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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Lucy
Owner: zeus_da_moose
Pet Name: _Cherry_Leah_
Breed: Alabriss

About Lucy:
I bet you are wondering how I, the beautiful Leah, happened upon such an awesome petpet, a wonderful and feisty Alabriss, and all of our adventures we've had together. It all starts on a little trip to Faerieland...I wandered through Faerieland, humming softly to myself. I love traveling to do research in Neopian Cities and reading the books they have in their shops. I was walking to the book shop when suddenly, a little Alabriss shot through the Faerie City's tower portal and landed with a soft thump in front of me. The gawky young Alabriss smiled and wiggled her ears. I automatically smiled back. She was so cute! The sweet petpet, that I decided to call Lucy, was fluttering around my head. Using the wings my owner conveniently purchased earlier that day, I flew upwards and soared through the clouds. We flew straight home, where sweet little Lucy has stayed ever since, until one day...Lucy and I were browsing a bookshop, when suddenly, a nasty man came out of the blue and grabbed my poor petpet. Lucy whinnied in terror as she was pulled away to her doom. I quickly ran after them, terror overtaking my legs. They may be sort of stubby, but man, they can be fast. As I got closer I saw it was no thief, but my cousin, Thru_the_Fire_Flames who had taken Lucy! Flames looked up at me and smiled sheepishly, and I asked him why he took Lucy. He had said he always wanted an Alabriss of his own. I took Flames to Altador, where he thanked me while clutching his new Alabriss, We_Carrion. Lucy and I looked at each other and smiled. Lucy had a new best friend! But no, the adventures don't quite end here!My older sister, Vari, and I were shopping at the NC mall. We giggled as we tried on cool clothes, silly hats, and awesome floating Faerie Dolls. Out of nowhere, Lucy and Vari's petpet, Dasha, came running towards us. They were smiling and Mysy, my older brother, carrying his petpet, Boo, came running after them. Out of breath, he barely got out that our oldest brother, Zeus, was getting painted. We ran over to the rainbow pool. Lucy stood on my shoulders for a better view. My mommy took out a Paint Brush. It was all shocking, literally! I couldn't believe it! My mom swiped the Paint Brush over his glossy yellow coat and turned blue with aqua bolts and piercing yellow eyes. I went to get my camera when suddenly, a bolt of electricity shot towards Lucy! My whole family screamed and I jumped to defend her. The bolt ended up hitting me, and I lost all my Health! But one trip to the healing springs and seeing Lucy was fine was all it took to heal me. My mom doesn't quite regret painting Zeus electric, but guilt has got to Zeus!Thats all the adventure worth telling that Lucy and I have been through that are worth telling. I wonder what will happen today...By: Faerie

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