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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Klawz
Owner: armadi
Pet: Calander
Breed: Zomutt

About Klawz:

Calander, who was a Buzz at the time, sat under one of the palm trees of Mystery Island. He was reading his favorite Buzz book, Behind Brexis. A calm wind blew across his body and he put his book down and looked up at the sky. "Maybe, I should get a new Carma?" He muttered, then shook his head. "No, if I did that it'll feel weird having another Carma."

A few months back, Calander's old petpet, a Carma named Cyan, was eaten by the Turmy. Calander felt Cyan getting eaten was because he was considering getting a Mazzew the night before. He did get a Mazzew, but he didn't like it much and got his owner to sell it off.

Now he was petpet-less.

Cal put his hands behind his head and leaned his back onto the palm tree. "I really do need a petpet. Lots of Neopets have petpets and I should get a new one. Just...what petpet?"

He started going deep into thought of different petpets that would suit his personality.

His train of thought was suddenly interrupted when he got a sharp pain into his foot.

"OW!" He quickly opened his eyes and looked at his foot.

A petpet, that looked half dead, had its' teeth sunk into his right foot. The Neopet quickly jumped up and pulled the petpet off his foot. He looked at the petpet, angry. He noticed it was a Zomutt he was holding up. "Watch who you're biting, Zomutt!"

The Zomutt's eyes glowed purple, then it whimpered. A small note was sticking out of its' collar and that caught the Buzz's attention. "Now what do we have here?" He put the Zomutt down and read the note.

"Dear Cal,

I knew you wanted a new petpet,
so I talked to a few others on some
petpets that might be good for you.
In the end, many said a Zomutt would
be great for you, so I went and bought
you one.

I hope you like the little guy. He likes
to bite things, but is very nice.

Armadi =D"

Calander looked at the letter, then the Zomutt sitting at his foot, then back at the letter. "Ok, I got a new petpet and it's...a...Zomutt." He rolled his eyes and folded the letter up, then put it into his book. He then turned to the Zomutt sitting on the sand, wagging his tail happily. "So...you're my new petpet, eh?" The Zomutt barked.

Calander smiled and picked the Zomutt up. He looked at the petpet.

"Hey, I thought Zomutts had a black spiked collar, yet your collar is midnight blue. Nothing really special, but meh."

He sniffed the air. "Ugh, what smells of mold and lemons?" He looked at his Zomutt and sniffed, then dropped him. "UGH! It's you! I guess the 'zom' in zomutt is for zombie. Least, I'm hoping for that scent." The Zomutt and landed headfirst on the ground and jumped right up and ran around his master.

"I guess pain isn't something you feel." He bent down and petted the Zomutt, which nuzzled his new owner. "I guess I'll get use to that scent. Not like it's a strong scent, but close up...ugh." The Buzz looked at his new petpet, who scratched his ear with his foot.

Calander paced back and forth for a few moments, then stopped. "I suppose I should give you a name." He looked at the grey petpet. "Spooky? Horror? Vicious? Blade?" The Zomutt lowered his head, not liking any of those names. "Meh," He thought again.

"Hey, I'll call you, Claws!" The Zomutt looked up at him, and stuck his tongue out. "Hey, not Claws, c-l-a-w-s, but spelled K-l-a-w-z. See? It's spelled cooler. So like it?"

The Zomutt stayed quiet for a minute then barked. "So you're ok with being called, Klawz?" The Zomutt tried to claw his owner with his dull claws. "I guess so."

Calander grabbed Klawz and petted his head. "You know what Klawz? You're no Cyan, but I think you're going be a wonderful new petpet for me." Klawz bit Calander's hand happily.

"Ow! I hope that was suppose to be a sign you agree with what I said." Klawz jumped up onto his owner's head, howled, then laid down.

Calander sighed and reopened his book and read as Klawz slept on his head. 'Yep, not Cyan, but I think he's a great new friend.' He thought.

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