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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: NightFire
Owner: fungusfreak
Pet Name: Dinky5000
Breed: Selket

About NightFire:
"Di-inky!" Blipadoodle, a small yellow kacheek, ran over to his older sister, a green mynci. "Make Nightfire stop bothering Tango!"

Dinky paused and swiveled her black computer chair away from her desk. "Nightfire can do what she wants. It's Tango's fault for not being able to stand up for himself. Why don't you be useful and go train him?"

The kacheek scowled. "It's not my fault that everyone hates Nightfire but you!" He stormed away, muttering under his breath.

The Mynci sighed and stood up off her chair, grabbing a few papers and a notbook off her desk as a selket scuttled into the room.

"Hey Nightfire. You're not bothering Tango again, are you?" She reached down a stroked the beetle-like creature's shell, earning herself an appreiciative hiss. "Well then get to it! That petpet needs to know who's in charge around here!"

Nightfire hissed again and scuttled in the general direction of Blipadoodle's bamboo-scented room, where him and his poppit would be, no doubt about it planning revenge.

Dinky strolled down the long hallway, scowling at the abstract portraits on the walls that her owner had insisted on hanging up. Finally, she arrived at her dark room, not bothering to turn on the light. She liked it dark anyway. Curling up under the blankets, she thought aloud, "I wonder what Nightfire's up to right now?"

In fact, Nightfire was doing exactly what her master had wanted her to do: Terrorize Tango and Blipadoodle.

The Selket inched silently into the lightly-lit room where Blipadoodle and Tango were planning their revenge. She could hardly stand it in the light-yellow and blue room. It had a huge mural of a smiling Ixi in a vast field on the left-hand wall, something the selket had thought of vandalizing on more than one occasion.

She could hear the kackeek muttering to the poppit quietly. "...and than we position the bucket like so..." He scribbled on a piece of paper and the poppit squeeked happily. "Shh! Keep it down!" he glanced around the room nervously. "You never know where that bug is!"

They continued their muttering and scribbling while the selket inched closer and closer, before stopping right behind Blipadoodle. The creature inched closer and closer until...

"Ow! What was that!" The kacheek yelled loudly and ran out of the room, screaming at the top of his lungs as his poppit followed close behind and the selket gave chase. "It's gonna get me! Help!"

"What was that?" In a different room, an Usul and a Jubjub stood up and nodded to each other. "Dinky."

In yet another room, said Mynci sulked out into the hall. "I wonder what's going on now..."

The screaming Kacheek and his equally-loud Poppit were cornered in the kitchen by a snapping Selket.

"Get away! Get away!" Blipadoodle threw a large baggus in the general direction of Nightfire before backing up onto the counter. "Take this, fiend!" He threw a large bag of flour onto the floor. It exploded on contact, shrouding everything in white.

"Skree skree!" the Selket advanced just as Dinky, Bopzey (The Jubjub) and Suicone (The Usul) entered the kitchen.

"That's enough!" Bopzey, who was often the voice of reason in the family, yelled loudly. Everyone paused and turned to him. It was Dinky who broke the silence. "That's a good Selket. You always listen to your mummy, don't you! Oh yes you do-oo!"

The mynci patted Nightfire on the head. "Come on, let's go to the trading post." They left the room.

Blipadoodle glanced at his flour-streaked companion. "Er... We have an...uh." He looked aroung wildly. "A Dentists appointment! Yeah! We'll just let you do the cleaning then! Toodles!" The pair ran out of the room.

Bopzey and Suicone both sighed in unison before heading to the cleaning cabinet. "It's going to be a long night..."

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