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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: McFritter
Owner: plushielover16
Pet Name: Qulee
Breed: Pile of Soot

About McFritter:
Qulee wasn’t afraid to admit she’d made a mistake, but that didn’t alleviate the guilt she felt as she scooped up her petpet with a broom. Howard the buzzer was now just another pile of soot.

Qulee wasn’t certain if Howard’s lack of mouth was his reason for the silent treatment or if he was just thoroughly displeased with his current state. She imagined, judging by the look on his, erm, face, that he would have his arms crossed and eyes narrowed in disgust if he possessed limbs, which at the moment, he did not. She was getting the, “I’m mad at you,” vibe from Howard right now.

When Howard was just a young buzzer he enjoyed plushies. He collected them, played with them, and even arranged them to make them look like they were re-enacting scenes from historical Neopia. He could spend hours upon hours just ogling his vast collection. He admired them so much he decided when he grew up he wanted to be a plushie himself.

Howard had practiced it; he had a regiment, three times a week, where he’d sit completely still for three hours. When that became easy he increased his intensity to five hours, then six, and finally he was able to go almost and entire day. He decided this was quite satisfactory, and the day he moved out of his hive, looking for a job, he was set to earn that plushie paintbrush.

But when push came to shove and Howard realized he needed much more experience in order to claim a job at the toy or plushie shop, he found a sign that said “300 neopoints a day. No experience necessary.” That was the job for him. Even if it was kind of vague, not to mention shady, Howard knew he couldn’t be picky.

The job was sitting around all day and being fed and mauled by a peculiar little cybunny who insisted on calling him goofy names like McFritter and Josie. And everyday he was dragged to a strange cave where his picture was taken—or at least there was a big flash and that was more or less what Howard speculated was happening to him. But that was not the case. Every time Howard left that strange place he always felt a little different. Sometimes like he was invisible and one time he could of sworn he was radioactive. The more times he went the worse it got. Howard was being scammed.

The problem was Howard had no where else to go. His dream of being a plushie was slowly being stolen away from him. But he could not give up, and Howard decided to run away. He packed as many bags as his little arms could handle, and snuck out one night to move back in with his parents. It’d be embarrassing, but he was pretty sure he’d get over it.

Just as he was about to leave a Kookith with crazy eyes nabbed him and scurried away with him. Howard was being kidnapped! He tried to beat his wings fast enough to get away but it was too late. Howard was back in that strange place with the bright flash, staring up at the kookith. Suddenly Qulee appeared behind him,

“What is going on here?” Howard exclaimed, crossing his arms and narrowing his eyes. His wings beat behind him in annoyance.

“This is the lab, Howard. You are the lab rat. We need to make you into the dream petpet Quless has always wanted. It’s my job to do that,” The Kookith explained calmly, thinking to himself that he didn’t love the job but the pay was good.

Howard was terrified but tried not to show it. “Well. And what petpet would that be?” Howard growled, looking at Qulee who looked ashamed and sorry. She bit her lip and slowly looked back at him, “I-I’ve always wanted a plushie buzzer.” She admitted finally.

Howard could not believe his little ears! He quickly zipped out of the chair, trying to fly towards her and promise to be her best friend forever when the bright flash went off and he fell to the ground in a pile of soot. The kookith cackled and then looked at Qulee, shrugging his shoulders like it was an accident, “Erm sorry.” Is all he said as he skulked out off the lab. Qulee picked up the ashes and smiled sheepishly at Howard.

Howard could not reply.

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