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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fluffy
Owner: catpause
Pet Name: Franklihn
Breed: Mutant Kadoatie

About Fluffy:
You probably all know that bothersome mutant Kadoatie, always traveling around Neopia. It produces a sound so annoying, high-pitched and whining, that it makes you pay its owner 5,000 np just to PLEASE make it stop.

The story of Fluffy begins with Franklihn, a rather grumpy Quiggle, who just lost 5k to yet another visit of the notorious mutant Kad.

Grumbling, Franklihn stared at his near-empty wallet. "Bah. There goes dinner at the Golden Dubloon."
Still angry, thoughts started to form in his head. Franklihn was quite good at making money in all sorts of semi-legal ways, and being outsmarted by a stupid petpet did not please him at all.
"I should just get my own Kadoatie. I could earn all my money back!"
Franklihn was quite pleased with his brilliant idea. As soon as he got home, he started to browse the Neopian Times advert section. It wasn't long before Franklihn had found someone who sold Kadoaties.
'Kads 4 sale, 2m each, guaranteed Cooty-free.
14 Market Street, Neopia Central.'

"Two million each?" This was a little more than he could afford. "Maybe I can haggle", Franklihn said to himself. Even while knowing it was probably a lost cause, Franklihn wrote down the address on the back of his hand, and headed towards Neopia Central.

After a fifteen-minute walk, Franklihn followed the small path to the front door of 14 Market Street. He knocked on the door. No response.
Franklihn decided to try the back door. "Hello? Anyone there?"

"Over here!" The voice seemed to be coming from the shed.
Franklihn trailed the sound, and stumbled upon a short, stout Aisha in a dress. She appeared to be swatting at things that Franklihn couldn't see.

"If you're here to buy a Kadoatie, we seem to have a little... problem", the Aisha spoke in a shaky voice. She opened the door behind her, allowing Franklihn to peek into a room filled with soft, purple cushions, and lots of petpet toys. Three Kadoaties sat on the cushions, furiously scratching themselves.
"They seem to have a slight NeoMites infection. Well, at least it's not Cooties", the Aisha declared nervously. "If you're still interested, I can give you a discount on that one over there. She has a little kink in her tail, so she won't win any shows, but she'd make a fine petpet, yes sir!"

Franklihn knew that even with the discount, he probably still wouldn't have enough neopoints to buy the Kadoatie. He quickly decided to try one of his favourite 'tricks'.

"Oh dear!", Franklihn shouted, walking up to the Kadoatie. "This one seems to be infected with the very dangerous mumblefumble virus! Luckily it only infects petpets, so you're safe, but your other Kadoaties might be in danger! Now, if you don't want me to call the Petpet Protection League, you better give me this Kadoatie, so I can take it to a doctor!"

"Take it with you, please, don't let all my precious Kadoaties get sick!", the Aisha cried in horror.

Before the Aisha had a chance to make up her mind, Franklihn quickly grabbed the Kadoatie. "I'll get her all better, I promise!"

Franklihn ran all the way home, clutching the Kadoatie in his arms.

"I'll call you Fluffy", Franklihn stated upon arriving home.
Fluffy lazily slouched around, taking in her new home. When she approved, she hopped on Franklihns lap, demanding a tummy rub.

"Now, let's see what we can do about that NeoMites infection."
Franklihn carefully examined Fluffy's fur, but couldn't find any trace of NeoMites. Instead, a small Mootix seemed to be the cause of the itching. When he tried to take the Mootix from Fluffy, she started making a ghastly noise.
"Fine, you can keep it, but please stop!"

Not long after that, Fluffy was painted mutant with a brush Franklihn 'found' somewhere.

Fortunately for Franklihn, Fluffy was happy to only make that horrible mutant Kadoatie sound whenever rich Neopians were around. Together they have been making quite a few Neopoints.

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