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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Luna
Owner: soph_aka_drago
Pet Name: Xenophilius
Breed: White Gallion

About Luna:
As you stroll along mystery island, appreciating the heat of the midday sun, you decide to take a nap on the beach, which is empty as far as you can see.
You approach the golden sand, and as you grow closer towards the sea, you can see what you can only assume, judging from the large tufts of mane and horns, is an odd looking tonu.
The creature hears you approach, and turns around swiftly. You now see it is not a tonu, but in fact an unusually large white gallion with a blueish mane. She stares at you, glassy eyed, in a daze. Her eyes suddenly snap into focus, and her lips part in a wide grin.
"Hi!", she exclaims, shaking her head to bring her back to reality. "I'm Luna!".
You glance around, expecting to see her owner some where on the vast beach, but there is no one to be seen.
"I bet you're wondering where my owner is, huh?"
You are startled, and begin to wander if you accidentally uttered your thoughts out loud. You are not thinking long when she starts to talk again.
"My owner is swimming - " as you can not see any pet swimming above water, you give the large Gallion a 'o__O' look, to which she replies, "He's a maraquan draik, and he's under the water, exploring no doubt! So yeah, he can hold his breathe for a pretty long time!"
You gaze at the pretty gallion, wondering why she too is not swimming with her owner, but, like before, your question is answered before you can voice it.
"I am not a fan of swimming; I do not like getting my fur wet. My owner is a fantastic swimmer - the best I've ever seen, but unfortunately, he's not to good on land, and sometimes if he is too tired, he just sort of flails helplessly around on the ground!" she giggles slightly, but immediately stops, apparently ashamed of laughing at her own master.
"Thats why he picked me as his petpet - I'm sure you've noticed my size! Now my owners pretty tiny himself; if he ever really struggles walking, he can lay on my back and I can take him where ever he pleases - some times it feels like he's MY petpet!", and she begins to giggle again, this time not pausing for few seconds.
Luna's beautifully silky fur seems to flush a shade of the lightest pink in her happiness.
With out warning, and a giant splashing sound, a silvery white draik flecked with orange and purple stripes and patches breaks the crystal surface of the water.
He breathes heavily and pants from his swim. The draik grins broadly, and looks at you and Luna.
"So, I see you've met my Gallion! I'm Xenophilius by the way; please, call me Xen!" He swims slowly towards you both, his purple hair plastered to his skin by the salted water, though he still looks quite elegant. He carefully makes his way onto land, rather awkwardly waddling with his flippers out stretched to cover the most surface area.
He looks directly at Luna, his eyes sparkling with delight. "Come on Luna - take me home!"

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