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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Garron
Owner: leedom111
Pet: Lori111
Breed: Raindorf

About Garron:

A large Raindorf with orange hair wearing a black cape trots out onto the stage and clears his throat.

"A-hem. You know, I really didn't want to be here in the first place, but Lori made me come because she thinks I'm soooo cute!" At this he stops and rolls his eyes. After looking around the auditorium he continues,

"Well I... Sheesh! What are you looking at me like that for?!........ Oh, it's that I can talk, isn't it?" He rolls his eyes again and mutters to himself. *Huh! You'd think people would get used to a talking petpet, but noooo!* He sighs.

"Anyway, my obsession with knowledge started when I was very young. I was always smarter than my family, and while they spent their days bounding through snowdrifts, I read books that had been left behind by tourists. Eventually I became so smart that I surpassed many neopets in terms of intelligence, but I was still unable to talk.

I loved all my books, but the ones I enjoyed the most were the ones about the lab ray. I thought to myself, if only I could get changed into a neopet, then I could actually get some respect! Using my superior intellect," he smirks at you, "I was able to determine where the lab ray was without using a map." Garron's eyes shine as he relates the next series of events to you.

"Finally, the day had arrived when I could finally show off- uh, I mean, show my intellect without being shunned! I walked up to the building, through the doors, and there it was! The lab ray! I had dreamed about this moment for ages, and it was finally here! As I walked up to the ray, it fired a bolt of brilliant white light. I was hoping that I would become some ferocious animal like a scorchio or a kougra, but when the smoke cleared, I found myself as you see me now... I was disappointed, to say the least." Garron's shoulders droop and he sighs. "All my dreams shattered... I would never be able to prove how smart I was." He straightens and grins. "I then discovered that I could talk, which lessened the blow." Garron takes a heroic pose and continues his monologue. "Yes, and it was on that day that I discovered my destiny! It was then that I decided that... I would one day rule the world of Neopia!!!" At this statement, the audience bursts out in uproarious laughter. "Ha ha ha, yeah right!" "hee hee, there's no way!"

Garron looks up at the ceiling and taps his foot on the ground, waiting for the laughter to stop. But after a few minutes, the audience is still laughing. Garron strokes his beard with his hoof, "Hmmm, maybe Lori is right... how can I conquer the world if everyone laughs at me...?" At that moment, the side doors fly open and a thin red Aisha with a pierced ear comes rushing in. She abruptly stops and looks in confusion at the laughing audience. As she walks up onto the stage, she has to shout to be heard over the crowd. "What's going on Garron? I thought you were auditioning for the Petpet Spotlight, not doing a comedy routine!" Garron sniffs sadly as he replies, "Oh, I dunno Lori..." He stops and fiddles with his hoofs. Lori111, seeing his despair, takes him by the shoulder and leads him outside the noisy auditorium.

As she shuts the door against the noise, she speaks softly to him. "I think I know what happened, and hear me out on this: taking over the world is a bad idea, whether you're capable of it or not. And... I'm sure it's especially difficult if everyone laughs at you." Garron hastily wipes the moisture from his eyes before he replies, "Yeah, I guess you do have a point there..." he thinks for a moment before continuing. "I still need something to strive for in my life, and I've just thought of the perfect thing." Lori looks carefully into his eyes, "Yes?" Garron grins back at her and replies, " I want to win the Petpet Spotlight!!"

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