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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Droplet
Owner: nadia8705
Pet Name: Nadia_peo_of_love
Breed: Miamouse

About Droplet:
Hey there! My name is Droplet, and I am a Miamouse. Aren't I the cutest little petpet you've ever seen? (Teehee) I belong to Nadia_peo_of_love, she is a Peophin of course. Well I am going to tell you the story of how Nadia, the Peophin, came to own quite the cutest petpet in all of Neopia! ^_^

It all started on a sunny spring morning. Nadia's mommy was chatting it up with a very good neofriend. They chatted for hours and exchanged help to get secret avatars. Well, after about two and a half hours of being silly with her neofriend, she decided to go and check up on how her pets were doing. They were all in the NeoLodge and it was almost check out time. Well, before her good buddy let her go, he said he had a surprise! That's right everyone, that surprise was me!

Well, she looked in her event log and there I was ready to be named and given to a pet. I must admit she was so shocked to see such a cute petpet. The cutest petpet she's ever given to her pets was a Catamara. Let's face it, a Catamara has nothing on my cuteness.

Well by the look on her face, I was so sure she would give me to one of her pets right away. She grabbed me with a big smile on her face, and I thought to myself that I was going to be named and cared after in no time. Next thing I know, I'm in her Safety Deposit Box.

It was horribly crowded, dark, and stinky. I went from happy to sad in an instant, but she explained to me that all her pets had petpets at the time. What a way to be rejected! So off I went with two other petpets in her Safety Deposit Box. Did I mention it was stinky?

A week had passed, and I was so sure she had forgotten about me. She never even came to check up on me once. I started hoping that she would just sell me so I could have a proper home, but on that final day she came in with the biggest smile!

It turned out, that one of the petpets she had was lent to her for an avatar. She informed me that I would be going to Nadia her Peophin. I was so excited! I didn't have to be stuck in that stinky Safety Deposit Box anymore! However, it did take a few weeks to get the perfect name.

I was so happy that Nadia liked to read the Neopian Times to me. I absolutely adore the Neopian Times! I never knew how to read it though. I would just stare at the pictures and listen to Nadia read it to me. After a while, Nadia noticed me looking at the pictures a lot, so she taught me how to read! Oh what fun that was!

Well after the fourth week of being called "noname", Nadia finally knew exactly what to call me. She decided to name me after Droplet the editor of the Neopian Times. She said since I loved the Neopian Times so much that it would be perfect. I have to agree with her on that one. It is a cute name. Almost as cute as me!

Lately, Nadia and her mommy have been busy making a special tribute to the Neopian Disco scene, so I've been reading the Neopian Times on my own. I don't mind though because it is a lot more relaxing, and I feel proud to know that I can read it all on my own. Also, I know when Nadia has finished up the disco thing we're going to start having fun all over again. ^_^

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