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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Poofsy
Owner: xomeppep13
Pet Name: Treatsy101
Breed: Magaral

About Poofsy:
A loud crash had erupted from the living room and xomeppep13 found her Neopets standing near a pile of cookies that lay in the pink broken remains of the jar that once held them. Treatsy pointed to her little Magaral and blurted,

"Poofsy did it! I told her no cookies after dinner and she didn't listen! I was just about to clean it up!" Poofsy blinked in surprise that her owner would do that...again. Poofsy loved Treatsy like a Mother but she could not stand getting in trouble for all the things she did not do! This was about the millionth time that Poofsy had blamed her for something she had done. Then Poofsy would have to go and except the punishment! 'One day I will muster up the courage to tell xomeppep13 the truth..." Poofsy thought to herself...'But that day has not yet come.' She then hobbled over to the corner where she would stand for 30 minutes well she thought about what she had ‘done’ even though she knew that she hadn’t done it. She could almost feel xomeppep13’s rage as it burned through her purple fur. She could almost feel Treatsy rejoicing that she had gotten away with the crime she had day...yeah, one day…

A loud splash sounded from outside, xomeppep13 ran out to find sheepsy gasping in the pool.
"Poofsy did it! I told her to just ignore what sheepsy had said to her but no...She didn't listen to me!" Poofsy looked up at the sky...sheepsy had not witnessed who had pushed him in so there was no chance of being day…but not today…

Treatsy began jumping up and down on her bed,
"Your owner told you not to do that..." Poofsy squeaked from the corner.
"Well I don't care." Treatsy sang. She jumped even faster and the bed squeaked under the pressure. Then without warning, the bed collapsed with a loud thud, Treatsy hopped onto the floor and picked up Poofsy, and she positioned her in the middle of the bed. Xomeppep13 came running in, her face turned red as she stared at the broken bed.
"Poofsy..." Treatsy started
"I didn't do anything!!!" Poofsy squealed in rage, "I am so sick of taking all the blame for the mess my owner leaves behind! I told Treatsy to stop and as soon as the bed broke she jumped off and put me on it! Do I look big enough to break a bed anyway!?" Poofsy panted after she finished her long speech.
"Treatsy is that true?" xomeppep13 looked at her pet with a disappointed expression.
"Well...yeah. Poofsy I'm really sorry! I guess I'm just so used to you taking the blame I don't even think about how it makes you feel. Do you forgive me?"
"Of course I do! Just don't do it again and I will be happy." Poofsy grinned for justice had finally been served...and to her. And with that treatsy was led to the corner by xomeppep13 and everyone knew Poofsy wasn't guilty for that day had finally come.

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