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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pasha
Owner: brokenbeads
Pet Name: Sicroen
Breed: Garfir

About Pasha:
"Mighty nice day, ain't it? Sun's finally up an' shinin'!"

The purple Draik smiled with a nod as she approached the farmer. "Ah yes, it's a nice change to the drab weather we've had this week. Would you happen to have any work for me today?" She asked with a hopeful smile, her hands clasped before her.

"I figure I can find somethin' fer ya to do... ya like feedin' the petpets, don't ya?"

"Oh yes, I do enjoy the company of your petpets... you know that!" Sicroen laughed as she gave the friendly farmer a pat on the shoulder.

Farmer Foaly had been a friend of Sicroen's since her move to Altador.His farm was placed beside the more well-known Farmer, Follies', fields. But unlike Follies, Farmer Foaly had entered the business of raising petpets. His little companions were the healthiest around, and were treasured by the Legendary Petpet Shop where they were frequently sold. Though Sicroen were only a neighbor, she made trips to visit the farmer, and volunteered part-time, helping to take care of the dozens of petpets he raised each week.

"So, what work will I have today? Charts, feeding, cleaning?" Asked the eager Draik.

"Well, to be honest with ya, I haven't really gotten 'round to doin' anythin' today with my petpets. If ya'd like, ya can jest go on back and start doin' whatever ya think needs to be done first." The aging Lupe smiled as he waved a hand towards the barn. "I need to get out in the fields... these petpets, though I love 'em to death, don't pay all the bills 'round here."

"Oh, I understand completely. I'll get right to work, Foaly."

Sicroen smiled and gave another nod before heading off to the barn to start her work. It would make for the usual day: Mark the feeding charts, clean the cages, feed and water, and then spend some quality time with some of the petpets to get them groomed and ready to go for when the Yurble from the Legendary Petpet Shop came to pick out a few.

She loved the opportunity to help around the farm, and knew that by giving Foaly the extra hand she was doing a service to the petpets, as well as the Neopet community by helping to provide the best petpet's possible. With just a little more time, and a little extra love, even the grumpiest of petpets could be settled down enough to sell quickly to a good home.

The Draik had only made it as far as cleaning the cages before the Farmer popped his head into the barn to check up on her.

"How far've we gotten, there? I've got a change in plans, if ya don't mind. Instead of taken these guys up to the shop, I'd like to sell 'em 'ere, tomorrow. I think we could get a lot more out if we did that. Could ya spruce 'em up fer me? Make 'em look nice and pretty?"

"Sure thing, Foaly! You know me, playing with these little guys is my favorite part of the day."

So Sicroen got to work, finishing up with the cages before taking out each petpet individually to groom them. It wasn't until she got to a particular Garfir that she really got involved with her work.

"You're still here, Pasha? How many times have you been sent to that petpet shop, now?" Sicroen pulled the petpet from his cage so she could clean it. It was weeks ago that the little Garfir had been declared her favorite for his personality. The goof-ball of a feline was sweet as cake, and very playful. He just had that charming air about him that shouted for constant love and attention.

Sicroen scooped the Garfir back into her arms as she scratched his head. Pasha purred and gave a loud and drawn out meow before nibbling on her hand and rolling over.

"You're just too much, you know that?" She cooed, placing him back into his cage. "You've been here for weeks, buddy... We'll find you a home tomorrow, I promise!" She wagged a finger in through the bars of the cage door for him to swat at before moving on to groom the next petpet. They would all be seeking homes tomorrow, and every one of them needed to look their best for the occasion.

It wasn't until nightfall came that Sicroen found Farmer Foaly once more. "I believe I've got them all done for you, Foaly. Would you mind if I came back tomorrow to help out with the sale? There's a couple of petpets back there I'd really like to see get homes."

"Not a problem!" assured Foaly, giving Sicroen a friendly pat on the back. "Be here 6 am? We'll get them all pulled out and set up out front 'ere."

Sicroen thanked the farmer for allowing her to help, and went home for the night; earger to get to bed and ready herself for the next days work.

She woke up that morning, refreshed and ready to go; and go Sicroen did! She hurried to Foaly's farm to help set up the event, and picked her favorite petpets from their cages to put in the pen out front. It was there she stayed for the majority of the day, talking to customers as they came pouring in the adopt one of the cute Altadorian petpets.

It was the eye of a petpet judge that Pasha seemed to catch, and Sicroen was eager and ready to talk to the potential buyer about her favorite petpet. "Oh yes, he's wonderful!" she cooed. "He's very playful, super sweet, and is a big goof. I'm sure he'd just adore your other petpets." She said, trying her hardest to bring out the best qualities Pasha had. It wasn't long before she had the judge soaking up every word, and in just a moments time, she was giving Pasha a big hug and sending him to his new home.

"You take good care of him, now! Good luck, Pasha!"

Many petpets were sent home after that; though the smile from Sicroen's face never once faded from the thought of Pasha finding a home. After weeks of traveling with him, back and forth, to and from the Legendary Petpet Shop; he had finally found a home. And with a petpet judge, too! Certainly the young Wockey he had gone home with would take great care of him!

Sicroen stayed to help the farmer clean up before heading home. She'd be back the next week to help out again. Next time, however, her beloved Pasha wouldn't be there. The idea excited and saddened her at the same time. Ah well, she thought, perhaps it's time I find a new favorite!

The week passed quickly and Sicroen found herself, once again, entering Farmer Foaly's barn. The line of cages seemed pretty empty this time around. Sicroen supposed Foaly hadn't had the time to restock after the large sale from the previous week, which wasn't unusual. What WAS unusual was the single cage sitting in the corner of the barn. It was an oddity, the one cage sitting opposite of all the others.

"What's this now?"

Sicroen approached the cage carefully, laying a hand on the top of the stainless steel box before peering in through the bars on it's front. Perhaps it was a new breed of petpet that Farmer Foaly was testing out?


A familiar meow came from inside the cage as the Garfir stood at it's front, his scorpion-like tail curling contently behind him.

"Pasha, what are you doing here?! You went home last week, how could you... no, this isn't right!"

Sicroen scooped the petpet out of the cage and rushed to find Farmer Foaly. He was found quickly, as he had just begun working in the fields.

"Foaly!" The Draik held the petpet out before her with the largest frown she'd ever worn. "What is he doing back? I thought he had a home, what happened?!"

"Oh... that one..." The Lupe adverted his eyes; something which deeply troubled Sicroen. "He... he was causin' problems with the owner, apparently. Ya see, they brought 'im back not two days after adoptin' 'im... said he was the weirdest petpet they'd ever owned. Apparently... Well, they said he ain't too nice. Brought 'im back as a bite-case. Unfortunately, I can't be sellin' petpets that bite, so I've got no choice other then to take 'im out to the Turmaculus on a free day and let 'im go.... we can't have vicious petpets 'round 'ere, ya know..."

"No!" Sicroen pulled the Garfir in close and embraced him like she'd never let go. "You can't! He's been here for so long! I know Pasha.. I'm telling you, he wouldn't hurt a fly! That guy doesn't know what he's talking about..." She shook her head. "Look, Pasha is the sweetest petpet I know.... Sure, he bites, but they're love-nips... or play bites... he doesn't have a mean bone in his little petpet body! You can't take him away from this farm... I.... I won't let you... I want him..."

Sicroen held back a few stray tears as the farmer wiped the sweat from his brow. "I don't know, Sicroen... yer a good worker and all but... I jest don't know if that'd be safe..."

"I'll do whatever it takes... I'll sign something or... I'll pay for him... I'll bring him to visit and train him... Please, Foaly; whatever it takes..."

Foaly gave a weak smile. "There's no need fer all that."

"How much, then?"

Foaly's smile grew just a bit as he watched his Draik friend, half expecting a tear to slip down her cheek at any time. "No charge." he said, "There's no charge for love."

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