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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sir Snuffles
Owner: zamkarrata
Pet Name: Sashimuu
Breed: Snuffly

About Sir Snuffles:
You sit in a rather small room filled with items that look like petpets in it. From one end to the other all you saw was petpets. You wonder why the walls of this room aren't just petpet wallpaper. A green Pteri comes hopping in with a platter full of what seems to be food for a nice little tea party. "Sorry but the scones will be ready in a minute. Here, have some tea." the little pteri smiles at you and sits you down at a small table that was fitted for toddlers. In the distance you hear a ding. "Oop!" exclaimed the Pteri, "The scones are done! I'll be right back!" And then she hops out of the room.

As you look in your small plastic teacup, a furry little creature looks up at you from the other side of the table. "WAUGH!" you exclaim as you toss the cup in the air. "Oh dear I am sorry!" said the furry little creature, slapping both paws over its mouth. "Did I scare you? Ooo I knew I shouldn't have hidden in such an odd place!" You stare at the creature. It appears to be a Snuffly, one of those little winter petpets at Terror Mountain. But this one didn't look like any other Snuffly. On top of its head sat a top hat with a white ribbon around it and a monocle to match. And when most Snufflies have their belly marking go all the way up to their face, this one's face was completely white. As for its paws, there was an odd circle around it that was sort of like the lining around his tummy. "O-Oh..." you stammer and continue to stare at the petpet. "It's...alright I suppose...What's your name?" "Me? Oh I'm Sir Snuffles!" the Snuffly said with pride. You try your best not to laugh at its name. "S-Sir Snuffles?" you start to snort with laughter. "Yes! Doesn't it sound wonderful for me?" Sir Snuffles reached out to the table and takes a teacup. You question how a petpet with only three fingers could hold up a cup like that. "How do you do that?" you ask Sir Snuffles in awe. "Do what?" "That! Hold that cup!" "Well good sir I think you'd probably hold a tea cup the same way!" You feel a little silly asking the Snuffly that question. "So..." you clear your throat, "Sir Snuffles...what do you do with your owner?" "Oh you know..this and that. I help her bake, I am a killer baker you know, and I do arts and crafts. Things that keep her happy. And sometimes, when we do arts and crafts, we make the greatest things!" He points to a picture on the wall which consisted of random junk people would normally throw away formed into a picture of Neopia. "Wow...it's wonderful! How'd you do that?" you murmur. "Just a little patience and a little time." Sir Snuffles grins at you.

Soon you could hear the hopping footsteps of the Pteri. When she enters the room, she's holding a platter of freshly baked scones. "I heard you talking to someone..." she says, setting down the platter on the table next to the tea. "Oh yes! I was talking to your petp-" you cut yourself off for you no longer see the Snuffly. "-et." you finish. "Where'd he go?"

"Oh you're talking about Sir Snuffles aren't you? He's...." the pteri smiles sweetly and sits down across from you, "just one of a kind."

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