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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Algorithm
Owner: onanic
Pet: Cryo_Stasis
Breed: Boween

About Algorithm:

"Alright, Algorithm," the Kiko whispered to the small Robot Boween sitting in front of him. "you know what to do. Get in, grab the box, get out. There shouldnt be that good of an alarm system."

"Oh sure, send the petpet to do your dirty work. Next time we try to steal an artifact, you get to do it."

"Fine, but this isnt the time to argue! Get in there, you know youre the only one who could fit in there."

Algorithm tossed the modified clockwork Quiggle down the vent. "Alright, lets see if Im as good a builder as I think I am. XG9-255J, do you copy?" A loud beep was his response. "Whoa, whoa, not so loud. We dont want to get caught. Is everything clear?" A second beep sang out. "Alright. Im pulling you up." Algorithm pulled on the rope, and the Quiggle rose steadily back up the hatch.

"My turn," he whispered to himself as he unhooked the grappling hook from his belt and attached it to the grate on the removed vent. Lowering himself slowly, it came into view. The puzzle box sat on a pedestal in the very centre of the room. "Hubrid Nox couldnt keep his hands on this thing, neither should its current owner." Algorithm lit a match, blew it out, and tossed along the floor. The smoke wafted up, showing the dextrous Boween where the lasers were. Deftly avoiding them, he slid in and around them. "Come to papa" he whispered as he quickly snatched the box, replacing it with his calling card, a gift box with a single clockwork quiggle. This one wasnt hot-wired to respond to commands, but instead spray omelette all over the face of the first person to open the box. It was an ingenious invention, on his part, and developing it had been his lifes work for a whole month.

Returning back to Cryo_Stasis, he tossed him a cube shaped parcel in gift wrapping. Hastily tearing it open, the Kiko got a faceful of omelette. "Psyche!," Algorithm yelled, laughing. "Heres the real puzzle box." He tossed it to him, still laughing. "Whos the pet now?", he chuckled, even as a dark shape rose up behind him, the boxs previous owner.

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