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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Humble
Owner: leteye
Pet: LefteyeSupernova
Breed: Harris

About Humble:

A maraquan blumaroo walks in, dragging her petpet behind her. "Is this the place to sign up?", she asks. After confirmation from the audience, the blumaroo pushes her harris upon stage.

The harris looks around confused. "Hi, I'm Humble" ,she begins, "and this is my zytch, Zara. We.."

"Tell them about your color", whispers the blumaroo, interrupting the harris.

The harris sighs and continues talking. "Long ago, I lived in faerieland with my family. We were quite happy, even though we lived in a petpet shop. One day we went out to spin the wheel of excitement, like we did everyday. But then I saw a little spotted butterfly. I liked it, and followed it."

The maraquan blumaroo nods. "Let me tell how I found her."

"It was a cloudy day, and I was going to the employment agency, hoping to find another job. I'm trying to make some neopoints on my own, I'd love to buy a scooter", she said dreamily. "All of a sudden, the clouds started to move. A harris fell right into my arms, holding a butterfly. A spotted one. The butterfly started glowing, and I was wondering what it was doing",the blumaroo continues. "Then the petpet shop faerie appeared. She thanked me, for finding one of her petpets. She was also wondering what the butterfly was doing."

Humble runs up to her pet-owner. "I want to continue!

"The pretty butterfly I was following, continued glowing. I carefully touched the butterfly. I didn't know that wasn't a good idea", the harris says, shaking. "The beautiful butterfly changed into smoke, flying into my mouth. I passed out"

The blumaroo continues: "Humble passed out, and started to gain spots all over her body. I was worried, but the petpetshop faerie said I shouldn't be. There were more spotted petpets. Then four stripes appeared on her ears. Two on each ear."

The harris interrupts the maraquan pet, "Let me tell you what happened when I woke up!"

"I felt like I was being born again. I flew through thin air, butterflies were flying around me. Paint was splashed on my ear, and eye. I think I got my spots and stripes that way. When I woke up, everything seemed so light, and clear. I saw a blumaroo and a faerie looking at me."

LefteyeSupernova continues: "The faerie was concerned about the harris. She thought humble couldn't be sold in the petpetshop anymore, so I asked how much she costed. I bought humble for 100 neopoints, and promised to take good care of her. I couldn't buy the scooter I wanted, but I did have a petpet now."

The harris tries to get the attention: "When I became 100 days old, I got a Zytch. We named her Zara. She didn't become my petpetpet until a week later though. Zara is a very cute Zytch, and is almost as nice as my best friend Zepiet, the abominable snowball. I think you know enough about me now, we need to continue drawing more beauty contest images."

The blumaroo and the harris walk off stage, while the audience is clapping.

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