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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kessler
Owner: rabisama
Pet Name: Sasoji
Breed: Ukali

About Kessler:
Sasoji could only think of one thing when she looked down at her petpet; Kessler looked miserable. That in itself wasn't unusual, he was an Ukali after all, but there was something particularly gloomy in his face today... then she saw something move in its clean white fur, something bright and fast...

"Oh gross" she cried out. "Kessler's got a bug"

Sasoji’s owner, Rabisama looked up without any particular interest, "Of course it does. I bought him a Flankin"

For a second, the Halloween Uni was stunned. Her owner had deliberately infected her beloved pet with some flaming pest. Sure her owner was quite dumb, but not cruel (not THAT cruel at least). Since all Ukali looked slightly grey, Rabisama probably hadn't noticed how miserable he was. Sasoji knew there was only one thing she could do and that was to remove the Flankin, the sooner the better!

"Kessler, don't worry I'll get rid of it for you."

In response, her Ukali gave an odd little whimper which she generally understood to be a thank you sound. Looking down, she was sure she saw the Flankin dart through Kessler’s fur again. How on earth was she to get rid of something that moved so fast?

The first thing that came to mind was dunking it in snow. Flankins are literally on fire, so logically she should dump it in snow and it’ll try to escape any way it could. Terror Mountain was the first place that came to mind but there was a problem in getting there. Sasoji’s legs were also flaming so she has always avoided the snow as it melts beneath her feet. There was nothing more uncomfortable then sloshing through wet snow.
Water was just as good as snow when it came to quenching flames, so logically the next option was to go somewhere with lots of water. Or at least give Kessler a bath (not that he was going to like that one bit.) Between Sasoji and her brothers Thomethy and Lanulla it took four hours to get the Ukali into the tub and by that time all the water had been spilled by Kessler’s frantic thrashing.

“Come on Sasoji, I think you’ve just made him more miserable then before, and that’s really saying something” commented her brother Lanulla who sympathized with Kessler as only a few weeks ago Sasoji had pushed him off a waterfall in Shenkuu. He was well used to Sasoji’s forceful nature as well asthe abhorrence of an unexpected bath! To a degree, Sasoji agreed with he said but she was on a mission.

“I’m not giving up“ she said, more to herself than anyone else.

“Then maybe you should call in the professional.”

“A professional” Sasoji repeated rather dumbly “Of course! There’s Eamann the Ashia from Itchy Invasion. If anyone could sort out this problem it would be him.”

However, it would be a lot harder than she could have imagined to get Eamann’s help. She wasn’t, by a long shot, the only pet with these problems and some petpet’s were a lot worse off than Kessler. With all the petpetpet related stress Eamann had gone on holiday to Mystery Island for a while, leaving his personal secretary, a blue Poogle in charge. She refused to divulge his location and instead urged the frantic petpet owners to “purchase some wonderful Petpetpet-B-Gone, let all your petpetpet woes wash away”.

The sales pitch was too good to be true but somewhere in the back of her mind was a nagging doubt. As she was about to hand over the neopoints, what could only be described as a very angry mob burst into the shop. Aside from a confused Kyrii holding a ‘down with apples sign’, the mob was all chanting the same thing, that the Petpetpet-B-Gone was a dud.
In a flash Sasoji whisked away the neopoints and the Poogle whisked herself away. Judging by her speed, she had probably been a professional racing Poogle at one stage. Sasoji went home in despair, now there was no one who could fix her problem. Kessler’s expression was beyond despair, it was the very essence of a grey paint brush wrapped up in a white bundle of infested fur.

The downtrodden pair returned home with the flankin still in tow. When they arrived home, Rabisama scooped Kessler up in her arms before Sasoji could even open her mouth.

“I think you’ve quite enough damage for one day to this little.”


“He was fine when I gave him the flankin… it’s not the cause of his foul mood. You are.”


“He’s smart enough to know that you weren’t going to like the flankin and as result, try to remove it any way you could, even if it involved him suffering. Do you follow me? That’s the reason he’s been so depressed!"
Sasoji was stunned into an uncharacteristic silence. When she finally mumbled an apology, Kessler gave a soft purr as if to say ‘apology accepted’. At the end of the day, the flankin stayed and Sasoji learnt a valuable lesson, not to dive head first into helping others without their permission.

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