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Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious: The Neohome Builders

by stoneslopes


MY NEOHOME- There are many different characters on Neopets, and most of them have been introduced to the rest of Neopia already. From the unknown Tree in the Snow Wars game, to the famous Faerie Queen, Fyora. However, all of these reporters that have written an interview have to endure a difficult or just a small tiring journey to get a chance to interview such characters. As for the convenience of not having to endure such adventures, as well as the originality and the forgotten impression of these helpful characters, I bring to you an interview as well as an in-depth to the lives of the Neohome Builders, the helpful Neopets that provided us with our comfy homes.

Since the Neohome Builders are not so hard to find, I just stayed put in my Neohome and Neomailed the responsible authorities that I wanted a room made out of jelly built. The Neohome Builders will come soon and I shall just have to sit in my comfy sofa and play with my pets. It took a long time for the Neohome Builders to arrive. To be detailed, exactly five hours. By that time, me and my pets is curled up together, asleep in my bed. We woke up when a large piece of jelly have been slapped down to the ground right next to my bedroom, literally. I immediately rushed out of my Neohome to greet them.

When I arrived (along with my two pets) at the front of my Neohome, I saw around four workers carving a door. The Neohome Builders consisted of an Eyrie, an Aisha, an Acara and a Bruce. I rushed to the side of the Eyrie, took out my notebook (which was in my pocket) and prodded him on his shoulder.

Stoneslopes: Ahem…excuse me sir. Can you please grant me an interview for the Neopian Times?

The Eyrie: I think not. You will have to wait awhile until we finish our job. Why not try Nainei?

The Eyrie casually waved his paw at an Aisha at his side.

Stoneslopes: Excuse me madam, I ne…

Nainei: Ai! You better not interfere! You disturbing me!

Orbitwarrior (my Lupe): Wow. Mystery Islander.

With the workers rejecting me, I sat down at my garden bench, looking at them doing their work. For your enjoyment, I shall add something for you to know. While I was (un) comfortably watching them, I noticed that the Bruce has a very bad habit of wearing pants that are too short for him. Half of his…ermmm…part that touches the toilet is exposed. My pets went off when they noticed it, to laugh their heads off in their personal bedrooms.

I waited a little more. Soon, they finished building my new jelly room and dropped their slimy and sweet Silver Butter Knives into their lunch boxes, probably to lick afterwards. Yummy. They were about to leave when I rushed up to the Eyrie and stood in front of him.

Stoneslopes: Can I have the interview now?

The Eyrie stared at me with wide eyes. He waved his paw at the garden bench, still staring at me. We both sat down. He is still staring at me.

The Eyrie: Really? I would never let slip such an opportunity! Let’s get started!

Stoneslopes: (grumbles) Anyways, what is your name?

The Eyrie: Brecken is my name. Bricking is my game!

Stoneslopes: Riiiiight…so, you do the bricking. What does the others do then?

Brecken: I am the best at bricking, but we switch jobs everytime. My fellow workers (who left already), consists of Nainei the Aisha, Billbeac the Bruce and Amethist the Acara. We all cooperate rather well.

Stoneslopes: What tools do you usually use when building and where did you get the materials from?

Brecken: We use Silver Butter Knives to build jelly rooms, glue for bricks, our bare hands to shape the clouds and glue them into place, more glue for cardboard, sticks, straw, bamboo and wood. The other materials are produced in factories. The cloud we use is from Faerieland. They have unlimited supply there. We take the blocks of jelly from -blocked- and the other supplies that are not from factories is taken from Mystery Island. I would also like to mention that materials like gold, silver and marble is supplied by Meridell. We usually use the Hammerfishes, Plierfishes, Sawfishes, Shovelfishes, Wrenchfishes and Toolboxfishes to complete building a room of such materials.

Stoneslopes: Wow. Sticky. Do you usually get a word of thanks from the people you worked for?

Brecken: We get thanked a lot of times. Neopians nowadays are very polite. Some generous soul will on occasions invite us in for some Orange Juice to sip.

Stoneslopes: Thank goodness for that. Do you all usually get free time and if you do, what are your activities?

Brecken: I and my friends are very close-knit. We always spend our free time together. We like to go for a swim at Mystery Island and gamble at Krawk Island. We get good NPs, so we occasionally visit the Golden Dubloon for a grand feast. We like to go betting on the Poogle Races too. We do not like to battle though. We like to relax and do normal stuff. If the weather is bad, we will stay in our mansion and read books at the library.

Stoneslopes: You have a mansion? How much do you earn per month exactly?

Brecken: It’s no surprise really. With so many people hiring us to build rooms for them, we get a lot of NPs. I don’t really know the amount of NPs we get per month, but I do know that we get approximately 250,000 NPs per week.

Stoneslopes:Well, what do you intend to do with the rest of the NP and do you prefer food or books?

Brecken: To be honest with you, we want to start a guild when we retire. A guild dedicated to Neohomes and to share our experiences with fellow members. I might just donate an amount of NPs to the poor. As for the latter, I would prefer food. I have no use for books except for an occasional read.

Stoneslopes: That is a very useful thing to spend your hard-earned NPs on. The poor would appreciate it if you would donate a few NPs to their pockets. I think that is all. I wish you good luck in future...bricking and you can come by anytime you like for some Kau Kau Farm Milk. A little variety won’t hurt right?

Brecken: I would dearly love to come for an occasional drink, though it might be a few more months from now on. I bid you goodbye and good luck in your article!

At that, I returned to my study room with my notebook in hand. The interview went nicely. The Neohome Builders are pretty special and humorous, not to mention rich and carefree. They are one of the most important members of our society and without them, we’ll be homeless. I hope that after reading this article, readers will offer them more drinks too. You might want to try Strawberry Artichoke :D.

Author’s Note: This is an article series of the Neopian Times Appreciation Guild (Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious), the guild where creativity juices flow well.

Also, take note that everything contained in this article is fiction except the species of the Neohome Builders, the fact that they are forgotten and never interviewed and the bad habit of the Bruce. All Neomails are welcomed and please do not hesitate to point out if something is wrong in this article. Thank you for reading.

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