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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mookie
Owner: haunted_cookie
Pet Name: RMysterio_DBatista
Breed: Green Turtum

About Mookie:
You walk into the garden uncertainly and worried. You're about ninety percent sure that watermelon just winked at you. That can't be right! Everyone knows watermelons don't wink. You think... There seems to be whistling in the distance. You follow it to see a green Hissi watering what can only be described as "killer tomatoes." The Hissi seems completely self-absorbed so you clear your throat. The Hissi puts down the watering can and turns to you. He smiles.
"Ah, yes, you must be from the Petpet spotlight! I was wondering when you would come," He exclaims, "Hang on I'll go get Mookie for you"
You begin to worry. With a garden this nasty who knows what "Mookie" could be. You prepare for the worst when the Hissi returns.
"This," he says, "Is Mookie."
He steps aside to show you the petpet. Instead of the furious devilpuss you were expecting, there is a good sized, green Turtum looking up at you. The Hissi looks at the Turtum and back at you beaming.
"Mookie Here helps me with my gardening. She really is a fantastic petpet. Not the brightest bulb in the bunch but she always means well," he pauses and laughs. "Once she accidentally mixed up the brushes and shampoos of me and my brothers. She had knocked into them and tried to put them back. Poor Norbie almost lost all his fur from using my scale polish. She went out to go pick us fresh fruit that week as an apology, didn't you Mookie?"
The Hissi looks down at Mookie. Mookie looks up at him, then you and smiles sheepishly. The Hissi picks up the Turtum and whispers something into his ear. Then the Hissi puts him back on the ground. Mookie runs up to you and begins to pull on your pants. You look back up at the Hissi for an answer as to what to do. The Hissi simply smiles and waves you on to follow Mookie.
Mookie drags you to the other side of the garden. There seems to be less plants of the "bitey" verity here and the sun seems a bit brighter. You see a large patch of a multitude of mushrooms. The Hissi follows behind you.
"This is Mookie's part of the garden. She likes to grow Mushrooms you see. She's pretty good at it too. All the neighbors come to buy them when they're ready. They pay quite a hefty sum too," the Hissi interrupts.
The Turtum smiles widely. She carefully puts a watering can in his mouth and begins watering the mushrooms. Every few minutes she looks back up at you to see if you are watching her. Then Mookie begins to pull out the weeds. She walks back over to you. You pet her slightly and her stump of a tail wags viciously. When you lift of your hand off of Mookie, she walks up to an especially big mushroom. Mookie picks it and gives it to you to eat. You look nervously at the Hissi and he nods you on.
That mushroom has to have been one of the best ones you've ever eaten. Mookie smiles, pleased with her work. The Hissi slithers on over to you.
"Well, Mookie and I must be getting back to work. Please do excuse us," He says as he ushers you out of the garden.
You take one last look at the garden and wave good-bye. The taste of the big mushroom is still in your mouth.

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