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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Puff
Owner: thair_was_a_meerca
Pet: Nic_o_less
Breed: Snowbunny

About Puff:

One day while sitting under the money tree a starry meerca by the name of Nic_o_less was thinking that he needed a petpet. He got up and went to Mr.. Smith`s petpet shop.

"I need a petpet Mr.. Smith! I have saved up 21,000 to get one." said Nic.

"Today we have a special on snowbunnies would you like to see them?" Asked Mr.. Smith .

"Yes, please." said Nic.

"Come right this way." said Mr.. Smith. He took Nic to the back of the store, and showed him the snowbunnies.

There was every kind of snowbunny imaginable, plain ones, Blue ones, Brown ones, Pink ones, Rainbow ones, Plushie ones, Tyrannian ones, Robot ones, Ghost ones, Halloween ones, Green ones, Yellow ones, Grey ones, Pirate ones, and a single small spotted one hiding in the corner. The spotted one that was hiding in the corner looked very cold and unwanted.

"What`s wrong with the spotted one? He`s half the size of the rest." asked Nic

"He`s a runt, no one will buy him, poor little thing. I don`t know how he got that way, but I guess all the other snowbunnies ate all the food so he didn't get any, here let me show you, I haven`t fed them yet today anyway so just watch." said Mr.. Smith.

He went to get the snowbunny food and brought it over, he measured 2 cups of food and put it in the bowl. Instantly all the snowbunies rushed to the food , and ate it all. Leaving the spotted one behind them . The spotted one ran as fast as he could, but the rest of the snowbunies bit him and pushed him away, the snowbunnies retreated as there was no food left. The spotted one came to the food bowl sniffed it then licked it to get a taste off any food that was left.

"Are you feeding them enough?" Asked Nic.

"Just keep watching" said Mr.. Smith.

Mr.. Smith put the rest of the bag of food in , the same thing happened.

Nic stood there, then said, "I`ll take him!"

"Are you positive about this?" said Mr.. Smith,

"Yes" said Nic. So he bought the snowbunny at 21,000, opened the box that said on the front " Mr.. Smith`s petpet shop The best in Neopia" at his neohome, the snowbunny looked up at him shivering.

"MEEEEP!" said the spotted snowbunny , it jumped out of the box into Nic`s arms shivering.

"I`ll call you Puff, for the tufted of fur on your head." said Nic.

"Meep!" said the Puff formally known as the spotted snowbunny. From then on it was a great friend ship, Puff grew to be a whopping 5 pounds! Snowbunnies usually only get to be 2 - 3 pounds And he won the petpet trick awards the best groomed, and best behaved. A snowbunny`s dream.

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