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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Neve
Owner: adoption_rescues
Pet Name: licolino
Breed: Snowbunny

About Neve:
Licolino bounded in through the door, her yellow Krawk scales gleaming in the sun. As she slammed the door, I was jolted awake from my nap on my purple petpet cushion in front of the fire. I looked up, my blue snowbunny eyes gleaming up at her, wondering what could have been important enough to cause her to disturb my nap. Licolino was beaming down at me, something small and red in her paws.

“Look what I got you, Neve! I got you a petpetpet! It’s called a Squippit!” she told me excitedly.

I twitched an ear curiously. A pet for me? Well, I was rather spoiled. Licolino was always giving me new and interesting things. The only bad thing she ever gave me was a yellow petpet tunnel. I got stuck in it, and Licolino’s mom, adoption_rescues, spent about an hour lubricating the tunnel with soap so I could slide out. Hopefully this... petpetpet thing would be better than that tunnel.

Licolino set the small Squippit down next to me. However, it promptly turned away from me, its little red nose stuck up in the air. I stared at it indignantly. [i]I[/i] was a rare, retired, high class petpet, named for the Italian word for snow! My ears were long and well groomed, and I had a perfect fluff of a tail! Why was this petpetpet refusing to even look at me? No one [i]ever[/i] shunned Neve the snowbunny!

“Well, Neve,” said Licolino, as if she could read my thoughts, “Maybe you need to earn its approval.”

I thought about this for a moment, and, deciding it made sense, I leapt up from my fluffy, warm petpet cushion and hopped out of the petpet door.

Once outside, I set out to prove myself to the Squippit. I first made my way to the petpet battledome. I had never been here before, and I found it a loud and chaotic place. But maybe gaining a level or two would impress my new petpetpet, which was now sitting in my family’s inventory refusing to budge.

I tried to battle a few petpets. Let’s just say that I wasn’t cut out to be a battler. After I was defeated three times in a row by a harmless looking Angelpuss named Saffron, I gave up trying to increase my level. But, maybe there were other ways to impress my would-be pet.

So I decided that I would make my way over to the great Turmaculus. If I could wake him up, I would be sure to impress that hard to please petpetpet. My attempt to wake up the petpet king went something like this.

Me: *Walks up to Turmaculus and whacks him with a stick*

Turmaculus: *Snort*

Me: “Wake up!”

Turmaculus: *Rolls over*

Me: “Ow! That was my tail!”

As you can see, I failed miserably at waking up Turmaculus. What could I do now? I gazed around for inspiration. My eyes rested on a hole that sat not to far away. Of course! The symol hole! If I got something out of there, that finicky Squippit would be sure to accept me!

I bounded over to it, and cannonballed inside. It was dark and wet inside, and Snowbunnys like me aren’t the best at seeing in the dark. So I blundered around blindly n the underground tunnels for about twenty minutes before finally finding my way out. I now looked less than impressive, my fur was dirty from being down in that hole, and I was exhausted. Accepting defeat, I made my way home.

When I got home, I promptly hopped onto my purple pillow in front of the fire, ready for a nice long nap. I didn’t notice when my friend Fuzz walked into the room. Fuzz was a plushie spyder who belonged to Rosettee. Rosettee was Licolino’s Christmas Ixi sister.

“What’s wrong?” asked Fuzz, blinking his four spyder eyes curiously.

“Licolino bought me a petpetpet, but it doesn’t like me,” I said, my long ears drooping.

“Where is it now?” asked Fuzz.

“Sitting in our inventory,” I said.

Fuzz grinned mischievously, saying, “I think I know how to solve your problem. Follow me.”

I followed my friend curiously. He led me into our inventory. It was full of plushies and leftover pieces of omelet. And amongst the clutter was the petpetpet. He sat, grooming his long antennas.

“Wait here,” said Fuzz. He walked into the inventory, sat down next to the Squippit, and bared his long fangs at it.

The Squippit squeaked in fear, and leapt franticly out of the inventory. It looked around, and then hopped into the only safe place it could see, my white snowbunny fluff.

“There!” said Fuzz triumphantly, “Petpetpet problem solved!”

I thanked Fuzz, and looked up at my new petpetpet. He was resting on the tip of one of my ears. Well, maybe he wasn’t completely devoted to me yet, but I was sure that we would soon become good friends.

And with that, me and my new Squippit set out through the petpet door on our first grand adventure.

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