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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Aluhia
Owner: junglevilla14
Pet: DewDropEcho_Angel
Petpage: Dew Drop's Sweet Shoppe
Breed: Floud

About Aluhia:

I set the Borovan mug down on the glass table, waiting for my customers. It was six in the morning, and my Sweet Shoppe was peacefully empty. I stood up, and began setting out the above-counter treats and gifts. I placed prettily arranged flowers on the round, carefully shined glass tables outside and inside my Shoppe, and waited for the first customer of the day. Upon cue, the melodious bell above the door tinkled and I smiled, awaiting my customer. My smile faded slightly as I noticed that nobody had entered my Shoppe. Shrugging, I continued busying myself with minor housekeeping, not giving the strange door incident a thought. Turning to the front case by the register, I frowned; three of my Fudges were missing, and I could have sworn I had just placed them there a moment ago. Another telltale jingling came from the door, and I turned just in time to see a flash of pink exit the building. How strange, I thought, how very strange indeed...

I couldnt stop thinking of the small, pink Fudge thief, even as I tended to customers and mingled with regulars. That night, as I was closing my Shoppe, my ears perked at the sound of jingling bells- the door was opening, again to reveal nothing but a flash of pink. I shrugged nonchalantly, then followed its general direction, but found nothing in the back storage room. Opening a window, I hoped that the pink blob would have enough sense to leave through the open window when it wanted to.

The next morning, as I opened my shoppe and checked the back room too see if they were stiff there, a loud squeaking noise caught my attention! I looked about for a moment, confused, then brought my attention to a small, pink petpet with its paw trapped under a box of Pastries. I approached it, concerned, and the squeaking subsided. As I freed its paw, it stopped and looked up at me with large aquamarine eyes. I melted like the chocolate we drizzle over our treats, and picked the injured petpet up into my arms, smiling. It was so cute!

"Aluhia," I said softly, naming my pink blob. It yawned contently, and fell asleep in my arms, making a slight purring noise. I stood for a moment, admiring it, then set it down on a pillow that had been placed before in an open cardboard box. It snuggled right into the soft fabric, exhausted by a long night of struggling.

Later on, as Aluhia slept, I took a field trip to the local Petpet Store, and asked the owner as much as I could about my new petpet, including its breed.

"Well, looks like you've found yourself a Floud! They're a Faerie Petpet, and fly extremely fast. By th description, i'd say she's a female. Aluhia, you mentioned? Good name," The shopkeeper smiled at me, and I bought the supplies I'd need to take care of my new petpet; a soft bed, food, a leash, and medicine just in case. The door jingled merrily as I re-entered my Shoppe, setting the items down on the glass counter and making a beeline for the back room, and Aluhia. I stepped past the doorway, and gasped! She was nowhere to be seen, her bed was empty, and I couldnt hear her rustling at all. Had she left? Did I just loose the only pet I had ever had? Frantically, I ripped apart the back room looking for her, but no such luck. She was just... gone...

Depressed, I went back to my post behind the counter, and began robotically arranging the sweets. My happy demeanor had given way to a deflated one as I puttered about, my eyes cast towards the ground. I was stacking a load of fudge bars, when I noticed that a huge chunk had been taken out of one. I raised an eyebrow as I dug through the pile, and there, at the bottom and covered in fugde with a guilty look on her face, was Aluhia. I laughed, and picked her up out of the pile. I gave her a huge hug, fudge and all, and sighed ironically. She squeaked exictedly, and hopped out of my arms, claiming the spot beside the register as her own. She settled onto the warm glass, and flopped onto her side. I giggled as she eyed the fudge once again; I guess I won't be needing that Petpet food!

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