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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Jobill
Owner: oearmuffso
Pet Name: AyrtonAyrton13
Breed: Tyrannian Bearog

About Jobill:
Hello, my name is AyrtonAyrton13, but you can just call me Ayrton. Today I would like to introduce you to my petpet. He’s a Tyrannian Bearog with three names: Jack (in the middle), Bob (on Jack’s right), and Dill (on Jack’s left). Bob, Jack, and Dill are three great petpets, but, it gets annoying when I have to call all three of them. To save time, I call them Jobill.

There is something important about each one of them that you should know. Firstly, Jack can be extremely violent. It took me a while to get him to stop sinking his teeth into my leg when I first got him. Second of all, Bob is an idiot. He doesn’t understand anything and basically does what he wants. Third thing you should know is that Dill is blind. Literally, he can’t see. He may be blind, but he’s also the smartest out of the three of them.

Muffs, my owner, isn’t too fond of them. I guess first impressions stick for a while. When I fist brought them home they were wet and filthy. Muffs thought I had just brought home some stray petpet I found in the street. She was right, but that’s not the point. Anyway, here’s a poem she wrote about them.

A poem for Bob, Jack, and Dill.

Growling the spittle
Escapes from his lips,
The middle head’s angry
He can’t reach the chips,
The head to his right
Stares and wonders why,
He is being so violent
The chips aren’t that high,
The head to his left
Is as blind as can be,
He can just smell the chips
Because he can’t see,
Though the head to the left
Is smart and quite calm,
Dill knows that the chips
Belonging to Tom,
Are not for a Bearog
With three heads and three names,
He sighs and lets Jack
Continue his games,
While to Jack’s right
Bob sniffs at the ground,
Leaving Jack to his chips
The snack that he’s found,
Is better than any
That Jack could sniff out,
A Mootix for dinner
He misses Muffs’ shout,
As he eat the rare bug
Off the carpeted floor,
He’s grabbed by the neck
And thrown out the back door.

Yes, this was an interesting experience. The one time we find a Mootix crawling across the floor, Bob eats it. Muffs was Furious. Jobill spent the rest of the day in the back yard chasing squirrels. This didn’t seem to bother him that much. Jack likes squirrels. The funny thing was that Bob didn’t even have a clue as to what he did wrong.

I enjoy the company of my petpet… or petpets. I’m not exactly sure which one. It gets confusing. The truth is, sometimes, I’m not sure he just has one mind and only pretends to have three personalities, or if he has three minds and three personalities. At times they seem to know exactly what the other one is thinking. They work together to walk, otherwise they’d be tripping all over the place because they’re all trying to move the same leg at the same time. They also seem to eat the same amount of food. Although I’m not sure that would matter considering they only have one stomach.

Bob, jack, and Dill are great petpets and I love them very much. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I bet it means a lot to them. Well, at least Dill. He’s probably the only one who understands what’s going on…

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