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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Coordinates
Owner: miss_friskit
Pet Name: Sir_Archibold
Breed: Yellow Navibot

About Coordinates:
Too ecstatic to keep such a momentous occasion to myself, I’ll tell you neopians all about my new best friend, map, assistant, etc. I tell you, he is absolutely the greatest companion a Gnorbu could ask for!
My little Coordinates, a yellow Navibot, is my petpet. As young as he may be now, I can still assure you that he is the perfect cohort for an intelligent being such as myself. Which reminds me of the story of how he came to be my petpet in the first place, an ironic tale indeed!
Well, it all started with my owner, miss_friskit. She had seemed to be deep in thought for some time before consulting me about my happiness. She asked whether or not I thought I was lonely. I, never even giving thought to the subject, didn’t have an answer for her, so I sat down and thought for awhile. I pondered why miss_friskit would even ask such a question; I thought it might have had something to do with my daily behavior, seeing as I mainly just read all day. Did she think that I was unhappy with my family? I had an adopted older brother, and a baby sister, whom I didn’t have any problems with in the least. The more I contemplated the situation, my fears grew. Maybe my owner thought I was displeased with my overall life, and, if need be, would send me to the pound in hopes that I would find a new owner that had a better life in store for me! I grimaced at the thought, and tried not to think about that awful fate, but you know, you just can’t stop that kind of thing.
For the next few days I tried to act like I didn’t have a care in the world. I played games with my siblings, I helped out around the house, and I cracked jokes during casual conversation, anything to make it seem that I was happy. I can assure you though; my mind was far from easy. Soon miss_friskit took notice of my out-of-character attitude, and confronted me about it. She asked me if I was feeling okay, and even seemed a little suspicious. I smiled and reported that I was just feeling great for the past few days, and was way past feeling okay. I guess that was enough for her, because she didn’t question me further. Although the look on her face when she left was quite unconvinced.
I began to feel even more nervous after that encounter. I had a nervous breakdown for the next week or so before I decided that my fate was inevitable. I was going to the pound for sure. I sulked around the house, reading as many books I could get a hold of, to drown my sorrows. I had spotted my two siblings gazing at me with concerned looks as they passed by during the day. Once, Raptor_kitty had even sat down next to me, as if he wanted to talk, but he never said a word. I looked up from my book, and there, his face was ridden with sympathy. A few seconds later he slowly stood up and walked away.
My owner came home later that day and called me. I knew that this would be my last chance to convince her that I didn’t want to leave my family. As soon as I arrived at her feet, I didn’t even look at her. I simply hung my head low and mumbled that if she really thought I was unhappy, I’d go with her to the pound where I would find a new family. Then, I heard her bubbly laugh sound from above me. I quickly looked up at her, surprised to see her clutching her stomach, laughing. I was puzzled. When she regained her composure she reached into a paper bag she held, and took out a cardboard box with holes in it. She opened the lid of the box and a yellow, dome shaped surface poked up. She grabbed the dome and set it on the floor, where I saw that it was actually a Navibot! It looked up at me and blinked, then made a few curios beeping noises. I smiled at it, and then looked up at miss_friskit. She explained to me that abandoning me at the pound was never her reason for asking the question, but to see if I needed a friend that had the same interests as me. I let out a soft chuckle and formally greeted my new best friend.

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