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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Chronicle
Owner: sumarian_nutamu
Pet Name: Immortal_Methos
Breed: Nedler

About Chronicle:
"Hello! My name is Immortal Methos and I'm here to tell you a bit about my Nedler named Chronicle. Did you know Chronicle means story? Isn't that funny? Chronicling Chronicle? Well I suppose I should continue with the story I already started. I don't think you are all here to learn about the meaning of words.

It all started with my family's annual trip to Kreludor. Every year my owner likes to make a special visit to each of the places we came from. We visit the haunted woods for my sister Cookie, Happy Valley for my big brother Carouche and even head to Brightvale for the nicest sister in the world Gentile Soul. Last year we even toured the nearby space station just for me! This year because of that meanie Sloth coming back we decided to stick to just Kreludor.

We visited a bookstore with more books than I think I could ever read and even saw this really weird neocola machine sitting in the middle of nowhere. After a while we started getting bored so we wandered off a bit to explore a part of the moon we never visited before. Not long into our exploring we saw a strange light coming from a little ways away. When we got closer we realized it was a giant meteor crashed on the surface of the moon! It was so cool, except that it was really kinda hot. We had to be careful not to get too close, my big brother Carouche said he'd nearly singed his fur getting a better look! The ground where the meteor crashed was dug out and glowing bright red. Cookie of course was scared and wanted to go. I guess I was extra curious because I just had to get closer. When no one was looking I walked around to the side, away from the heat. Picking up a large stick (to this day I wonder where that came from more than I wonder about the meteor...Kreludor doesn't have trees!) and started to poke at the meteor. After the very first poke, the meteor cracked open and a strange little creature came out. He ran up to me and wrapped his paws around my leg and wouldn't let go. He was so cute!!! He had little tentacles coming out of his mouth and made funny little beeping noises. He was orange and covered with purple spots and a furry purple tail. I managed to detangle him from my leg and picked him up and held him in my arms. Everyone was so surprised! My brother wanted me to put him back but my owner just smiled. She thought he was too cute to put back, leave behind or even sell. Instead she let me keep him and told me to take good care of him since I'm the one that found him (or did he find me?). We wandered around Kreludor and I even got to meet this orange Grundo who gave me a yummy gooey cookie and found some food specially for my new friend. When we got back home, my owner gave me a bed just for Chronicle although most of the time he sleeps in my bed with me, cuddled up on my pillow. He's really great at helping me clean my room, all those tentacles picking up things makes cleaning twice as fast! My brother and sisters are so jealous, their petpets don't help clean up at all. They only make messes hehehe."

"Ahem!" coughed a tall red lupe wearing a strange marshmallow hat who'd been listening in to the story. "Don't you think maybe this story is coming to a close?" said the Lupe smiling at the white Grundo who sat, with an orange Nedler snoozing in his lap. The Nedler beeped in his sleep, his purple tentacles twitching slightly before settling again.

"But I haven't told them why I named him Chronicle yet!"

"I think maybe that's a story for another time." the Lupe said smiling as the white Grundo giggled.

"Maybe it is after all." he said winking to the audience before picking up the still sleeping petpet in his arms and standing, following his big brother out.

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