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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fiini
Owner: Bunny_soda
Pet: Fryxe
Breed: Faellie

About Fiini:

All was silent in the Pet pet Spotlight room, The judges half asleep from going through countless of those who could not spell even you, and others who just put a sentence or two about how great they were.. It would be a sad, sad week on Pet Pet Spotlight..

Just when all hope seemed lost, and the judges were about to decide on a puppyblew who was indeed, was blue.. Until it suddenly gained ultra-super powers out of no-where and saved the world.. when, HOPE ARRIVED!

.. Well, sort of.

There was a faint scream heard, which became louder and louder by the moment.. The Judges whipped their heads around, about as confused as Spardel in a thunderstorm.. Where was that noise coming from?!

Then, like a bullet, a yellow blur came zooming from the stage and into the Judges' seats. BLAM! It nearly missed one of the judges.

"Ughmmm.." Came a muffled voice of the yellow blur.. It crawled out from once was a seat, which now looked like a small bomb had exploded in it. The Judges, eyes wide with fear, crept close to the seat.. Unknowing on what would emerge, but let's face it, they were curious and desperate for a action-packed petpet. Not an eye blinked as the creature emerged from it's chair stuffing den. They saw two very small, very yellow paws.. Then.. It emerged.. The creature of.. Fluffy DOOM!

.. A Faellie.

It yawned, and stretched it's arms. Then, suddenly noticed it was being watched by many eyes, escaped back into the chair- eyes wide with fear.

One Judge's mouth dropped.. His face turning red and a vein popping.. "A FAELLIE?!" He Shouted, the other Judges hid their face, and sunk into their chairs. The Judge was ready to unleash another saliva spitting shout when.. when.. another sound was heard.. a louder sound, and also heavy footsteps! Something big was coming.. Possibly the owner of this petpet! Was it was of a Mutant Grundo? A Sketh? No.. Wait.. Maybe a Ferocious Grarrl!

The Judge's throbbing vein disappeared.. Hope was back! His hope for a better paying salary also! He Grinned, waiting for the terrifying Neopet to arrive.. What a story it would be for such a neopet to have such a weak and adorable little petpet..! He could see the headlights now.

Then bounced a average sized.. Desert Shoyru. It was holding what seemed to be a homemade tennis racket. "Has.. ANYONE.. seen my.. PETPETTTT?!" It screamed happily, causing the judge's ears much pain and aguish. "PETPET PETPET PETPET PETPET!!" She stomped on the stage, causing it to rumble and shake. Papers flew in the air, small rocks came from the ceiling. The Faellie's eyes bulged, and it burrowed deeper.

The Desert shoyru then saw it's victim, "PETPET!" She squealed. "YAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!" She bounced once more, body slamming a Judge in her way. The Shoyru shoved her paw down the chair and scooped up the frightened petpet. "FIINIII!! We have to find that.. PETPET SPOTLIGHT PL--" She was cut short by two Judges clamping shut on the mouth of the loud one.. In a shaky voice one spoke, others looked around the room, scared that the room would collapse with the presence of the loud one. "He.. Hello there little.. Sh.. Shoyru. This is the Petpet spotlight.. But please.. PLEASE keep your voice down just a tiny little bit.. Okay?"

The Shoyru did nothing for a few moments, then nodded happily, and so many times that her head was indeed, a blur itself. She hoped over to the stage again, dragging the petpet with her. She stood there at the edge of the stage, staring off into space. The judges blinked.. confused. "Uh.. we're ready for you to begin..!" One said.

The shoyru, continuing to stand there, started to drool at the side of her mouth. It Dripped on the small one. The petpet then fell over, with a dazed expression on it face, fainted from the single drop of saliva. A Judge came up to her and started snapping in her face. She blinked, then grinned, "OKAYYYY I KNOW I KNOWWW 239! YEAH YEAH.. YAAAAHHHH!!" She started to dance, swinging the racket and smacking the Judge in the face, and then flying into the wall. "OOOOOGGA BOOGA!!! I'M.. uh.. FRYXE! Yeah.. That's right.. AND AND.." She paused, the Judges winced, "THISS ISSS MYY PETPET YAY YAY YAYYY!" She squealed, bouncing up and down. She then subsided and then stood there calmly, looking very intelligent.. But, sadly, her words were not. "She, It, or He.. whatever.. is a wonderful petpet and stuff. She makes for a great Basketball, baseball, tennis ball," She gestured to her racket, "And other stuff. Her name is.. Is.. FIIN.. Fiini.. and she's.. G.. G.." She stuttered, the Judges looked puzzled, "gReAt!!" She bounced more, grinning as wide as possible, and screaming very, very loudly.

"OKKAYY!" Yelled the Red-faced Judge. "YOU WIN. JUST.. LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK..! We'll send you the Trophy and everything.." He lied, not being able to take it anymore. She squealed again, and then ran out of the room.. Leaving the petpet. It stood up after a few moments, and bowed to the still terrified judges. "You know she'll be back if you don't send it within a few hours." It said to them, then scampered out of the room.

The Judges looked to each other, worried for their safety. "If..If we don't give it to her.. she might come and.. talk or something.." They chattered to each other, some having fits of fear in fetal positions. The Judge, who used to have a throbbing vein and red face, sighed, "Just let her get the award.. This one actually has a flying petpet Wonder of Doom."

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