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Petpet Name: Einzigartig
Owner: jeepjulie
Pet: Morphiumrasen
Breed: Fangy

About Einzigartig:

A Rainy Day and a New Friend

Inside the neohome at 189000 Rainbow Lane, Neopia Central, JeepJulie was reclining in the dark hallway reading the Book of Bones. It had been raining all day, and she could hear the wind blowing mercilessly against the windows. She was worried about her pets departure from Neoschool, and it was hard for her to concentrate on her studies. Her oldest halloween ixi NefertitiAmun, had excelled exceptionally well in school, but her younger mutant ixi Morphiumrasen had not.

Being a mutant in school was not easy for any pet to go through, but it seemed like Morphiumrasen had a harder time than most. Knowing the effects that a transmogrification potion would have on him, he drank it willingly, hoping that he could go far beyond the abilities of normal ixis. It had been difficult for him to fit in with his classmates, and he was starting to do poor in his classes. JeepJulie had a reasonable amount of neopoints, and offered to buy him a green ixi morphing potion so that he could return his body back to "normal", and hopefully make some friends. He refused her offer though, and said that he did not want friends who could not accept him for who he is. After much thought about her pet, JeepJulie decided that Morphiumrasen needed a companion petpet, like many of the other neopets at school had.

"If only he had his own petpet to take care of, then maybe he wouldn't feel so alone." JeepJulie had told the owner of Spooky Petpets earlier that day.

"Yes...I have a brand new breed that I am sure your pet will enjoy. It is a Tyrannian Fangy that has been transformed into a Mutant Halloween Fangy." replied the Halloween Cybunny.

"But...you can't use both a transmogrification potion and a Halloween paint brush on a petpet...can you?"

"Ah, of course it would be impossible for an owner to achieve such a task, but I however...did a favor for the Great Pango Pango on Mystery Island."

After much discussion about the issue, and seeing the amazing petpet for herself, JeepJulie purchased the Fangy and returned home. It was now 2:30pm NST, and JeepJulie was waiting anxiously by the door awaiting her pets arrival. Finally a bus plowed down the street through the puddles, and pulled up to their house. Morphiumrasen climbed out of the bus, and started to make his way towards the house regardless of the taunts coming from the other neopets sitting comfortably out of the rain in their seats. With no umbrella, he sloshed through the mud with his head facing downward till he reached the front door of their home. He moped into the front room, not even stopping to look his owner in the eye.

"Am I right to assume that today was as miserable as yesterday?" JeepJulie called out to him as he tried to slink by her.

"....you are..." he responded back at her in a monotone voice.

"Well then I will assume also that you purposely left your umbrella and raincoat here by the door before you left?" She held up a towel for him to wipe off his dirty hooves.

"....just leave me alone, I had a bad enough day with Davie letting his Angelpuss eat my Chokato Ghostkersandwich."

Morphiumrasen started to make his way past her towards his favorite room in the house: the dungeon. She let him walk by her, and instead went into the bamboo kitchen. She prepared a Spooky Shake for him, just the way that he enjoyed them at the Deserted Fairground, and made her way to the dungeon. Upon entering the room, she saw that he had reclined onto the floor with his favorite pillow and blanket. She sat down by him and scruffled his head, with a small sympathetic smile on her face.

"I'm sorry Morph that you had a bad day at school...I made a Spooky Shake for you!" she said and placed the shake beside him on the floor.

"...thanks...I just wish that those neojerks would give me a break...I mean, I know that you told me to ignore them, but it's so hard when even their petpets hate me! The only friend I have at school is NefertitiAmun, but she has different classes than I do. She doesn't even ride the bus with me anymore since she started playing soccer after school, and even she has her petpet Anubis to fly around with her. I don't even think I want a petpet for my birthday anymore, I bet it would be mean to me like everyone else!"

"Well...I thought that you would want one, so I went to the Haunted Woods today to find you the perfect petpet, but I am sure that they can give me my neopoints back if you really don't want it."

"Did you really get me a petpet?" Morphiumrasen's eyes lit up for a moment, then slowly his mood went sour."...but, I doubt it would like me...probably normal like all the other neobrat's petpets."

"How about I leave the room and send it in, that way you both can get to know each other?"

"...yeah that's fine...what do I have to loose?"

At this, JeepJulie left the room and went upstairs to the petpet playroom where she had put the Fangy earlier. It was zooming around the room with its batlike wings. A cheery attitude despite its dark appearance was obvious as it flew directly over and perched onto her shoulder. It started to nibble on her shirt, until she handed him a pumpkin cookie to much on instead. As she walked down the stairs, she whispered instructions for the Fangy and then let it fly off to join Morphiumrasen.

She watched from the shadows of the dark hallway as the Fangy flew into the dungeon. Morphiumrasen had put his head down, and did not even notice anything enter his domain, until he heard a loud chirping above his head. He lifted his head to see the most unique Fangy he had ever seen. It looked like it had almost been painted with a shadow paint brush with white spots, and it had dazzling green eyes, small batlike wings, and burgendy tentacles instead of a mane and tail. The Fangy landed onto the stone floor beside him and gave him a quizical look.

"Hi there little guy, I'm Morphiumrasen...will you be my friend?" The Fangy looked at him and then trotted closer, placing its head onto the pillow making gentle chirping noises.

"I guess that's a yes" he responded, reaching out his hooves to embrace his new friend, and nuzzling his snout with the Fangy's. It continued to chirp gently, and snuggled against his fur.

"I think I will call you....Einzigartig...because your unique for me!"

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