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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Babaaish
Owner: tweak_tweak_
Pet: Ixiness_
Breed: Babaa

About Babaaish:

Ixiness_ was what some may call an eccentric ixi. He wore a rather insane grin upon his face; a curious expression etched permanently to his mutated features, and could normally be found terrorizing whichever unlucky person happened to walk by. But today of all days he was going to behave himself, or at least try to. For this particular day was special.

A red bowtie was fastened around his neck, which was there in hopes of making him look neater, but in actuality only added to the scruffy look he bore. Unsightly green fur ruffled in odd angles, two short but pointed fangs sticking out from his top lip, and less than perfect posture wasn't exactly the picture of neat. On a normal, average, nothing-interesting-here day, the little mutant ixi wouldn't have bothered to look so 'fancy', (or at least in his view he looked presentable), but this day was far from average or normal. Today, his wonderfully sinister babaa would be trying out for the petpet spotlight award!

In the few seconds that it took him to hop up onto the stage, he reflected on when he first bought the little guy. Babaaish was at first a shy, cuddly little babaa, and loved to do anything that would earn him a hug. This of course didn't last long, for Ixiness_'s wannabe evil personality soon affected the petpet, thus allowing him to adapt a like form and mind. For now, he held the petpet in his cloven hands, with nothing but a short chain leash to keep him from escaping.

The word 'stage fright' meant little to the two mutated creatures. Ixiness_ enjoyed being around (and trying to scare) people and Babaaish was the same way. Two peas in a pod they were, or whatever other expression was close enough to describe their strange but understandable bond. Ixiness_ flashed his trademark grin, holding his lovely petpet behind his back so that the audience could not see him. Oh no, first he had to explain the precautions, and tell them exactly who, and why Babaaish was so undeniably dangerous.

"Fellow Neopians! I come to thrill and frighten you with a beast so deadly and horrifying I advise that the weak and easily frightened leave at this time!"

The audience exchanged a few glances, and some of them shifted in their seats, but no one made any real effort to leave.

"For I bring with me the foulest, most blood thirsty and malevolent creation to ever set foot upon this earth. How such evil could come into existence, I know not, though I promise that once I reveal this embodiment of evil, you will never sleep well again!"

More confused glances were given from the silent onlookers, though they seemed obviously interested but not in the least bit scared. Ixiness_ went on.

"Children! Elderly! Those who cannot cope with the awful truth, look away! For I have come to show you this!"

His smile only widened as he brought forth Babaaish the mutant babaa, holding him in outstretched arms and watching with delight as the audience made sounds of interest and confusion. Luckily he didn't notice the few outbursts of chuckles that were randomly thrown in. Babaaish, looking out over the seated people, made no notion of being evil or nice. He simply watched with his big, round eyes that only seemed evil to Ixiness_.

"Do not be alarmed! I know that this creature is both intimidating and frightening, but try your best to remain calm. There is no turning back now! He will not harm you, just as long as you do not make any sudden movements or noises that could invoke his wrath."

It was obvious that the babaa wasn't evil like the mutant ixi proclaimed, but was instead a regular babaa with a slightly mutated body and personality. But Ixiness_ would simply not believe it, and would do anything and everything to get everyone else to believe that the repulsive (yet strangely cute) babaa was a relentless killer.

"After spending time with me, I believe that I have somewhat lessened his urge to fight and kill, however this does not mean he is harmless! The only thing separating you from a horrid death is the leash that I hold! Should I drop it, I fear that all of you would find an unpleasant ending at the feet of this brutal beast."

It was clear that the audience wasn't frightened. After all, how could a mutant babaa be so dangerous? It was just plain impossible for this one to be as evil as the mutant ixi said it was.

Ixiness_ placed his petpet on the stage, and grasped the leash as hard as he possibly could. Babaaish promptly hopped forward, giving off a bleat that sounded strangely like a growl.

"An evil mastermind he is, a worker of dark magic and the possible downfall of existence itself! I give you Babaaish, my mutant Babaa! I do what I can to lessen his will to destroy but alas! It is not enough, and on his quest for ultimate domination and power he wishes to obtain a petpet spotlight award! I know that his wrath is too terrible to put into words" he shuddered as he spoke, "and to not obey him would be to put all of your lives in danger. Every last one of them" he finished, making sure to relish his last words. Babaaish continued to growl and edge closer to the audience, though he was easily restrained by the leash.

Ixiness_ gave the crowd another look, still smiling widely. "Beware! When one day you hear an evil babaa has set out to conquer all Neopia, you'll know who's to blame!" he said, before yanking the leash and pulling Babaaish off the stage with him, leaving the audience to gawk over how odd the whole thing was.

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