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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Snuggles
Owner: hj222377
Pet Name: Specialicious
Breed: Plushie Eizzil

About Snuggles:
Sometimes being a petpet isn’t as easy as it looks- and this can be especially true when you’re a plushie who looks great in pink dresses. My name is Snuggles, and I’m an Eizzil, here to tell you my little story.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my owner Alici- but remember when you were little and your mother would always seem to embarrass you, even when they promised that it wasn’t on purpose? That’s a little bit like how she acts- her creativity just gets the best of her. You see, Alici likes to try her hand at making things every now and then- and when it comes to sewing, sometimes you need a model to try things out on. What better test subject than little old me? Every day she would return home from the store, glowing with happiness at the great fabric finds she had made, hurrying to work on a new pattern while half-dragging me across the room in excitement.
“Why, soon I’ll be working for Prigpants’ and Swolthy!” she would giggle.
Sure, dress-up is great for a while- but being forced into frilly dresses resembling those of Princess Fernypoo’s when you are a boy tends to kill the fun after a bit. After days of avoiding the needles that Alici poked through the rose-colored cotton of the garment while sewing her latest masterpiece, I’d had about all I could take. I thought maybe the madness was over when she hung up the dress on a mannequin by her table- surely it couldn’t cause much trouble just sitting there, ready to be sold at auction to the highest bidder, like most of her other work.
One day she came home carrying a huge rolled up piece of paper, embellished with big pink letters reading:
Come strut your stuff at Neopia’s greatest costume contest! Grand prize takes home a bag filled to the brim with 10,000 NP!
Now, I had been suspicious once I saw the bag of wool in her closet a week or so ago- she never used that for stuffing. And the new volume of children’s stories with designs scribbled in the margins? As the pieces began to fit together in my mind, a look of panic washed over my face.
“Oh sweetie, you’re going to look just marvelous in your Little Bo Meep costume! Don’t worry, it’ll be the best one there.”
I’d put up with her ridiculous antics long enough- it was time to draw the line when your mother wanted to dress you up as a character from a nursery rhyme- and a forgetful (if not, evil and obsessed with world domination) one at that. How could she have me dressing up as a MEEPIT, of all creatures? It disgusted me. I turned to hop off, but she picked me up gently and plopped me on top of her latest pile of patterns.
“Honey, you know how much it would mean to me to win this. Remember when Holly entered Plushers in the beauty contest? She wasn’t exactly thrilled to be participating either, but she did it to make her happy- and Holly's so proud of that trophy, she deserved it after all the work she put in. It’s only for a few hours- and there’s no way I can fit myself into that dress, it just won’t fit an acara of my figure…”
She continued on with her little speech, pausing every now and then to swat at a particularly annoying mootix hopping around the room, intent on stealing a piece of food lying in the corner.
“We really do need to buy a fly swatter, this bug problem is a bit much”
Suddenly a light bulb flickered to life over my head. Interrupting her, I zipped off as fast as I could to the backyard to look for a net, ready to put my plan into action.

“Now, I really do wish you had been able to model this, but I will admit, this was quite a good scheme- they look fabulous! And who better to give the job of playing an annoying, yet adorable, character than this little guy”
The little petpetpets were covered from head to toe in wool, marching around in perfect lines. At the lead stood the now fancily-clad mootix, waving a cane at the little bugs and shouting orders.
Alici headed up to the podium to receive her award, beaming as the little critters in costume tailed behind her, and I couldn’t help but feel proud. As embarrassing as she is, she’s still my mom, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one- or a better way to get revenge on those pesky bugs for stealing my snacks.

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