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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Rolls
Owner: hayllo
Pet Name: xstrawberrypatchx
Breed: Rotawheel

About Rolls:
I’ve never been like other Uni’s. I hate shopping for the latest beauty products, I’d much rather play kacheek seek with Rolls, my pet Rotawheel. If I’m not playing with him, I’m busy painting. I love to paint. I’ve also been entered into the art gallery a couple of times. I win a lot. My favourite time was when I came first with Rolls.
Well, this is how it happened. It was raining really bad in Neopia Central one day. I couldn’t go outside to play kacheek seek, and it’s no fun playing inside. I considered going somewhere else. Hmm, Rolls doesn’t like exploring new places. It scares him. I know, I thought, I could paint a picture! And not just any picture, either, a picture of the coolest petpet in the whole of Neopia, Rolls! Yes, that is what I’ll do, I thought, placing Rolls on a stool. “Stay still, Rolls!” I said, fetching a paint brush (not a magical kind, though), a blank canvas and some paint (again, not magical.) Rolls squeaked. “Don’t worry, Rolls, the paint isn’t for you.” I said, remembering Rolls’ fear of paint. A little sigh came out of him, as if to say “Thank goodness!”
I was busy painting away, when disaster came. Oh no! It was the dreaded Pant Devil, and he had stolen my paint. Rolls screamed. That’s another thing he’s scared of. The Pant Devil. I started yelling at him. “Haven’t you got anything better to do other than stealing other Neopian’s things?” I cried, shaking terribly. I was mad. Even though I knew there was nothing I could do. Nothing I could do. That was it! Rolls was small and fast enough to chase the Pant Devil, and once Rolls had cornered him, BAM! I’d race in and grab the paint and I could finish my job. “Rolls, I know you’re going to hate this but…” I told Rolls the plan. He gave a squeak which meant “Are you mad?” I just smiled and said, “Well, let’s say you do this for me, and I promise to get rid of ALL the paint in the house.” Rolls squeaked again, which I guess meant “All of it?” I nodded. Suddenly, Rolls wheeled out from where he was sitting. He raced out of our Neohome and down the street.
I had a hard time catching up to him. But when I did, the Pant Devil was cowering in a corner. “Oh, don’t feel so sorry for yourself!” I said, picking the monster up. I grabbed everything he had stolen, and gave it back to the original owners. I noticed that an avatar had fallen into Rolls lap. “I Taunt The Pant Devil.” I read, scanning my reward. I noticed something else. Rolls was squeaking happily and people were crowding him. Pets were interviewing my petpet! I felt honoured to have my petpet as a hero. Rolls smiled to me. I then remembered that I had to get my painting finished quickly. “Rolls, come on! We have to finish the painting!” Rolls squeaked a thankyou, guess he forgot too. We both quickly raced back to our neohome.
I sat Rolls back on the stool. I quickly got out the paint and began painting madly. Soon my wrist was hurting from all the painting I was doing. Ah, finally, I was finished! Now to wait for it to dry. My big brother, Raimundo_x or Rex, as we call him, entered the room just as I had finished. “Wow, good job, little sis!” He said, putting one big, green, glowing paw on my shoulder. “Thanks, Rai.” I said, taking a look at my artwork. It was truly a master piece! I’d win for sure. Rolls rolled over to me. I laughed and picked him up for him to see the picture. He just squeaked a squeak of contentment. I think he thought he looked pretty good. Rex offered to take me to the art gallery to enter in the latest competition. “Yes, please!” I said, and Rolls giggled, or, well, as much as a Rotawheel can laugh, anyways.
As I approached the Entry Desk, Rolls made a happy little squeak. He thought I’d win, too! There was another uni sitting at the desk. She was checking her makeup in a compact mirror. “Urrgh! Oh, I’m sorry,” She said, flicking back her mane. Yeah, sure. I muttered. Rolls rolled up to me, and squeaked. I smiled at him, then asked the uni if I could enter in the art gallery. “Well, you’ve come to the right place.” she said, putting her mirror down. She was flicking through a notebook. “Your name, please.” I looked down at Rolls. He squeaked. “I’m xStrawberrypatchx, and this is Rolls and this is Raimundo_x. But you can call him Rex or Rai.” I answered, smiling. “Nice to meet you all, but I only needed one name. Never mind, your artwork please?” I handed the uni my art. “Nice!” she said. She wrote something in the notebook. “Thankyou, Strawberry, Rolls and Rai.” she laughed to herself. “I’ll let you know by neomail if you’ve won. Oh, and if you shall ever need any assistance, just ask for June. See you soon!”
Around three days later, I received a neomail saying I had won. I think my artwork was pretty good, although I couldn’t have done it without Rolls, the greatest petpet in the world.

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