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A Back-stabbing Competition: Story of Kyishi

by tennisblondie16


The green Aisha set her duffle bag down on the bamboo flooring of her tropical, rented bungalow. Kyishi had finally made it to Mystery Island. With her she had brought a best friend, Felicia (or Fefe for short). The Fire Uni set her bags down on the other bed. She plopped down on the Bamboo Bed, sighing. It was nice to be in Mystery Island, away from their hectic life in Neopia Central. Kyishi walked out onto the porch, which had a view of the Mystery Island Beach, where the Gadgadsbogen limbo competition would take place.

      Ever since that fateful day she had been playing hide and seek with her brother, she had known she had a "knack" for limbo. In Neopia Central, she was known as the "Limbo Queen." Even as she came to Mystery Island, most of the fans were cheering for her. It didn't bug Kyishi in the least that Fefe was joining the contest. Actually, Fefe said she was doing it just for fun, and that she didn't expect to win against Kyishi. Not that she was worried, though, for Kyishi had been up against Fefe before, and she wasn't that good. It was so tranquil here in Mystery Island. As Kyishi stared at Mystery Island beach, she smiled. Nothing could ruin this vacation…

<> <> <>

The Day of the Competition

      Kyishi woke up bright and early to practice. She set up her bar, and started. When she got to 58 centimeters, she decided to take a break. She walked inside to drink a Diet Neocola. Fefe was awake, reading the latest issue of the Neopian Times. Kyishi nodded to her as she drank a bit. As the competition would start in approximately six hours, Kyishi decided to take a quick bath. When she came out, feeling refreshed, Fefe was no longer reading. Kyishi shrugged and figured the fire Uni was at the marketplace.

      When she came back to her bar, she lowered it another centimeter, and started her routine. Just as her feet were moving underneath the bar, she lost her balance and slipped. She hit her head and twisted her ankle. When she checked under the bar for anything mysterious, she saw something slimy looking. When she put her paw on it, she recognized it as coconut oil. "Who could have done that?" she said to herself. She knew perfectly well she didn't have any enemies…or, at least, none that she knew.

      She knew she couldn't limbo as well as walk, so she called out for help. The neighbors across the street heard her, and helped her get inside. "I don't know who could've done this to you, I mean, everyone here wants you to win. You deserve to win, the way you limbo," Mrs. Harrison, a Mystery Island Kacheek told Kyishi. Kyishi smiled warmly at her.

      "Well, thank you for your help, Mrs. Harrison. I guess I won't be going into that competition in this condition. It starts in four hours, which is not near enough time for my ankle to heal," Kyishi said. Mrs. Harrison looked sympathetically at the grief stricken Aisha

      "If there is anything I could do for you, I would. Call me if you need me, okay sweetheart?" Kyishi nodded, and with that, Mrs. Harrison turned to leave. Fefe walked in at that exact moment. She gasped when she saw Kyishi.

      "Oh my gosh, Kyishi, what happened?"

      "When I was practicing, I slipped on oil! Someone deliberately put it there, but I don't know who?"

      "Oh, how sad! Have you tried checking the coconut oil for any possible clues?"

      "N-hey, wait a minute, how'd you know it was coconut oil?" Kyishi asked suspiciously.

      "Uh, erm, I heard about it from Mrs. Harrison!" Fefe blurted out, stuttering a little.

      "But then why did you ask what happened to me? And I just saw Mrs. Harrison leave, you never talked to her-" but before Kyishi could finish, Fefe cut her off.

      "All right, all right so I did it, okay? And you want to know why? Because you, little miss "LIMBO QUEEN" was a shoe-in for the competition! For once I wanted to win something! And now you can't do anything because you can't even move!" Fefe cackled insanely. "Lets see the Limbo Queen strut her stuff! C'mon, Kyishi, what-are you afraid of a little competition?" Fefe taunted.

     Kyishi's cheeks turned red. "Fefe, if you do not get out of this bungalow this instant, I will make sure you never even get to compete! Do you understand?"

     Fefe did listen and step out of the tropical bungalow, but hissed nastily at Kyishi before she left, "What the heck are you going to do, Kyishi? You are in no condition to limbo." And Fefe walked off, her fire tail swinging back and forth. Kyishi bubbled with anger. She just wanted to rip Fefe to shreds. And to think, a couple days ago they had been the best of friends…

     <> <> <>

     Mrs. Harrison quickly ran to the carriage rides. She barely got the last carriage leaving for Faerieland. Only two other pets were on the carriage-mostly everybody was in Mystery Island for the Gadgadsbogen Limbo Competition. The reason she was on a trip to Faerieland in the first place. To save the competition and save Kyishi. When they arrived, she knew the path only so well. She went past the Healing Springs and past Faerieland City. Finally she reached her destination: the Rainbow Fountain.

     Nereid the water faerie caretaker of Rainbow Fountain smiled at the island Kacheek. "Ah, hello, Michelle! So nice to see you!"

     Despite the current situation, Mrs. Harrison had to smile. "Greetings, Nereid. You know how you said you would do me any favor?"

     Nereid nodded in recognition. "Yes, I do recall saying that. What of it? Do you need something?" She didn't like the stressed look on Michelle's face.

      "Well, you of course have heard of Kyishi, the limbo queen?"

     Nereid smiled in spite of herself as she recalled to her memory the beautiful green Aisha "Yes, do this concern her?"

     Mrs. Harrison nodded. "She's a dear friend of mine. As she was practicing, her friend was reading. Then when she took a break, I saw her friend go outside to Kyishi's practice bar. I thought nothing of it, since the two are friends. But when Kyishi came back outside to practice, she slipped and broke her ankle on what she later found out was coconut oil. Her friend obviously did it-there's no one else who was even close to her bungalow I fear Kyishi has been taken advantage of.

      "If she is not in the competition, then it's anyone who could win. I am thinking maybe her friend wanted to win, but with Kyishi in the way, she couldn't. Which is why she would brake Kyishi's ankle-so her path to winning the Limbo Trophy would be clear." Nereid had listened intently to this, and as she listened further, became more and more disgusted. It was such an evil thing to do!

      "So you would like me to go to Kyishi?" Nereid asked, although she was already sure of an answer. Mrs. Harrison nodded. Nereid sprouted wings from her mermaid-like back, grabbed Mrs. Harrison and was on her way to Mystery Island. They had a competition to save…

     <> <> <>

     Kyishi yelled for her neighbor. But instead of it being Mrs. Harrison, it was her younger daughter, Reyanne. Reyanne was an Island Gelert. "What do you need, Kyishi?" she asked in her sweet voice.

      "I was wondering if you could take me to watch the Gadgadsbogen limbo competition?"

     Reyanne gasped in surprise. "Oh! I thought you wouldn't want to go, because you can't be in it anymore," She said gently, not wanting to hurt Kyishi's feelings.

      "Well, actually I almost did want to stay home. But it'd be foolish to miss it just be

     cause I'm a little sour." Reyanne smiled. "All right then, we better get going if we want to make it on time."

     <> <> <>

     When Nereid and Mrs. Harrison reached Kyishi's bungalow, it was empty. Panic flooded over Mrs. Harrison, until Nereid reassured her. "Maybe she went to the competition, to watch it! If she did, we better hurry! It starts in five minutes!"

     <> <> <>

      "Look, it's the loser who broke her ankle!" Fefe called out as Reyanne and Kyishi entered. Boos and hisses were given to Fefe, who glared at them. Kyishi sighed and took a seat in her wheelchair next to Reyanne.

      "Ladies and gentlemen, our competition is about to start! Now, before we begin, I just want to go over a few rules: no taking pictures and please do not distract the pets in any way. The competition will start in five minutes. Please take this time to try our delicious native foods." Some people got up to try the foods.

     When the five minutes had almost passed by, the people started counting down. "10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1-" but before the host could begin the competition, a voice was heard over the roar and excitement of the crowd.

      "WAIT! DON'T START YET! FEFE IS A CHEATER!" Everyone turned in their seats to follow where the voice had come from. They saw a water faerie and Island Kacheek. Silence instantly went over the crowd.

      "Excuse me miss, but that's a pretty outrageous statement-" the host began, but Nereid cut him off.

      "Fefe DELIBERATELY put coconut oil under Kyishi's practice bar so she would hurt herself! I have proof!" With that, Nereid withdrew a bag with Fefe's fingerprints and the fingerprints on the can of coconut oil. They matched perfectly. The crowd gasped, and Fefe turned mad.

      "You little BRAT!" Fefe charged at Nereid, and knocked the bag out of her hands. She ripped up the papers until they were little specks and threw them all over the sand.

      "Now see here, Miss! You have broken two laws of this competition: you hurt an opponent on purpose, and you littered. Take her away, guards!" the host yelled. They all stared at Fefe in disgust. Nereid turned to face the astonished Kyishi.

      "We are truly sorry about what Fefe did to you. In return, I have a special gift for you. Come here." Kyishi wheeled over to the water faerie. Nereid muttered a spell, and placed her delicate hands on Kyishi's ankle. It healed instantaneously, and the crowd went wild.

      "Well, folks, it looks like Kyishi Limbo Queen is back in the competition!" the host said. They started the competition, and to everyone's delight (and no one's surprise), Kyishi won. She was given a trophy as well as a green sash that bore the words "Kyishi Limbo Queen-Gadgadsbogen Competition Year Four." From then on Kyishi chose her friends carefully, and became known as the legendary Limbo Queen.

The End

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