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The Healing Springs that Almost Wasn't

by shadih_temporary


The Healing Springs is and probably always will be a favorite among the millions of pets in Neopia. When pets become injured in the Battledome, or come down with a bad case of the Sneezles, the Healing Springs was always where they would turn to first. There was no need to spend all their Neopoints on Magic Cookies, Healing Potions, and the entire sort.

      And, we can't forget the wonderful Faerie who puts all her hard work into running the Healing Springs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She is prepared to use all her magic on a sick or injured pet, who has nowhere else to turn to. And she does every half hour, for free! How good can it get?!

      The Healing Springs has always been so reliable. But, can something so good last forever?



      The sun shined, the Beakadoodles sang, and the water of the Healing Springs glistened as the Water Faerie pulled herself onto the rock she had been sitting on since she first opened the Healing Springs way back when.

      She pushed a strand of her hair back behind her ear as she waited for the sick and hurt Neopets to arrive. It wouldn't be too long. Pets these days were always getting themselves into some kind of trouble.

      Soon after she had first sat down, a Green Gelert arrived to bathe in the Healing Spring's waters, followed by a Yellow Yurble, who unfortunately received a mere Wet Snowball.

      "Can you please cure me instead?" asked the Yurble, "I'm sick with the Sneezles, and I have no use for this Wet Snowball."

      "Oh, I'm sorry, dear," the Water Faerie replied, "but my magic is not fully restored yet. You can always come back in a half an hour."

      The Yurble sighed as it left the Healing Springs, head hanging low.

      The Water Faerie hated to see depressed pets. But, she had to deal with it everyday. What pets got from the Healing Springs was totally random. She merely ran the springs.

      The Water Faerie took deep breaths as she overcame what just happened. The Yurble would come back, and hopefully, it would be healed.

      Trying to think of other things, the Water Faerie examined her fingernails, trying to keep them clean as ever. That was when, she heard a few footsteps, and a tall shadow was cast before her. The Water Faerie looked up to see Jhudora standing before her.

      "Oh!" shouted the Water Faerie.

      "I don't have time for it, lady," said Jhudora, scornfully, "I need a quick jump in the Healing Springs. You dig?"

      The Water Faerie sat, dumbfounded, "Uh…erm… I mean, sure! Of course! Go ahead!"

      "Thanks," Jhudora said, chewing gum, "I was lifting some furniture up the stairs when I think I pulled a muscle or something. It hurts like crazy. And you had better not give me any Wet Snowballs, or you will pay dearly…"

      "Um… sure," said the Water Faerie.

      Jhudora started towards the Healing Springs, but tripped over a small pebble and toppled into the springs, head first.

      "Aaaaah!" she screamed as she splashed in the water.

      The Water Faerie couldn't help but giggle a bit.

      Jhudora arose from the water, standing on all fours. Her head hung low as she threw her head upwards, sending her drenched hair behind her. She turned around quickly to find that the Water Faerie was laughing at her.

      "You think this funny?" Jhudora demanded.

      The Water Faerie held back the laughs as she replied, "No, of course not, Ms. Jhudora, ma'am."

      "Mm hmm…" Jhudora said in disbelief, "well, let's see how funny you think this is!"

      At this point, Jhudora reached behind her, and pulled out something that the Water Faerie could not see very clearly. Something small. Something that was glowing pink.

      Jhudora dropped the glowing object into the water of the Healing Springs, causing the waters of the springs to turn a ghastly darkish purple.

      The Water Faerie gaped as she stared at her once beautiful Healing Springs…

      Pink fog erupted and was spread around the area. Jhudora grinned as she winked at the Water Faerie. The fog arose and covered Jhudora completely. The Water Faerie waved all the fog away from the rock on which she sat, until she could see clearly enough.

      Jhudora was gone. The fog was gone. And, surprisingly enough, the water was no longer purple. It went back to its glistening blue colour.

      "Hmmm…." The Water Faerie pondered what had just happened.

      Had Jhudora done something to the Healing Springs? A yellow Wocky with a sickly look on its face was approaching. The Water Faerie would soon find out.

      The Wocky had red, drowsy eyes, unruly fur, and snot exiting its nostril. It could have been counted as a Grey Wocky!

      The Wocky sniffed, "Hullo… mind if I use the Springs?"

      It sneezed.

      "Oh! Not at all! Be my guest," the Water Faerie replied, kindly.

      The Wocky stuck its front paw in the water to see if it was cold or not. It then let itself fall into the water, without any regrets. The water was so relaxing; it would do that to anyone.

      The Water Faerie arose from her place on the rock to see if the Healing Springs worked on the Wocky.

      The Wocky exited the water headfirst. It's eyes returned to its beautiful hazel colour. It fur was neatly brushed, not one split-end. It was no longer sick.

      "Thank you so much, Water Faerie!" the Wocky exclaimed.

      The Water Faerie was flabbergasted, but soon shook her head until she was able to concentrate again.

      "You're very much welcome, young one," she replied.

      "My name is Nira, by the way, in case you ever want to send a 'Hug and a Hi' to me!" exclaimed the Wocky.

      The Water Faerie nodded.

      Nira happily skipped away from the Healing Springs, humming the tune of the Usukiland Advert. Nothing was wrong with her.

      The Water Faerie was a bit confused. What had Jhudora done to the Healing Springs, if anything at all? Had she simply scared the Water Faerie into thinking that she had stopped the Healing Springs from working, or something relatively bad? Could something more maybe have happened to the Wocky? So many questions filled the young Faerie's mind.

      After a while, she shook it all off.

      "I am sure that was another one of Jhudora's sick jokes," the Water Faerie decided, "and she hasn't scared me at all. Nice try, though, Jhudora! I know you can hear me!"



      The next day was just as beautiful as the one before. But, something wasn't right. The Water Faerie had a feeling something was wrong. She just didn't know what.

      While she was heading for the Healing Springs, where she would do her daily job, a 'Wanted' poster to the right caught her attention.

      She slowly approached the bulletin board that held the poster, and soon, she was able to read what it said.





Nira the Yellow Wocky


For terrorizing the town. Stealing from the Toy Shop in Neopia Central.

And attempting to chop down the Money Tree.

      The Water Faerie couldn't believe what she saw.

      'My name is Nira, by the way, in case you ever want to send a 'Hug and a Hi' to me!'

      The young Wocky she had met yesterday was named Nira. Her voice rang in the Faerie's ears. What happened? Nira seemed so kind and sweet. She didn't seem as if she was criminal material.

      The Water Faerie rushed to the Healing Springs. When she arrived, the Water Faerie stuck her finger in the springs. The water was warm at first. But soon, it became freezing cold, giving the Faerie goosebumps.

      An injured Kacheek approached the springs.

      "Good day!" he said to the Water Faerie, getting ready to hop into the Springs.

      "Wait!" the Water Faerie exclaimed.

      "What?" the Kacheek said, confused.

      "Don't get in that spring!"

      "What? Why not?"

      "I…. I'm not sure…"

      "What? Look, would you just let me get in the Springs? The Snowager kind of got to me and I'm late for a Guild meeting."

      "No, I can't let you use the Healing Springs until I figure out what's wrong with it."

      "What? Nothing's wrong with the Healing Springs!"

      "Oh… you wouldn't know. I… I'm going to have to temporarily close the Healing Springs."


      The Water Faerie got on top of the rock she sat on everyday and cupped her hands around her mouth.

      "Yes!" she exclaimed. "That's it! The Healing Springs are temporarily closed!"

      The Kacheek gaped as he stared at the Water Faerie. Various Neopets and their owners who were within the vicinity of the Healing Springs heard the young Faerie, and stopped to listen.

      "Something has come up!" The Water Faerie continued, "The Healing Springs has harmed a Neopet! For the first time ever, the Healing Springs has caused harm to a Neopet."

      The crowd gasped as one.

      "I am sorry, but this is a must," said the Water Faerie.

      The Water Faerie looked down upon the Healing Springs from her standing position on the rock. She waved her arms. While a tear rolled down her cheek, the water of the Healing Springs disappeared, revealing a mere patch of soil.

      Various mumbles from the crowd included:
      "What's going on?"
      "Is she crazy?!"
      "Why is she doing this?!"
      "My Neopet is sick! I need the Healing Springs!"
      "The Healing Springs used to be so reliable!"

"What does she mean by 'harmed a pet'?"

      The Water Faerie could not answer these questions, because she didn't know the answer to any of them. The whole 'Nira turning evil' thing may be a coincidence. It may be another Yellow Wocky named Nira who is the criminal. Or maybe Nira has always been that way. The Water Faerie could be imagining the whole thing. Maybe she was crazy…

      …or maybe…. maybe she wasn't crazy. Jhudora dropped some kind of glowing substance into the Healing Springs the moment before Nira bathed in the Spring's waters. Maybe Jhudora had something to do with what happened.

      The Water Faerie looked to her left. Way in the distance, she spotted a dark purple cloud, hovering only a few feet above the ground. It wasn't just any cloud, however. It was Jhudora's Cloud. And it wasn't that far away from the Healing Springs. Jhudora could have made and quick and easy trip to the Healing Springs and back to her Cloud without breaking a sweat. Jhudora has most likely planned out what she was going to do to the Healing Springs. The only question left… is 'Why?'.

      The Water Faerie quickly turned around to face the crowd of worried and angry Neopets and owners, who were continuing to shout and bicker.

      "People! People, please!" the Water Faerie shouted, waving her arms.

      Everyone continued to yell, argue, and chatter.

      "Oooh…." The Water Faerie started, "I said QUIET!!"

      The crowd fell silent. p> "I have a plan," said the Water Faerie.

      The crowd all nodded, showing that they were listening.

      "Oh, um, but I really don't feel like explaining it you guys because you really wouldn't understand," the Water Faerie said, abruptly.

      The crowed was wide-eyed.

      The Water Faerie hopped off the rock she sat upon and headed for Jhudora's Cloud. She managed to make her way off the cloud that held the Healing Springs and over to Jhudora's cloud. Don't ask me how. She's a Faerie! She does these things.

      The Water Faerie stepped into the purple cloud, and found herself in a castle-like place. In the distance, Jhudora sat in a large, golden-rimmed chair with a dark green cushion. She wasn't facing the Water Faerie, Jhudora had her back to her.

      "I have what you really need…" Jhudora started.

      The Water Faerie rolled her eyes.

      "Magical artifacts of ultimate power!" Jhudora bellowed.

      Jhudora jumped up from the chair she sat on and turned to face her guest. She gasped.

      "Magical artifacts?" the Water Faerie scoffed. "Like a Poisonous Lollypop and a hairbrush? Yeah… real magical, let me tell you!"

      "Cut the sarcasm," Jhudora snapped. "What do you want?" "I know what you did to my Healing Springs, Jhudora," the Water Faerie stated, "I want to know why you did that. And I want my Healing Springs back. I want you to return it to normal."

      "Don't push your luck," Jhudora said, toying with her hair, "you know why I did that. Everyone scurries over to your Healing Springs whenever they get a tiny little boo-boo. And since you do it for free, your Healing Springs are probably the main attraction of Faerieland!"

      "So?" the Water Faerie plainly said.

      " 'So?' What do you mean 'so?' you wicked old witch!!" Jhudora shouted. "I run a business here! I have Neopets retrieve requested items for me! And in return, they get some of the flotsam and jetsam my Bartamus throws together! But 'no'! All the Neopets stop by Faerieland, dive into the Healing Springs, leave, and don't even pay any attention to my Cloud! My Cloud, which is only a couple feet away from your Springs!!"

      "I can't do anything about that," the Water Faerie said, scowling.

      "Oh… but you can," Jhudora smiled. "You claim that you have "temporarily" closed the Healing Springs. Hehehe… it will never be open again! And with nothing better to do here, they will have to come to my Cloud! Because it is the closest attraction to your Healing Springs! Haha!"

      "Your plan isn't foolproof, Jhudora," the Water Faerie replied, angry and annoyed. "Just because the Healing Springs is closed forever doesn't mean that they will come straight here!"

      "Hmm… you're right…" Jhudora ponders, "but I will still have the joy of knowing you'll be put out of business! Ha!"

      "What good will that do, Jhudora?" the Water Faerie eyed her, "I may be put out of business. But if no pets come here, then pretty soon, you will be put out of business, too!"

      Jhudora gasped. She realized she was cornered; there was nothing more she could do.

      "But… I am willing to make a deal with you…" the Water Faerie grinned.

      "I'm listening," Jhudora said.

      "If I do one of your quests, anyone who sees me doing it will consider it," the Water Faerie started. "I am well known throughout Neopia. I see no reason why people and Neopets wouldn't take it into consideration. Plus, after having one of your quests done, you will make your first set of NP in… how long?"

      "Who cares?" Jhudora scolded. "I accept this. You do one of my quests. And then, I'll give back your Healing Springs."

      The Water Faerie placed her hands behind her back and said, "Ask away."

      Jhudora crossed her arms and scowled, "You have 15 minutes to get me a Super Sub."

      As soon as the Water Faerie heard the words of Jhudora, she rushed out of the Cloud and out to the Shops.

      "She better not take too long, or else I'll---" Jhudora started, but was cut off when the Water Faerie rushed back into the room.

      She was panting very hard. The Water Faerie took one deep breath, and handed Jhudora her Super Sub.

      "Sorry, one of the tomatoes fell out in Neopia Central," the Water Faerie blinked. "Wow! That was fast!" Jhudora exclaimed.

      She snatched the sub out of the Water Faerie's hand placed on a table nearby. Her Bartamus began to sniff it.

      "Now, LEAVE," Jhudora bellowed.

      "What about my Healing Springs?" the Water Faerie was shocked.

      "We didn't shake hands…" Jhudora cackled.

      The Water Faerie did not take too kindly of this. She snatched up Jhudora's Bartamus and held it tightly.

      "You saw how fast I got that sub," the Water Faerie said, angry, "I'll sell your Bartamus at the Shop Wizard just as quickly."

      Jhudora was wide-eyed, "Fine! Fine! Okay! You can have your Healing Springs back! Just… don't harm Bart!!"

      "Tell me what I have to do," the Water Faerie demanded.

      "The green pebbles, on the table, over there," Jhudora motioned to a small table in the corner of the room where five glowing green pebbles lay.

      "What do I do with them?" the Water Faerie asked, squeezing the Bartamus.

      "Oh, isn't it obvious, you baboon?" Jhudora said, scornfully. "Drop the pebbles into the patch of soil where the Healing Springs once were."

      "You're not tricking me again, are you?" the Water Faerie said, just to make sure.

      "I swear I am telling the truth," Jhudora said, sounding serious.

      The Water Faerie made one quick decision. She threw the Bartamus at Jhudora, flew back, grabbed the pebbles, and rushed out the door.

      She caught one last image of Jhudora hugging her Bartamus tightly before she out of the Cloud.

      Pretty soon, the Water Faerie was back at the Healing Springs.

      "If this doesn't work… I shall scream…" the Water Faerie said aloud.

      A crowd gathered around the Water Faerie. Soon, almost the whole of Faerieland was gathered around the Healing Springs and the Water Faerie.

      "Here goes nothing," the Water Faerie said, eyes shut tightly.

      She held the hand grasping the pebbles above the patch of soil, which was originally the Healing Springs. After awhile, she let go of the pebbles. The rolled off her hand and headed downward towards the patch of soil.

      Down, and down, and down the pebbles fell, until they hit the cold soil that lay before the Faerie and the crowd.

      The pebbles just sat there for a minute. Nothing happened.

      "No…" the Water Faerie whispered.

      That was when the pebbles began shaking. They bounced across the patch of soil. And soon, they cracked. They cracked open, revealing a bright flash of white light. Everyone shielded his or her eyes, except for the Water Faerie, who couldn't stand to not see her Healing Springs be revived.

      Water poured out of the fountain in the middle of the springs. The dry patch of soil was filled with the relaxing water of the Healing Springs again. The Water Faerie shouted with joy at the sight of this. She hopped into the springs, followed by random audience members.

      The Water Faerie rose to the top of the springs and splashed the warm water across her face. She breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled. The faces of the now happy Neopets kept her joyful. And now, because she knew the Healing Springs would always be, and the happy Neopets would always be, the Water Faerie knew her joy was there to stay.

The End

Author's note: Hullo! Char here. Thank you so much for reading my story! I wrote it at 1 in the morning, so there's bound to be a lot of typos. I would like to thank everyone at the HC who helped me realize the Water Faerie at the Healing Springs had no name. You know who you are! Feel free to Neomail me comments, good or bad. =)

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