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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Linkin
Owner: custodial_weiner55
Pet: Pingping_Preshyon
Breed: Carma

About Linkin:

Linkin Gets Lost

Hi. My name is Linkin. I'm a carma. This is the story of the day I got lost.

It was a bright summer day. I was outside playing with my owner, Pingping. I was just running and climbing all over the place. I had no idea that my life would soon change.

We had been playing for quite a while, but it was time for Pingping to go skating at terror mountain with his friends. He was so excited to go that he forgot to lock my cage. I noticed this, and being the curious little carma that I am, I got out to go explore. I trotted along a path I found. I had gone down this path many times, but today was different. I could do what I wanted and get to see the sights at my own pace.

I started to get bored of exploring, and decided to go home, when I noticed I was lost. I realized what I done and knew I had gone far away from home. I had no idea where I was and panick set in. I ran around frantically in circles. When I finally calmed down I decided to turn around and go back way I had come. The problem was, I didn't know which way I had come from. Since a path only has two ways to go, I picked one. Less frightened now, I started walking.

Meanwhile, back at home: "PINGPING!" shrieked Pingy, Pingping's brother. "You left the cage open! Linkin's gone!"

"What?" said Pingping.

"Linkin is missing!"

"Oh no. I'll go to the pound and see if they found him."

A few minutes later, Pingping returned. Without Linkin.

"Let's go put up fliers at Neopia Central. Maybe someone else will find him."

Meanwhile, back with Linkin: The sun began to set. It was a warm night. I decided to camp out in a tree. I woke up bright and early the next morning. I continued to walk down the path. I saw something, up on a tree. It was a flier! With a picture of me! "Great!," I thought to myself, "They're looking for me!"

As I continued to walk down the path, I saw something familiar. The rainbow pool! Pingping and me used to go there to see if there was a paintbrush for Carma's yet. "I must be getting closer," I thought. I knew where I was. I ran in the direction of my home. I ran and ran and ran. I felt like I was going to feint, but there was no time to slow down. I was so close! I turned onto our street! I saw our neohome! I stopped running. I was home. I went to the door. It was closed. There was no way I could open. I waited for someone to come. Then I realized they weren't home! How could they leave? They'll be back soon, I reassured myself. I just have to sit and wait. I was so bored. But at least I was home.

Then I saw a skeith walking down the street with a shirt that said "Neopia Central Pound". The skeith was carrying a net in his hand and he was coming this way. I was scared. I ran, but he caught me. He took me to the pound and locked me up. "Now I'll never get home!" I thought to myself.

I saw one of the fliers in the pound. The skeith was reading it. He looked at the picture on it, then at me. He came over and said I was going to go home soon! He then left. A while later he came back. And Pingping was there too! I jumped up and down over and over again!! I was so glad to see him! He ran over to me and picked me up and hugged me. "I missed you so much!" he said.

When we got home, I slept all day. I was the happiest Carma in Neopia!! I was home.

Here is a poem about Linkin. It was written by Pingping Preshyon. It's called Linkin The Extra special Carma.

Linkin The Extra Special Carma

Linkin is a special Carma,
He likes to climb around,
He likes to climb on trees and mountains,
Without falling to the ground,

He climbs until he can climb no more,
Then he crawls around,
He crawls around in search of food,
Of which he'll gobble down,

When he's done he gets real tired,
He lies down to rest,
He sleeps and dreams of the days gone by,
Wishing for the best,

He dreams of friends and family too,
Hoping for some fun anew,
When he awakes he makes his dreams come true,
Don't you wish you could too?

Now do you see why Linkin is so special?
Linkin really loves you,
He wants you to be his friend,
And he hopes you love him too!

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