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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Haboy
Owner: lilsalior
Pet: Zabygirl
Breed: Hornsby

About Haboy:

Today is an unusually hot day in Neopia, normally the Lost Desert would get this hot! The judges are sweating like crazy, the audience's sweating is even crazier! What a great day to go swimming huh? Only a few more auditions to watch until it was over for today.

Suddenly someone comes crashing on stage with their boogie board and splashes the everyone around them! How refreshing! But how? You can only boogie board on water! Oh wait, what's that, it looks like a water slide leading to the stage!

A skunk Zafara gets up as her little Hornsby jumps off the board. They're both soaking wet, but the audience claps and cheers for them to do it again.

"Hi, this is the Petpet Spotlight right?"

The judges nod.

"Good! Hope ya'll liked our entrance! First impression are always important! Anyway, I'm Zaby, and this is my hornsby Haboy! It's a good thing we came today because the temperature is so high! Haboy and I go surfing on a daily basis, he's extremely talented for such a little hornsby!"

The hornsby is extremely small, the normal size should be at least twice this little guy's height!

"I've had Haboy for such a long time, he's become my best friend! We've been together for..." She tries to remember when she first say Haboy. "2 YEARS! Yikes! Time sure does fly when you're having fun!"

"I suppose I should tell you about Haboy. When I first got him, he was still really young, I guess he was a late bloomer. All his Hornsby friends were just a few centimeters taller than him, so I didn't take notice at the time. But as he got older, I noticed he didn't really get any bigger. Pretty soon, he noticed it too. I remember him being real depressed after I took him with me to the market one day. When we passed the Petpet Shop, he just kept stopped and kept staring at all the Hornsbys at the window. They were all so much taller than him. I tried to make him feel better, but nothing worked! Not even candy!"

"I knew surfing always made me feel better, so one morning I took him with me to Mystery Island beach. Some of the locals also had their petpets with them. Most of the petpets didn't step foot in to the water unless they they had fins or something. The waves were always really strong in the mornings, so I understood why they had to sit of the beach, but I wanted so badly to make Haboy feel better. I decided to take him in the water with me. He was always a really good swimmer, even for his size! But when we walked up to the water, this Kyrii stopped me and asked, 'Yo bro! Think that's such a good idea bringing that little dude with you in the water?'"

"'Well, why not? He's a good swimmer, I think he's strong enough to handle it.'"

"'I don't know bro. This little dude seems really small. Even my hornsby couldn't handle the water at this time of the morning. The waves are killer!'"

"By this time, I was a little aggravated at the guy for doubting Haboy's abilities, so we both kept heading toward the water. When we got it, the water was so cold. Haboy starting shivering right away. I told him it was okay, because he'd be use to it after a while, and he did."

"When we got deep enough, I told Haboy to keep steady, and that's when we started surfing! It was a really great day, and I could tell Haboy really enjoyed it. Whenever I surfed, I felt like I was on top of the world on that board."

"It was almost time for Haboy and I to head back home, we were going to catch a few more waves and then leave. But we saw some other people were having trouble. Apparently that Kyrii I had met earlier had fallen off his board and was looking for his hornsby. Haboy and I knew we had to help, so we went to the Kryii and let him grab hold to my board. We spotted his hornsby in the distance, but the waves kept pushing the hornsby, making it difficult for me to get to him. Before I knew it, Haboy jumped off the board and started swimming toward him. I freaked out. The waves were getting a little worse as time progressed. I knew I needed to hurry up and get this Kryii on to shore so I wouldn't risk his life trying to get Haboy back."

"By the time I got on shore, I tried to leave, but the life guards wouldn't let me back in the water. I told them Haboy was still out there trying to save another hornsby, but they still wouldn't let me go. Instead they sent a boat out to try and get them."

"I was really worried, I couldn't see Haboy too well. Every now and then a wave would come and crash on him, pushing him even closer to shore and further away from the Kyrii's hornsby. But he kept going, determined to rescue it. We all eventually had to go inside the beach house because it started raining really bad, but I kept staring out the window. I couldn't believe I let Haboy just go off like that. I should've stopped him when I had the chance."

"A lot of time had passed, ok, so it was probably less than an hour, but everything was going by so fast even though I distinctly remember every second that Haboy was out in the water without me. Finally the door swung open, and there was Haboy with the Kryii's hornsby in the arms of the a coast guard. I was so relieved!"

"The Kryii came by later and thanked Haboy and me for saving them. I just smiled and told him, 'Next time, you'll know better than to judge someone like that again!' hah! The Kryii's hornsby looked really thankful for Haboy to come out and help him, I was so stoked."

"So out of that day, my Haboy stopped being depressed, saved a life, and gained a lot of confidence in himself. Now he doesn't mind so much that he's so small, because it's not what's on the outside that matters, it's what on the inside."

They both get back on the boogie board and slid back off the stage, splashing the audience as they WHOOSH by.

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