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Love You Like a Sister…

by tennisblondie16


Seana the red Uni and Syri the Faerie Usul walked together towards the Smoothie Shop. It was a bright, beautiful afternoon, and neoschool had just gotten out for the summer. Seana was going to sleep over at Syri's house tonight, along with their other friends who were going to meet them at the smoothie shop. A Faerie Kyrii flew past the two and stopped right in front of them. Seana and Syri instantly halted. "Hello, Kaylee!" Seana cheerfully said to the Kyrii.

      "Hello, Seana! Hello, Syri! Aren't you guys pumped for Syri's sleepover?"

      "Oh, yeah! We're going to have so much fun!" Syri said. They all laughed, and playfully pushed each other around. When they arrived at the smoothie shop, their friends were waiting in the long line that wound around the shop. They waved at each other, and caught up. To pass the time by, they were gossiping on Shelby's outfit. Shelby was a very popular, very pretty Faerie Aisha.

      "Pink and black must be the new colors…" Tatum, a Pink Cybunny remarked. Tatum isn't exactly what we'd call the "brightest crayon in the box"-she's usually totally clueless.

      "They've always been "in style" colors, Tatum! I thought you knew that!" Caroline, a Royal Zafara retorted. Caroline's family was quite rich, and had lavish, expensive clothing, even though Caroline preferred the simple life.

      "Would you two quit arguing? Lets try and be nice to each other!" Charlene, a Faerie Krawk said. Charlene was almost like the mother of the group-she was neat, proper, and always made sure the group was in line.

      "Oh, Charlene, give it a rest!" Seana argued. Charlene just gave her a look.

      "Hey, guys we're up," Syri said, pushing them forward. It was amazing how fast time went by…they all ordered and went shopping once they had gotten their smoothies.

      On their way home, many hours later, it was getting dark outside. They would have to walk past the Haunted Woods to get to Syri's house. "Okay, lets just get this over with. We've been here at night before, and nothing ever hap-"

      "AHHHH!" they all screamed and ran away from the approaching Esophager. It looked even more terrifying at night! Luckily it was as slow as a Slorg. When they stopped running, they were far away from the Haunted Woods, and only one block away from Syri's house. No one said anything, for they were all panting too hard. They just couldn't wait to get inside where Syri's owner Tenille was baking fresh cookies…

      While eating their dinner, they relieved their day to Tenille, including the "Esophager" incident. When she heard this, it just made Tenille spit out her Neocola, laughing. "It isn't funny!" Syri said, although she could not help but laugh, too. It started out as stifled giggles, then low laughs, which turned to loud, obnoxious laughter.

     Everyone was clutching their stomachs and drying their eyes afterward.

      "We laugh at some of the most stupid things ever," Seana commented.

      "What were we even laughing about?" Tatum asked. This got everyone laughing once more. It was yet another joyous, blissful evening at Syri's neohome.

      Meanwhile, things weren't looking too good over at Seana's house. Her owner was going broke, and running out of food. Heather, who was Seana's owner, decided it was time to give a talk to Seana…

      The doorbell rang and all of the girls ran to get the door. They all smashed into it, trying to be the first to open it. Tenille raised one eyebrow at them, and opened the door. There stood Heather, with red puffs under her eyes. "Oh, Heather, you don't look so good dear! Why don't you come inside and rest for a bit?" Tenille asked concerned. Seana got up to see her owner, with the other girls right behind her. Heather forced a weak smile.

      "Hello, girls! Uhh, Tenille, you know I would love to come inside, but I'm afraid Seana is going to have to stay home tonight."

      "Aww, mom!" Seana whined. She did not want to leave this place-it was almost like a second home to her.

      "No, Seana, come on. We have to get going. Nice seeing you all!" Heather grabbed Seana by the arm, and walked away. The girls sadly waved goodbye.

      "Mom, what's wrong? Why did I have to leave early?" Seana asked, concerned.

      "Just because, now don't ask questions!" Heather snapped at Seana, who flinched.

      "WHY not?" Seana asked, being a daredevil to tempt Heather's patience.

      "BECAUSE WE'RE GOING POOR AND I HAVE TO PUT YOU TO WORK!" Heather yelled. Seana, not expecting Heather to yell, moved back where she stumbled on a rock. Seana fell hard to the grassy ground. She gasped in shock after having the wind knocked out of her, and also because of what Heather had said. Heather continued walking, leaving Seana behind. Seana was shaking and ran to catch up with her. Neither said a word on the way home.

<> <> <>

Seana felt a bright light beating down upon her eyes. It had been the sun shining in her eyes, and it had been Heather who had opened the blinds. She got up and winced at the sore spot where she had hit the rock. Heather pretended not to notice, and said, "Come on. We gotta find you a job." Seana groaned, but immediately regretted it.

      "Don't give me that attitude, young lady! Get your bum moving!" Heather snapped, and huffily walked out of the room. Seana picked up the heavy book, which Heather had thrown, and ran her hoofs over it. It was an album of pictures-pictures of Seana and Heather, blissful and carefree. Then she snapped back to reality when she heard Heather's peeved voice telling her to get downstairs. She swiftly put the album behind her pillow, grabbed a hairbrush and went downstairs.

      Seana had gotten her new job: an assistant at the petpet shop. The Usul Owner had asked her to work today, so Seana now stood behind the counter of a humid, stinky shop, waiting for someone to come in. A little Beekadoodle came and sat on her shoulder.

      "Aww, hello little bird!" Seana crooned. The Beekadoodle whistled, and just as it was about to fly off, left a "present" on Seana's shoulder. "EWWW!" Seana screamed, rattling up all the petpets. The shopkeeper scowled and handed Seana a napkin, not saying anything. Seana wiped herself off and brought out her nail file.

      It was Seana's second day on the job. The crowd was slow today, and it seemed no one was really coming to the Petpet Shop. She was fixing her nails when a customer walked in. It was a cute, little faerie Zafara. Seana smiled warmly at her.

      "Welcome, little Zafara! Can I help you with anything today?" Seana asked, putting fake enthusiasm in her tone. The Usul shopkeeper watched out of the corner of her eye. The little Zafara smiled back, making her look so innocent.

      "I was wondering if you had any Kookiths in stock?" the Zafara asked sweetly. Seana quickly scanned the area.

      "No, sorry--they sell fast. Maybe next time you'll be luckier!" Seana apologized. The Zafara's smile faded, and her face turned to one of rage. She grabbed Seana by the collar of her shirt. Seana gulped, as the "little" Zafara was quite strong.

      "Listen up, Uni -- this is how it's going to work. Either get me a Kookith or pay the consequences!"

      Seana laughed nervously. "Hehehehehe, of course!" She ran into the back room, while the Zafara impatiently tapped her toe. Seana panicked and flew through the many cages of stocked petpets. No more Kookiths were left. She suddenly realized she wasn't up to this job…she would just have to find another one (she also thought she couldn't deal with that faerie Zafara again). So with her plan in her mind, she burst out of the door from the back room, started running, threw her apron off and gave it to the shopkeeper, and yelled, "I QUIT!" Seana hightailed it out of there as fast as she could.

      When she had reached a safe distance from the shop, she found herself outside of the Grooming Parlour-with a "HELP WANTED" sign on the front window. At last! She had found her dream job -- to work at the one place she's always at! She walked in to see the Usul with over-uses of make up on her fur. It's kind of strange on how many Usul shopkeepers there are. The minute Seana walked in and saw the Usul, she knew this was the place for her!

      Sure enough, Seana came home with her new job at the Grooming Parlour with the Newest Eyeshadow in her hoof. Seana smiled and gave Heather a hug when she saw her. "How'd your job at the Petpet Shop go?" Heather asked eagerly. Seana instantly felt guilty-hopefully Heather would be okay with her switching jobs!

      "Umm, well-I sort of quit working there and got a job at the Grooming Parlour," Seana said all in one breathe. She winced after she had said it, expecting Heather to blow at her. Instead, Heather smiled.

      "I thought that job wouldn't last long…I don't mind what job you have, Seana, just as long as it pays good. I really hate to have to result in putting you to work, but it was either that or live on the streets." Seana smiled, but inside she felt immense distress.

      Heather was going poor, and if it wasn't for Seana and all of her needs, Heather could probably be able to live lavishly. "I'm going upstairs," Seana told Heather, and went to her room. She sighed and picked up her album. She stared at Heather, her owner, the one person in the world who loved her. Her eyes stung with tears as she tried to hold them back. Seana knew what she had to do to keep Heather alive and happy. Seana knew what she had to do, but she didn't want to do it. Seana was going to run away.

<> <> <>

Seana quickly gathered up anything she might need-a jacket, water, shoes, and her album. She left all of her grooming supplies in her room. Heather could sell everything and become rich. She took her time to write Heather a goodbye letter. She also wrote another one for her friends. Since it was already evening, Seana cracked open her window and slowly crawled out onto the roof below. She wavered-it was a long drop.

      Seana suddenly saw the Olive Bush! She inched her way over slowly, and jumped into it. Scents of pine and olive filled her nose. She smiled, and the tears started coming again. With one last glance back, she ran and didn't ever look back again, until she was on the outskirts of the Haunted Woods. She shivered and put on her jacket-even if it was summer, it was cold. It was going to be a long night…

Two Hours Later…

      "Hmm, I wonder what Seana is up to," Heather said aloud to herself. She walked upstairs and opened the door to Seana's room. A chilly breeze hit Heather, who saw no trace of Seana. She saw the open window, and then a note written in fast writing. Heather grabbed the letter and sat down on a chair to read it.

Dear Heather,

      I'm sorry to say that I have decided to run away. It has nothing to do with you, for you are quite possibly the best owner ever! It's just that I don't want to see you suffer because of me. I love you with so much passion that it's torture for me to write this, Heather-but I must. I am running away and giving you permission to sell everything I own. That way you can be rich, and won't have to work a double shift or get free food from the Giant Omelette.

      Don't worry about me, because I will be just fine. I only took the necessities, and my paycheck should be ready to pick up at the Grooming Parlour. I will not tell you where I am, or what direction I plan to go in, because I don't want you to try and find me. Make a life of your own…I know you've always wanted to, but didn't have the heart to abandon me.

      I am also sorry to say that I will not keep in touch. My new life will certainly be different, and maybe I'll even get adopted into a new family. Just know this: I will always love you, and no one will ever be able to replace you. I will always love you like a sister.

Yours truly,

Seana- xoxo

<> <> <>

Seana continued walking down along Meridell with her Air Faerie Back pack slung around her shoulder. She had been on her own for a week now, and had done pretty good. Some folks around Meridell would pity her and give Seana food. No one was out at this time of morning-all except one family. It was a girl with astonishingly golden, blonde hair, fair skin and grey/blue eyes. She walked with only one pet-a blue Peophin, who was naturally gorgeous just like her owner. Seana saw the girl's eyes sparkle as she looked Seana over.

      "My, what is a lovely Uni such as yourself doing alone? And…with a back pack?" The girl's voice was pleasant and innocent sounding-very refreshing, and different from Heather's. The thought of Heather made Seana's eyes damp. "Ah, running away, I see? Well, you're welcome to come and stay with me and Splash."

      The Peophin stepped out from behind the girl, and nodded with a friendly smile. "I'm Splash, and this is Rayanne-or Ray as most people call her." Seana barely even knew this family, and already she had fallen in love with them. Rayanne reminded her of Heather in a nice way, and she was soon chatting with them as they made their way back to their Meridell Home.

      The room she was able to stay in was very nice and expensive looking. As Seana looked out of the Brightvale-made window, she took out my album and looked at the pictures of Heather. "I'll always love you like a sister…"


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