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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Muffin
Owner: pink_mystic_elf
Pet Name: o0Sapphire_Moon0o
Breed: Purple Eizzil

About Muffin:
"How is she?" asked Mystic.
Ali shrugged sadly. "The same. Still feeling grey."
Mystic sighed. It was very depressing to see Sapphy so down. She was usually bouncy and energetic, but since catching Neoblues she was too sad to even get out of bed. Her mood even seemed to affect her brother and sister, as though they had Neoblues too, and as much as Mystic tried to look cheery and encouraging she secretly felt as bad as they did.

Mystic had tried everything to cure Sapphy. She had gone to the pharmacy of course, but the cure was just too expensive. She had suggested visiting the healing springs, but they lived in Shenkuu and it was too far to travel. Eventually Mystic had resorted to trying to cheer Sapphy up herself, and hoping it would go away on its own. However, after weeks of buying new toys (that she wouldn’t play with) and cooking favourite meals (that she wouldn’t eat) Sapphy was still depressed and Mystic was exhausted.

Sapphy, still in bed, wasn't feeling much better. She whimpered faintly, wondering what she had done to deserve this. A tear wound its way slowly down her cheek. This must be what it feels like to be painted grey, she thought. A cold breeze blew in from her window, bringing a few raindrops with it. Then a few more. Gradually more and more raindrops began to fall until Sapphy couldn’t see out of her window for rain. Suddenly, a bright flash of light caused Sapphy to jump, almost falling off the bed. She steadied herself, just as a loud roar of thunder tore through the darkening sky. Sapphy slammed her window closed and growled. "Perfect," she muttered darkly. "a storm's just what I need." She rolled over and closed her eyes. She was so weary; she began to drift off...


Sapphy sat up. Something was outside her window. No, don't be silly, she thought. It's the Neoblues, they're making you paranoid... Go back to sleep...


Sapphy sat up. That one had been louder. There was defiantly something outside her window.


Sapphy bit her lip and whimpered. Slowly, she eased herself upwards until she was standing on the bed, just to the right of the window.
She gulped. She couldn't hear the thudding anymore, but maybe that was because her heartbeat was drowning it out. She gulped, and inched herself closer to the window. Terrified, she took a deep breath and peered through the glass.


Sapphy breathed a sigh of relief. Outside the window sat a tiny, shivering, and extremely wet purple Eizzil. She opened the window to let the poor petpet in. The Eizzil seemed very grateful to be in her warm, dry room. It was even more grateful for the big, fluffy towel Sapphy wrapped around it. It nestled into the towel, until only its twitching nose poked out. Sapphy laughed and tickled the Eizzil's nose. At the sound of Sapphy laughing, Mystic ran into the room.

“Sapphy! Are you feeling better?” She cried.

“Yeah, yeah mum, look!” Sapphy thrust the wriggling bundle of towel at Mystic, who gently began to unwind the fluffy ball. The Eizzil, indignant at being disturbed, poked its head out of the towel and chirruped softly. Mystic squealed, always a sucker for cute petpets.

“Mum, it’s so cute! It really likes it here…” Sapphy began.

“Actually, I think it’s a she…” muttered Mystic. “and she’s hungry…”

Sapphy frowned. “What do Eizzils eat?”

“Muffins, I believe… especially mega carrot muffins… hey, you should call her Muffin!”

At the mention of muffins, the Eizzil’s ears pricked up comically, making Sapphy giggle.

“Yeah, I think she likes it. But mum…”


“Does this mean I can keep her?”

Mystic smiled to herself. “I don’t see why not.”

Sapphy beamed and ran to tell her siblings, taking Muffin with her.

Besides, Mystic thought to herself, she’s a lot cheaper than a cure for the Neoblues…

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