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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Valiant
Owner: arc_angemon
Pet: Vincent_Valentine13
Breed: Gallion

About Valiant:

Everyone seems to have that perfect pet. Usually you'll see a shadow kougra walking within Neopia with its shadow gruslen trotting alongside happily. That wasn't the case for me however. You see, I came from the sort of family where neopoints were scarce. That's just how it went. If we wanted something then all we could do was dream about it.

Luck was nearly void for us but somehow we managed our coats. I was given a brilliant plushie look and well it was nice. Though I wish I could say my companions were as permanent. I had been through more petpets than I could count. If the path was rocky then they were the first to end up with a price tag on their ear.

Though this didn't appear to be the same with Valiant. You see, he sort of found me. No, I didn't rescue him from a dire situation or anything of the likes. It was fate if you'd like to put it that way.

I remember that day I had taken a venture down to the battledome. I didn't exactly plan on getting back into my old groove, but a little exercise wouldn't have been so bad. So I took my first steps in, my paws shaky beneath me from my new look. My weapons rattling against each other as snowballs do. The moment I saw my first opponent I was pumped. Punchbag Bob was going to face my once wondrous glory.

Okay, so maybe it hadn't been so great. I lost a few rounds or two or three. Anyhow, I lost count. I was surely ready to pack up when a certain fight caught my eye.

It was a kougra taking his claw against the Space Faerie. Each seemed tired, but they fought with a vigor that only some pets could have. Every missed attack hit the space floor with a loud thud, kicking dust into the air. Surely, it seemed as if the battle could go on forever.

From the edge of the arena I happened to notice a small gallion creeping around the edges. Its small mane stood on high as its body quivered with a fierce growl. Just as the moment arrived it leaped into the air, wings thrust open.

Though, its strength couldn't match its heart. The Space Faerie had no problems tossing the gallion back and into its owner. They both fell back with enough might that she instantly won the battle.

The kougra arose slowly and snarled at the miniature dragon fiercely.

"This is the tenth battle you've cost me! I don't see why my owner just can't get me a stronger petpet."

With that he turned his nose into the air and trotted the best he could to the exit.

I remember the look on the little gallion's face. It really wasn't its fault. It wasn't made for the dome and it was rather unfortunate the kougra couldn't see this.

Though I thought nothing more of the scene and continued on. It wasn't until I exited the dome when I saw a flushed girl dropping the gallion off into the street before I realized the price of the earlier battle.

"I can't believe I spent so many neopoints on you!"

The gallion whimpered and tried with its might to keep up with the owner and pet, but its little legs were obviously no match to keep up with theirs.

Before I realized what I was doing I found myself taking steps to the creature. My owner was still hung up in getting other items for the dome so I was sure she wouldn't miss me right away. Coming up to the gallion, I flopped down and smiled at it.

"Hey there. You put up an interesting fight back there. I swear I've never seen a petpet with such courage."

It looked at me and tilted its small head to the side. I almost half expected it to be like my sibling's gruslen whose vocabulary centered around the word 'war'. It gave me quite the surprise though.

"Failed again"

Staring down at the gallion I couldn't help but gasp. It spoke! Well, HE spoke. It wasn't as much as I thought. It seemed he was bound to a limited vocabulary as War was. Though it was quite pleasant to have a semi sane conversation with him.

"Well, sometimes the best battlers lose every so often."

"No Name lose a lot."

"Doesn't mean you can't learn to become better. I lost a good deal of battles before I got somewhat good."


No Name gazed up at me in a quizzical manner. I could tell he didn't mean what battling was but more so if I had battled.

"You bet. I have been battling since before I could beat the Chia Clown. It just takes time and patience."

"Teach please?"

I gazed befuddled at him. Me teach him? I had no idea where to begin or what to cover. He was still owned too! Gallions weren't the types of petpets you would just toss away on a whim. Of course his owners didn't show any signs of returning. There was no telling where he might end up. Taking in a deep breath I got up and made my way back to the entrance of the dome.

Behind me I heard No Name's claws tapping against the cement.

"Teach please? ...please?"

With every repeat of that single word I could hear his voice crack. He was so passionate about this. Stopping, I gazed down to him and smiled.

"Alright. I will teach you."

Its been a good while since that day. I must say he seems to be an entire new petpet Not only does he sport the name Valiant, but he's also got a plushie look to him too. We seem to be birds of a feather, an unstoppable force in the dome. What can I say? He was taught by the best.

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