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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Daniel
Owner: cinnamon_faellie
Pet: Starglyph
Breed: Apis

About Daniel:

Echoes whisper on the edge of hearing as you go further into the Great Pyramid of Sakhmet. You look around nervously; the petpet from the spotlight should be down here somewhere... you hope...

Suddenly ahead you see the faint gleam of candlelight. Walking swiftly towards it in relief, you stop short. What was that skittering?

A moach appears! Pointing a little staff at you, the tiny creature chitters angrily. You raise an eyebrow, and attempt to go forward some more. At this the moach leaps up and scrabbles in your hair.

"Get it out! Get it out!" you yell, shaking your head while the petpetpet hangs on determinedly. A gasp echoes down the hall, and another creature come padding wuickly along the dusty corridor.

"Teal'c! Get off the human at once!" It says, with a worried grin. The moach freezes, and silently scuttles back to its friend.

"I'm sorry about that. Do come and see what we've found!"

You follow the shadowy petpet until you come into a little chamber, where a candle is set on the side. In its friendly glow, you see that the petpet is a geeky looking Apis. Instead of eye decoration, he appears to be wearing glasses, and he pushes them up absently before turnig an excited gaze on you.

"See? Finally! I managed to translate the text! It mentions something of the rituals of Sakhmet Kings, about 300 years before Coltzan I, and - "
The apis is cut off as the moach leans over and chitters in his ear. The apis blinks.

"Oh. Teal'c says you're not here for the writing?"

You nod in bemused agreement.
"OH! I remember now! Starglyph said I might have some visitors from the petpet spotlight! You came to hear about... me? Hmm, okay."

The apis inclines his head politely.
"My name is Daniel Jackson, but please, call me Daniel. I've been assisting my mistress Starglyph ever since the Gate brought her here to Neopia. I'm... well I guess you could say I'm an archaeologist. Teal'c - thats the moach - helps keep the other petpets away from where I'm working, and I'm terribly sorry that he attacked you... it's just this writing was nearly finished, and it was _fascinating_ to read all about this aisha princess, and how she - "

The moach interrupts again. Daniel looks embarrassed.
"Sorry, off topic again. Where was I? Oh yes. Anyway, Starglyph - she's an Ixi - uses the texts I translate to use her Gate to other places. So you see, I'm an invaluable part of the team! I wonder how many other petpets have jobs?"

He looks proud, and pushes his glasses back up his nose.
"Especially with such a great job as this. See, here, see that symbol that looks like a kougra? If you put it in conjunction with this sun symbol here, you get - "

The apis falls silent and his lips start moving in concentration as he starts reading the text again. You stand there completely confused as he seems to be ignoring you! Just then the little green moach comes up and bows deeply to you, rolling its eyes as it points at the oblivious Daniel.

Laughing slightly, you follow as the petpetpet leads you outside, into the blazing sun of Sakhmet.

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