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Brightvale Hogging Credit?

by theonlyjessica


MYSTERY ISLAND - Here I am folks, Jessica, not the only one, but so far, the only one to have stepped away the pretty windows, shiny things, and fascinating scrolls everyone found in Brightvale, and have taken a moment to focus on the other worlds, old, but by no means forgotten. I'm here in the lush tropics of Mystery Isle right now, out on a little search. What could I possibly be looking for that can't be found in wise, knowledgeable King Hagan's kingdom? Well, I'm sure what I'm looking for can be found there, but I'm out to prove that knowledge doesn't have to be found in Brightvale. I guess I'll start by going to the wisest folks of Mystery Island and move on from there.

After a short ride on my Shoyru, she dropped me off at the Top of Techo Mountain. I asked the great Mumbo Pango what knowledge he could bestow on me. I waited for a moment, prayed he heard my plea, and went off on my way. Hoping that the locals I was to meet next would be compelled to tell me what they know, after having asked the great Mumbo Pango, I went to go see the Techo Master.

I found several very interesting proverbs, not to mention funny little anecdotes. He told me that "Man who laugh last not get joke". I found this very useful, especially to a certain - persistent - villain. After chatting for a while, I discovered that almost everything he said was either a riddle or an ancient proverb. I left my Skeith there for training, he was the Techo Master of course, what an opportunity!

I went on my way, taking my Cybunny, Peophin, and Shoyru off to our next stop, the Haiku Generator. There had to be something insightful and intelligent there. The Kougra gave me a Haiku told me to contemplate it, and come back tomorrow for another. For those who don't know, a Haiku is a kind of poem that has 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the next, and 5 again in the last. See, you just learned something! Who says the smartest of them all live in Brightvale?

This is the poem I received on August 12 to contemplate.

"Quick Neopoints, air
Elephante jumps mindfully
Acara, life hurls"

I shall attempt to decipher the obviously very deep and inspiring poem that the Island Kougra gave me.

Quick Neopoints is self explanatory, which suggests luck, or serendipity, resulting in money. Or someone that works in the stock market for that matter. Air suggests the location from which the luck came. Namely, a random event, as in "Neopoints falling from thin air". Elephante must be the character experiencing the luck, being that he's jumping mindfully. So far we have... an Elephante mindfully jumping over quick Neopoints that probably came from a random event. The last line... Acara, life hurls. Perhaps it means that by a twist of fate (life) the Elephante, in addition to his good luck, had a baby Acara sibling. Neopoints, and a loving family member to cherish. Kind of ironic. One side is materialistic, and the other is so loving. So insightful. I shall return tomorrow for another Haiku.

Moving along, I had my little Cybunny hop along and scout out the next location, namely, The Cooking Pot. To see Jhuidah, of course. She is an excellent cook, by the way. She taught me a recipe, one for a Deliwich. I was told to take a loaf of Bread, and Turkey Deli Slices (which oddly exists, as there are no turkeys in Neopia... I wonder... poor little Pter... I mean... I'm sure there's a logical explanation.) slice up the Bread, take a slice of my Turkey (or are they?) Deli Slices, and drop them in the pot. Then I wished for something very, very special, stirred the pot three times clockwise, waited for the liquid to settle, and Deliwich lay there in the pot. I thanked Jhuidah, and Pango Pango for giving me this great reward, and hopped on my Shoyru for a ride to the shores.

I thanked my Shoyru for all of the trips, and asked my Peophin to take us all across to the little island nearby where the Island Mystic lived. He told me that I would slowly make a decision to feed my Kikos. Which was strange because I don't own any Kikos. Never the less, after spending a good deal of time on the island, I discovered that here, the stranger the information, the more likely it's true. In one way or another.

My Peophin gave us a ride back to the mainland, and we flew off towards the Island Arena. I sent my Cybunny to hop over to the Training School, and pick up my Skeith. We were ready to test out her new skills. After a short battle, my Skeith walked away unscathed, thanks to her new defense. She even gained a bonus point. I was so impressed, that Techo Master is a very good teacher.

Congratulating my Skeith, we went off to the Tropical Foods for some of that exotic fruit. Remember what I said about Jhuidah being an awesome cook? She's a wizard with Tigersquash. Man, I tried to get one more recipe from her, but she wouldn't budge. All I know is that you don't need the cooking pot for some of that outrageous Tigersquash Crepe. Now anyone that can cook that good has to be at LEAST as smart as any Brightvale resident.

We thanked Jhuidah yet again, and had my little Peophin take us off 80 Miles south of Mystery Island on another exciting trip to... oh... wait! I just had a sudden urge to feed the Good Magic Guild's (the guild I belong to) pet Kiko's we own... and convince our leader to adopt a few for that matter...

Authors Note: A few things to note about my article, I have nothing against Brightvale. I think it's wonderful to have a world that dedicates so much to wisdom and knowledge. I'm simply trying to show that great wisdom and knowledge can be found elsewhere. Secondly, anything besides the one recipe for Deliwichs that Jhuidah gave me that may have looked like a hint at another recipe is purely coincidental. The interpretation to the haiku? Purely my own. Anything I may have implied about my Guild's Kiko's is probably false. If it seemed like you always get bonus points from the Training School, that's not true either. If you're lucky you will.

Feel free to Neomail me with anything, preferably constructive criticism, or questions, but outright compliments are nice. I'm not to fond of hate mail though, or flaming. I'd like to thank my guild for encouraging me to keep writing, some fan sites out there that inspired me, and some Neofriends for their congrats on my last article. Anyway, it's getting hard to keep my quill steady, riding Peophins 80 miles south of Mystery Island is tough, there's a very strong current. Maybe I'll do a sequel, on wherever I end up...

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