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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dr. Faust
Owner: valkyriemaiden
Pet: Peter_Lorre_1904
Breed: Snowbunny

About Dr. Faust:

[A mutant Korbat reluctantly appears onstage, holding a pure white Snowbunny, and sets it gently on the floor. It is clear that this is no ordinary Snowbunny; as it sits up on its haunches one can see that it appears to be wearing a Renaissance-style cap. The Korbat clears his throat.]

Ahem. Well, hello everyone. My name is Peter_Lorre_1904, and this is my petpet, Dr. Faust. Err... I didn't really want to be here, but Faust here talked me into it... [Faust gives a little triumphant smirk] Well, he's no ordinary Snowbunny, as I'm sure you can tell. He's extremely smart, but I think my mistake was reading him the story of Dr. Faust, and well, somehow he thinks that he is the real Faust. I tried talking him out of it, but nothing seems to work.

[Faust stamps his foot impatiently]

Hm? Oh yes, sorry. Well, the reason I'm here is because Faust has written something that he would like me to read to you all and (seeing as how he can't talk) he wants me to narrate it for him as he acts it out. I suppose he thought the Petpet spotlight was the best arena for this... so without further ado, here is Dr. Faust's play, Faust: A Travesty.

[Dramatic music begins to play as the houselights go down. Faust strikes a wonderfully theatrical pose in center stage, near a writing desk. Peter begins to read the manuscript, and Faust acts out the story as it is read.]

"In the depths of his laboratory in the Haunted Woods, a young Snowbunny is carrying out his experiments. Dr. Faust is his name; he is a brilliant meta-physicist, chemist, and renaissance rabbit who knows many things of worlds in and beyond Neopia, including the realm of the spirits where even the faeries dare not tread. Yet in spite of his vast accumulation of incredible knowledge, Dr. Faust sighs. He is bored! He knows so much that there is no longer anything new for him to learn, and he wishes with all his soul that there was some new knowledge in the world, or some new skill for him to master. He gazes out of the arched Gothic window at the dark foreboding woods beyond and sighs to himself: "Ah! That I knew more, why I'd make a deal with the Pant Devil himself, should he show me something new to learn."

Suddenly, POOF! The Pant Devil appears in a flash of blue flame and swoops down, cackling, at the startled Dr. Faust."

[Peter does his best to "swoop down" upon Faust while reading the narration at the same time]

"'Mwah ha ha ha!' laughs the Pant Devil gleefully, his narrow red eyes darting.

'Halt!" cries Faust. "Thou art not welcome here, fiend! What is thy business?'

'My business is with you, Faust," the Pant Devil says, grinning. "I have come to fulfill your wish. I will show you things that even you have never seen, remarkable wonders of Neopia and beyond! But in return you must give me your soul.'

'Never! I want no part of your trickery!" cries Faust. "Begone! Thou'rt lucky I don't put a curse upon thee!'

The Pant Devil laughs, quite amused. 'Ha ha ha, what is this? A mere petpet who challenges me, the mighty Pant Devil!' He suddenly grins, showing a row of pointed teeth. 'This is no trickery, my dear Faust. I wish to help you! Every day as I make my thieving rounds I see thee bored, alone and brooding in your laboratory. And for what? If it's knowledge you wish then come with me, and I'll show thee things of wonder and amazement!'

Dr. Faust pauses for a moment, deep in thought. He is well aware of the trickery the Pant Devil is capable of. And yet, if he could truly show him the wonders of the world, he could at last experience true knowledge! Dr. Faust speaks at last.

'Very well, my devilish friend. I'll come with thee. If you can impress me, my soul is yours. But mind- should you fail to show me the wonders that you promised, you must swear to stop your thieving ways forever!'

'Deal,' cackles the Pant Devil, and with a sudden loud explosion both he and Dr. Faust are spirited from the moldy laboratory.

'I give you... JELLY WORLD!' proclaims the Devil when he and Dr. Faust materialize again..."

[Peter stops reading suddenly and shuts his eyes in frustration]: Oh, please... this is ridiculous! D'you think the real Dr. Faust ever heard of Jelly World? I only called you Faust because I was fond of the real play, not that you should be like Faust!! I don't know how you talked me into this...

[Peter spreads his wings and flies offstage, muttering to himself. Faust is left alone. He sits for a moment, as though puzzled, and wiggles his nose a bit. Then rising to his feet, Faust bows to the audience and says in a clear, strong voice:]

Ah, dear friends, this moment is so fair, I would it last forever!

[He winks and hops offstage as the houselights lights come back up]

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