dug my nails into the floorboard. I looked past Jetsamo’s annoyed face and saw gigantic, colorful food stands, along with small neopets holding stuffed animals and balloons. Jetsamo tugged harder and suddenly I landed with a -THUDdd!- on the ground. A bit later, we had cotton candy, ice cream and soda. Kaunitou even bought me a balloon! So, I started to ease back and think the theme-park wasn’t so bad, until we got in line for a rollercoaster. We waited an entire hour standing in a line moving less than a quarter of a mile per hour. We finally were next to go on the rollercoaster. I could feel that Jetsamo was tense as she held me, so that made me very uneasy. I had never even seen a rollercoaster before. I looked up to see a short Techo who looked very unhappy open a small gate for us to enter in, doing her job. By the time we were in the cart, Kaunitou pulling a big bar attached to the seat down, Jetsamo was shaking. She gripped onto me and held me close and with her other hand, held Klelsea’s hand. Suddenly our cart took off and started slowly ticking up a BIG hill of tracks. The drop looked steeper than anything I had ever seen before. Tick.. tick.. tick.. tick… We got higher and closer to the big drop every second. Tick… tick… tick… tick… Jetsamo squeezed me tighter than she ever had before, and started to ease into a slow scream. I looked down at all of the people, who looked microscopic now. *WHOOOOOSH!!* Jetsamo and Klelsea screamed in terror and excitement at the top of their lungs, while Kaunitou yelled “Whooo!!”, seeming as if he was bored with this rollercoaster. I, for one, was scared to death of this rollercoaster. I felt Bumbles pinch my fur underneath my collar, and I think I even heard him scream in a high-pitched, bug like tone. Our cart went through dark tunnels, and even bigger drops than the first one. Thank goodness, we were reaching the end of the ride. Jetsamo and Klelsea hopped out of the cart, Klelsea’s fur blown in every direction, and Jetsamo’s hat flipped over completely backwards. Jetsamo said in an awestruck voice, “That… was… AWESOME.” Klelsea and Kaunitou agreed. I did not agree. That was horrifying. Well one thing is for sure, I will NEVER ride a rollercoaster again. Well, maybe once. Or a few more times. Okay I do agree, it was awesome!!
Well I hope my story made you smile. (Story told by Mr. CuddleBear, Jetsamo’s Plushie Warf)

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