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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Rocky
Owner: joey200010
Pet: Annalisaca
Breed: Rock

About Rocky:

A baby Cybunny scampers onto the stage, dragging behind her with exaggerated effort, a pet Rock on a piece of string. She stops, an enormous grin on her furry face. She loves an audience.

"Hewwo! My name is Anna," she waves wildly. "And dis is Rocky. Say hi Rocky!"

The petpet sits and does nothing. What were you expecting?

"Lemme tell you how I found my new best fwiend," Anna begins, after a moment of confused silence contributed by the audience. "My first petpet, Koko the Meekins, went to visit her fwiend Florg one day and she didn't come back! But it doesn't matter, 'cause a few weeks later I found Rocky on the side of the road."

She twists the blue string absently in her paws. "My big sister had let me go out and buy her a pwesent, and when I was coming back home I tripped over somefing. And den I was so happy, 'cause you know what it was? It was ROCKY!"

The audience raise their eyebrows and nod slightly, as if to say that they hadn't known that it would be Rocky.

"Now my family, dey thought dat he was just an ORDINARY rock! But dey don't know how special Rocky is! He can be a doorstep and a paperweight. I can pwetend dat he's a codestone and get fwee twaining. He's gweat at stone skimming and he can make windows go SMASH! He's... he's just so cool!"

She begins to look even more excited, if that's possible. "And one day? Rocky saved my sister's petpet from the Turmaculus!"

The audience actually looks interested, so Anna continues her loquacity. "We went to Meridell, and guess what? The Turmaculus tried to EAT a petpet! I know, can you bewieve it! So Rocky whacked him on the head and den the Turmaculus must've been weally tired 'cause he fell asweep!"

The Cybunny looks down at the Rock fondly. "Yep. Rocky's a gweat petpet. And he can sing, too! Sing for the people Rocky!!!"

The audience stares blankly at the silent Rock. Anna stares at it, transfixed, until she giggles. The audience exchange confused looks.

"Dat was gweat Rocky!" she exclaims, clapping her white paws together loudly. "Oh, oh oh, tell dat weally funny joke you told me before! Dese people will LOVE it," she squeals.

She stares at the grey stone again, apparently mesmerised. Then she bursts into a peal of laughter. She rolls around on the floor, her eyes watering. "Hahaha... Court Dancer! Dat was hilawious Rocky!" Anna stands up and wipes the tears of laughter from her eyes. "You're so funny!"

"Well, I think dat they are enough reasons to pick Rocky for petpet spotlight. So, c'mon Rocky, let's go!" She drags her petpet off the stage.

The audience look bewildered for a moment. Then very slowly, they start clapping. Then cheering. Then they fall silent and wait for the next audition.

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