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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bow Bow
Owner: tikisplat
Pet: Sthenos
Breed: Faellie

About Bow Bow:

"You'll never take meh alive, laddie! Come any closer and I'll turn ya intae pate!" the Highland War Chia screamed. He was huge, strong, and for a chia -- very intimidating.

Sthenos had lost to this Chia before. He was a strong Ixi, used to fighting all sorts of foes, but the Highlander was just too much. Sthenos, just a week ago, thought he would never have been able to take him on.

Now he had Bow Bow.

Bow Bow the Island Faellie cautiously peeked at the Chia from behind Sthenos's head. His whiskers twitched nervously as he awaited the Highland Chia's next attack.

The Chia had told Sthenos to not come any closer, so he stayed up. He slowly and methodically opened his copy of Ramtors Spellbook (hardcover edition of course) and flipped to a page with one of the most powerful spells. He began mumbling the incantations, but the giant Chia caught on.

"Ohh no ye don't!" he howled, and raised his shield. He charged at Sthenos. The Island Ixi's tongue stuttered on the last word (which he couldn't quite pronounce) and was smacked aside by the Chia's shield. He flew back a few feet, and watched as the Spellbook flew out of his grip and spun away, about 20 feet out of his reach.

The Highland Chia paused to smirk and let out a shallow laugh. "Haha, this should show ya!" He reached into his belt and pulled out a large bucket, dripping blue ooze, labeled "HIGHLAND CHIA WAR PAINT." The book would be ruined if it was covered in paint! He readied the bucket and took aim at the Spellbook, then stopped to smirk again. Big mistake. Bow Bow, quick as lightning (or so it seemed to the slow chia) flew out from behind Sthenos, and stormed straight towards the soon-to-be-destroyed Spellbook.

Bow Bow was able to pick up the Spellbook in one fell swoop, just as the blue paint splattered against the worn tiles of the Battledome. "Hae! Oh no yoo don't!" the Chia complained, but that didn't stop the little Island Faellie. Sthenos was glad that Bow Bow had saved the Spellbook, but he knew his little pet could do much more.

The Faellie turned to a page in the book while hovering a good 15 feet above Sthenos's grouchy foe. While Sthenos struggled to regain his composure, Bow Bow proceeded to page through the book and began reading a spell. His little wings struggled with the weight, and a drop of sweat beaded his brow (it DOES have a lot of pages). Bow Bow fell to the ground, using his tired wings to slow his fall, but not before a bolt of bright blue lightning sliced the sky and collided into the unfortunate Chia.

"Aiy! That's not too nice, ya know!" came the injured Chia's reponse. Sthenos made haste and quickly bounded over to his battle partner.

"You alright?" he asked. "Meep!" was the reply. All was good. Sthenos safely tucked away the Spellbook and wielded his trusty Tiki Sword. He looked in the Chia's direction to find his opponent was already up again, swinging his hammer wildly in a challenge.

"Ye want to try that again, eh?" he grunted. Sthenos quickly moved towards his adversary and maintaned a battle stance. He smiled slightly when he felt Bow Bow's light weight land upon his shoulder.

They were a great team.

Sthenos swung his sword horizontally at the Highland Chia, but his attack was blocked by the Chia's warhammer. He swung again, only to have his attack parried once more. Sthenos took a step backward as the Chia swung his hammer at his head. Sthenos, just out of reach, yelled "Bow Bow!" and his little Faellie was on it. The petpet leapt into the air and took flight, directly at the Chia's eyes.

Bow Bow wrapped himself partially around the War Chia's head. "Aargh! No! Off with ya!" the Chia screamed, though Bow Bow wasn't causing any real paint. Sthenos swung at the vulnerable giant with his Tiki Sword, and it landed with a satisfying "Thwap!" against his side. The Island Ixi swung again and again, before nearly being hit with the giant warhammer and being thrown off balance.

The Highland War Chia swung his hammer upwards, aiming straight for Bow Bow -- but the Island Faellie flew off just in time for the Chia to hit himself in the face. This didn't phase their opponent for long, because he charged at Sthenos immediately after Bow Bow was off.

Sthenos was taken by surprise and barely able to counter the attack with his sword. Their weapons were locked -- the Chia's warhammer was pressing down on Sthenos's sword with devastating power, and the Ixi was barely able to prevent the hammer from smashing into him. Sthenos grunted, and Bow Bow knew what to do.

He nimbly flew up, and landed on the oaf's back. He applied his furry little paws to JUST the right spot, and Sthenos knew it would be over soon.

The Highland Chia chuckled. A tiny, muffled laugh. He bit his lip, trying to prevent himself from cracking up. Bow Bow's tickling onslaught was simply too much. He let himself loose, and let out great howls of laugher -- and also let loose his grip of the warhammer. The weapon thudded against the Battledome floor harmlessly. Sthenos walked over to and stood over his grounded opponent, and pointed his Tiki Sword at his face. "It's over." Suddenly, to the Highland Chia, things weren't the least bit funny.

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