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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: NoaryII
Owner: kirsabear
Breed: Robot Noil

About NoaryII:
A little Robot Noil strolled…no; let me rephrase that, drove onto the broad stage. Smiling and giggling under his breath, he might appear to be nervous, but he was really quite excited. As the limelight pinpointed itself above him, three judges stared out at him with curiosity from a room on the top floor of the large theater.

“So, why are you here today…uh…Noary Double I?” The first, and youngest judge asked, attempting to pronounce Noary’s full name correctly.

“Actually,” The Noil said in a squeaky, rusty voice, “Its Noary the Second. Sometimes people call me Noary Two, and all da big scientists guys call me Noary 2.0 cuz’ I’m a ROBOT! It’s a thingy with parts and my buddy Bananaann likes to fix me and-and-”
“Umm…would you care to answer the question today, Noary the Second?” Another, older judge asked, in hopes of a shorter response. This judge had been sitting through many auditions for the PetPet spotlight that day, and was growing very hungry and irritable.

“Oh! That story? About when I got adopted and stuffs? Okies!” The judge was about to reply, but the energetic noil had already begun his story…

“Far, beyond the reaches of imaginiabilation,” He extended his wheels out like arms to express the importance of such a place, “ish a land called…NEOPIA!!!!!!! I was strolling—“

“You mean, driving?” A third judge asked.

“No, strolling! I call it strolling, cuz I like dat word, and-and—“

“Continue, please, Noary.” The same irritable judge asked.

“Okies, anyways, I was strolling down the street with my new buddy, KIRSABEAR!!!!!!! Did you know it means cherry in Danish? Yah, anyways, I was just picked up from a magiacal place called da Tradin’ Post where little petpet’s like me can go and be ‘dopted, along with other foods and peoples and stuffed aminals and creepy things with eyes and-and-“

“This is not an informative lecture on the world of Neopia, Noary. Please continue. You had just been adopted, remember?” An outsider might find this interruption from the older judge quite rude, but Noary simply ignored it.

“Yeah! Thanks for remindin’ me!” The older judge rolled her eyes, “Anyways, we were goin to get me some ribbons to tie arounds me so I’d look like a present and Bananaann would be surprised I was wearin’s a bow and I broughts it with me but I don’t know where it is…”

The noil made an attempt to pull the ribbon out of his glove compartment by pushing it open with his wheel, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

“Well, I can’t get it out, so I’ll keep talkin’.” The young judge was eager to hear more, but the others appeared to be uninterested. “ After we boughted a red ribbon for me’s to wear, we walked home and saw Bananaann! He’s a Mynci, ya know! When we saw him, he tolded me that we could go and meet his brothers. One was a big Eyrie named GoldenGriffinEyes, but we call him GGE cuz’ dat sounds so much better. And den, we went and met Will, and he’s really moody and stuffs but he’s cool and he makes up for it. And anyways, then-“

“You know, I think time is almost up for your audition, Noary…” The hungry judge interrupted.

“Come on, Ms.Geildes! Give Noary some more time! Everyone else has had more time than he has. And anyway, his story is very interesting!” The novice judge cried.

“Ya! Ain’t I intrestin’?” Noary asked happily.

“It’s really that interesting?” Ms.Geildes shot at the young boy. He cowered at the cold remark.

“Well, in my opinion,” Noary began, “The story is gonna get betters!” The young judge slowly began to feel more cheerful, as he was inspired by Noary’s optimism, “Anyways, I went to da garden and founded two other petpets there and one was an Ona named Theona and the uder was a Snowbunny named Johnny and they were all scareded of me and we had a screaming contest cuz we were so scarded of each other, at least that’s what Theona looked like. And den I introduced myself and told them how we were gonna be bestest buddies and that I’d take them out to get SMOOTHIES! And everybunny was so excited, especially Johnny cuz he’s a BUNNY! Ain’t dat funny? Hehe! Anyways, we went and got some smoothies but since I’m a ROBOT, smoothies are bad for me and so I got a gasoline-processed banana instead cuz those are good for me’s! And I got sometin’ for you guys too!”

The tiny noil slowly exited the stage and clambered up the many stairs that led to the room where the judges sat. He pushed the door open and pried open his glove compartment with all of the strength he had left. A Mega Super Lemon Grape smoothie tumbled out. Using his two front wheels like hands, he handed the hungry judge the smoothie.

“For you!” He said happily. Ms.Geildes took it from him warily. “Drink it! Its GGE’s favorite!” She did not expect her lunch to be presented to her in this manner, nor while she was in such an annoyed position. She didn’t thank Noary for the gift.

“I gots to go now! Bananaann said I needed to be home by six o’ clock, and my internal clock says it’s…5:50:38:45! No, now its 57, no, never mind. Well, bye!” The Noil turned around and began to pummel down the stairs. As he headed towards the exit, he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around to find the young judge following him.

“Noary, I just want you to know that I hope you’ll get the Petpet spotlight this week. You we really funny and optimistic and-and-“


“Yeah, Noary, really happy. Oh, and don’t worry about Ms.Geildes. I know she’ll hope you are chosen too.”

And she did.

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