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Escape To Kreludor: The Guide

by acdc83


GAMES ROOM- Have you ever wanted to just surf through the game rooms and find a game that requires a good amount of strategy? Maybe Escape to Kreludor comes to mind. That’s exactly what this guide is for. I will help all of you readers understand the game better and hopefully get you higher scores.

As a fairly new game to Neopia, Escape to Kreludor is actually a nice challenging puzzle game. I noticed that nobody else has written a guide to this! So I am here to make it all easier to understand and hopefully get you to better your score in this game. First I will start out with all of the power-ups that you can obtain to make your life a little bit easier. (And in some cases a lot easier.)

Now for the basics, you are only able to move one space at a time before your enemies can move their one space. So this game is turn based. You are able to shoot by either clicking the spot you are currently in or by pressing space bar. You will only shoot out the sides of your ships so keep this in mind that you need to orientate yourself correctly to destroy some ships. The shots only go out 3 spaces.

White Orb- In my opinion this is one of the most helpful orbs in the game. It gives you an extra life. In one round an extra life is able to give you a huge bonus in points because it prevents you from getting a game over so quickly. Whenever you see this orb, I suggest going for it unless you are against incredible odds of getting there.

Green Orb- This orb cloaks your pod and the enemies will move around randomly. This is more helpful in the later levels when there are too many enemies to handle coming at you at one time. And when you are stalking your prey, try not to get one square away from them. Even though they move randomly there is still a chance that they will go in your direction anyway. (Yes this has happened to me before sadly to say).

Purple Orb- The most basic orb. This will up your score by 50 points. Unless you are trying to get a high score, these orbs are not important towards survival. But I DO recommend getting them when only one enemy is left over so that you won’t have an entire fleet chasing after you. That wouldn’t be cool.

Red Orb- Now, like I said previously, if for some reason you actually DO have a huge fleet of ships chasing after you, this orb will help you out a lot! It emits an electromagnetic pulse. (In latency terms, a shockwave of death). This wave will go out in a circle two spaces up, down, left and right. And the three spaces in between the up down left and right. To give you a visual, look at the diagram below the affected area will be shown by an “x” and non-affected by an “o” and the “r” identifies the origin.

|o o o o o

|o x x x o

|x x x x x

|x x R x x

|x x x x x

|o x x x o

|o o o o o

Blue Orb- This orb is only found in later levels because it downgrades all enemies. All comets (we will talk about later) are destroyed and the red ships (which we will also talk about later) are downgraded to the stupidest ship form.

Note: What is very important to your success is how the enemies move.

To make the blue orb paragraph make more sense we will talk about the enemies.

Grey Stupid Ship- This is the very basic form of enemies. They tend to be very stupid.

Their Movement- Moving away or towards them will always make them move diagonally towards you. If you are in the same row, they will always move horizontally towards you, and if you are in the same column as them they will always move vertically towards you. Keep this in mind. When there is more than one of them, knowing their movements you will be able to either make them crash into each other or crash into an asteroid.

Red Ship- This ship is smarter and will no longer crash into another ship or asteroid.

Their Movement- They move exactly the same as the grey ships BUT, if they are between you and another ship or you and an asteroid, they will go around so try not to get caught on an edge or they will trap you.

Comets- These are enemies but unfortunately they are not able to be killed unless you use a blue orb. Instead of them downgrading into a grey ship they will disappear instead.

Their Movement- They will move the same as the red ships so they are also intelligent with one exception. If a ship is between you and the comet, it will destroy that ship by crashing into it. The red ships are smart and will always allow the comet get to you if it can so don’t try to get the comet to crash into a red ship because it isn’t possible (or at least I have never ever seen it happen). But if an asteroid is between them and you it will go around so it cannot destroy the asteroid as it can a ship.

Now I will talk about wormholes. No, they are not what you might be thinking. In space it is a rift that theoretically takes you to another part of the universe. But in this case, another part of the map. The wormholes are in the four corners. If you seem to be getting chased by enemies and you have no time to turn around and kill them without getting killed yourself, go for a wormhole. If you get very unlucky, sometimes it will warp you right next to an enemy and you will die. But chances are you will be warped away from them, and if you are, now is a great time to pick up the power-up orbs while the enemies aren’t near it. It also gives you a chance to reposition yourself to be able to kill the enemies.

Well this is all that I can think of to help your journey to Kreludor. I hope you will be able to get a higher score than you currently are able to and maybe even get a trophy! Feel free to Neomail me about any other questions you might have.

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