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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kylie
Owner: lilmisafrika
Pet: Anikkalite
Breed: Karren

About Kylie:

Anikkalite bounced excitedly along with her owner, lilmisafrika, on her way to the auction house. Today was her big day!! Finally, after four months of keeping her room clean and resisting the urge to buy plushies. Today she was going to get a petpet!!

Humming happily, Anikkalite rolled and tumbled playfully to the entrance. "Remember,"

lilmisafrika cautioned, "Noth-" "I know, I know, Anikkalite bumbled, "Nothing too heavy, nothing too light, nothing that flies, and nothing that bites." Anikkalite gladly accepted the bag of neopoints from her owner and made her way to find a petpet bargain.

Anikkalite had her heart set on an maraquan refugee petpet, or atleast one that could be painted Island. Boris are originally from Terror Mountain (where she lives), as you might know, but Anikkalite despised the cold. She much more loved the warm tropical climate of Mystery Island, and one day, she too was going to be painted Island.

The Bori pounced through the isles, in search of a watery petpet, and there it was, a beautiful Baby Blu, only 3000 neopoints, its auction ending in only 5 minutes!! As she hurriedly made her way to place her bid, something caught her eye, or more specifically, her ear. The squealing of a baby Karren!!

Anikkalite set her eyes on the poor creature, stumbling blindly around in her cage. If the noise in the auction house was almost unbearable for regular petpet ears, then what would it be like for a petpet with synchronized hearing?

The undecided neopet just stood there, her thoughts bouncing back and forth: Nothing that flies- a Karren flies... But a baby petpet would be easier to train... I set my heart on a maraquan petpet... but no maraquan petpet could sit sweetly on your shoulder, plus, nobody has even placed a bid on the Karren yet...

At this point, Anikkalite was biting her nails, and only 1 minute was left in each auction.

Her eyes shifted from the Karren to the Baby Blu, Karren, Baby Blu... until finally, with 10 seconds left in each auction, she sped over to the mangy Uni (the owner of the Karren), spilled the bag of neopoints onto the auction table and screeched proudly "That Karren is my new petpet!!" And in four seconds, it was.

Anikkalite happily brought out the purring Meridell petpet to her owner. "Smiling, Anikkalite recited, "She's not too heavy, she's not too light, she may fly, but she sure doesn't bite!!" Lilmisafrika wasn't too thrilled at Anikkalite's decision at first (She was afraid that anything able to fly might fly away), but she eventually grew to love the Karren, just like Anikkalite did. Besides, Anikkalite was an only pet, and the Karren had seemed to become her surrogate sister; the surrogate sister that sat on her shoulder.

A week after Anikkalite brought the Karren home, the still unnamed (as you may have discovered, Anikkalite is very decisive) petpet went missing. This was exactly what lilmisafrika had feared, and, although she tried her best to console her hysterical pet, she was filled with told-you-so's. But, right as Anikkalite started sobbing uncontrollably, who comes swooping through her window? The Karren!! But what is that in her mouth... a Tangleberry? The Karren had flown all the way from their neohome on Terror Mountain to Mystery Island!! "So you love Mystery Island just as much as I do," exclaimed a pleasantly surprised Anikkalite, "I knew those wings would come in handy someday!!" Now it was Anikkalite's turn for told-you-so's.

The Karren constantly disappeared, but always came back the very same day with a little piece of Mystery Island in her mouth. For this reason Anikkalite finally named her Kylie, which means "boomerang". So one night when Anikkalite was lying in her bed, munching on a doughnutfruit, with Kylie right by her side, she suddenly declared, "You know what, Kylie, when I'm painted Island, I'll have lilmisafrika paint you pink, so that you'll be my Island flower!!"

And Kylie purred happily in agreement of the idea.

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