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Eopia's Moon

by thecougar400


I gasped loudly, feeling the weight of the chains around me, dragging me down onto the cold stone floor, sending shivers as cold as ice up my spine, and making me shake uncontrollably. I looked around me, the only living creature in here myself, surrounded by walls of stone, which had small cracks in them, showing that something had been thrown harshly against it. I shuddered at that thought, shutting my eyes to block it out. I breathed slowly, tired from having these chains on my arms, a constant reminder that I was a prisoner in this forsaken place, then I snarled, my white teeth barely visible, the only light in the room a small candle high up on the wall beside me, the flame dancing as if tempting me to break free. It mocked me, taunted me, and I jumped, trying to break the restraints that clung to me and held me back, despite my efforts, but I fell, landing hard on my rump, wanting to rub the sore spot. I sighed deeply, letting some of my worry and hate go out, leave forever, but it was soon replaced by another wave of hatred and worry. I sniffed the air, and scrunched my nose at the smell of decay. My large ears heard nothing, only silence, which had become a constant friend in my time here.

     I looked out the single window in the room, which was far away from me, and I had to strain my yellow eyes to look out of it. I wanted to get out of here, leave forever. I wanted to be free of this fortress and when I was out I wanted to see no more of it, not even a single piece of the stone that it was built out of. I tapped the claws of my paw against it, making a clacking sound. I enjoyed this for a minute, then soon grew bored and tired, as this was not entertaining. Actually nothing was entertaining here. I laid back, although it hurt and caused me a lot of pain, nearly injuring my spine. Who cared anyway? It wasn't like I had an owner. My thoughts drifted off to dreams of having a Neohome and a family to call my own. I wouldn't mind any brothers or sisters; I really wanted to be around other pets, but here it was impossible. No one knew about this place, and they would probably run away from it if they caught sight of it.

     I saw the moon, shining like a giant ball in the sky, a beacon of light to other pets. Only if I had a beacon of light to help me escape, to show me the way. I twitched my tail, then let it fall down, hitting the floor with a soft thud. I started to count the many stars that hung in the sky, almost glowing as brightly as the moon itself. I felt like they were always watching me, caring for me. Maybe they would even guide me someday. I lifted my right arm, causing a jangling sound to echo throughout the area. It was like an unearthly voice, whispering to me. I turned away, not wanting to hear its ghostlike voice. I started to sing, to help calm and comfort me:

"Hush my sweet darling and look at the moon
See the bright stars hanging in the sky.
See the beacon of hope that they give
Giving you the courage to fly.

Let them gaze upon your young face
And caress you with their gentle touch.
Hush my sweet darling and be quiet.
For there are other times to speak of such."

     I stopped, remembering these words that my mother, a red Kougra, had sung to me, lulling me to sleep at night. I could almost feel her cradling me like a cub, giving me warmth and protecting me. I shed a tear, pained that I would never see her again. I opened my mouth once more and let the soothing words flow out.

"Look at the sky, see how it protects the silent lights.
Gaze in wonder, and mystery, for they are a lovely sight.
Like the sky protects her beautiful stars and moon
I will always protect you, and I shall never leave you soon.

No matter how much any one will try to tear us apart
You shall always be with me, living on in my heart.
I will guard all the time, as watchful as a dove.
I will always protect you, giving you unending love."

     I stopped and closed my mouth shut once more. The words were healing, but hurtful at the same time, for I missed my mother and I wanted to be with her always. I continued singing, letting the moon and stars listen to my voice.

You will always be with me each and every day,
And I will always be with you, lighting your way.
Let the trees spread out their branches, protecting you for harm.
Let the water watch over you, sounding at any alarm.
There is nothing to fear when you are with me, clinging so tight.
You are my life and I love you. You shall never leave my sight.

I will always be with you, never leading you astray.
I will always guide you, through every single day.
You are mine and I will always hold you tight, never letting you go.
You will always be with me, no matter where my feet my lead.
I am always with you, giving you all that you need.

     I stopped, taking a breath of cool air as I laid back down on the wall, ignoring the pain. My throat felt dry and parched, and I badly wanted and needed water to drink. I looked around for any sign of the nourishment, but to no avail. This was my life. I was enclosed in a dungeon, trapped for all eternity. I would never hear the gentle lapping of the waves upon the beach, which was next to Mystery Island, my former and greatly missed home. I could almost smell the delicious fruits that were being picked off the trees, and even moved my nose, but the smell of death hung in the air, which was not a pleasant scent. I didn't know if I would ever be free now and looked with longing at the moon, still shining as if to give me hope. I felt some reach me and smiled for the first time in ages, but it quickly faded, replaced by a somber expression. I hated it here with no one to talk to, but then why should another pet be stuck down here in the darkness with me? I scolded myself silently for making that wish, yet there was still a longing in me for a companion, a friend.

     "Mother, where are you now?!" I asked with a cry, but received no answer but the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees outside. I cried, and tears streamed down my face, wetting my black fur, making it darker like the night. The water splashed outside, probably disturbed by a small creature or a leaf. I growled in rage, letting the fury escape.

     Then I realized it. My mother was everywhere; she never did leave me. Her voice was the wind, her fingers the trees, and her smile the moon and the stars. I was close to her, no matter how far she or I went. At that moment I felt the wind slip through the bars of the window and caress my face.

     "Eeopia," it seemed to whisper.

The End

Author's Note: Eeopia is a shadow Kougra, if you haven't guessed. I own her on my account, cougarof_themountain. Eeopia was adopted from the pound, but lost to a transfer, and the former owner was kind enough to let me keep her. Congratulations on the wedding, Snowflake and thanks for being a wonderful editor! Neomail me with comments, but no hatemail please, or I'll bring out the white Weewoos! :P

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