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Pesky Pests

by googlykitten123


NEOPIA CENTRAL-Do you ever wonder, “What’s that scratching noise?” Or do you think about what that scurrying is in the walls? It is most likely one of the many pests of Neopia. I know what you’re thinking; “There aren’t any pests in Neopia!” But you are quite wrong my friend. Neopia isn’t a completely perfect place, for there are a few flaws, but not many. One of those flaws is pests. I am here to inform you about these pests and tell you how to get rid of them (without harming them).

Of the many pests, I am going to speak of a few. The first one is well known and even has its own avatar. Yes, it is the Mootix. You may think that the Mootix is a harmless, cute petpetpet. Although it is cute, very, very cute, it isn’t harmless. If many rooms in your Neohome are constructed of wood, you need to watch out for Mootixes. They work like termites, eating away at the foundation of your NeoHome until one day…CRASH! It all falls down to a pile of rubble.

But how do you get rid of these pests, or even better, prevent them? It’s actually quite simple. You see, all you need to do is get some Mootix-Away spray. You probably haven’t heard of this item, but it is used by exterminators all over Neopia. This doesn’t harm the petpetpets at all, but rather just drives them away. It is scented with lemon, which is a smell Mootix despise.

You can pick up a can of Mootix-Away from the gardening store, but they rarely have it in stock. The easier way is to make it yourself. Just mix pure lemon juice and water in a spray can and sprits it around your home. The Mootix will hate the stench and steer clear of your home, and your rooms will smell lemony fresh! So in the end, it’s a win-win situation.

Another very common pest in NeoHomes is a petpet in fact. It’s the well-known Miamouse! Miamice are very adorable, as are Mootix, but Miamice do a different sort of damage. Not surprisingly, these little petpets sneak into your home through holes in the wall, under the door (they can squeeze through very tight spaces), or sometimes just scurry in through a door left open. I don’t know how many times I’ve told my Kyrii to close the door!

But what does a Miamouse do to cause damage to your home? It really has nothing to do with chewing up wood or ruining the actual structure of your NeoHome, but it is rather that they climb into your refrigerator, or onto your table, or wherever you left food out. They then, obviously, have a very large feast and slip away, their stomachs full, only for you to find empty cereal boxes and candy wrappers licked clean.

To get rid of the Miamice in your home, all you have to do is set out Miamice traps. These, again, do not hurt the Miamice at all. These Miamice traps are basically little boxes that push a flap down to trap the Miamouse inside when it hits the trigger by walking over it. You release the Miamouse in a field or outside when you find the trap closed.

These traps are very rare, and no one knows where they are sold, so you can make your own trap. It is really easy. First, take a piece of cardboard and coat it in very sticky peanut butter or caramel. When the Miamouse comes over to take a little lick, it will get stuck in the sticky substance and will have a pleasant time waiting for you to take it away while it licks the yummy stuff!

There are many, many pests in Neopia, some well-known and some not, but I am going to speak of two more. The next one is another petpet, known as the Spyder.

The Spyder is a somewhat popular petpet, but not many know what its negative qualities are. Well, one of them is web-making. The Spyder can make sticky designs of web and in places you don’t want them! They like to put them together in corners, like in your NeoHome, so they can support the web with the walls. And if you aren’t careful, you might run into a web, and when you run into a web…it gets stuck in your hair!

How do you get it out of your hair? Well, there hasn’t been a good way discovered yet, but usually pets will scrub and scrub at their hair until it is all gone (which, I might add, leaves them slightly bald).

The best way to fix this problem is to prevent it! But there isn’t really a way to do so, therefore, you must deal with it when the problem turns up. But read my lips (or my writing)-Don’t knock down the webs! 1) Because it is the Spyder’s home 2) Because it will leave a sticky mess on your floor that is very, very hard to clean up.

So what can you do? Gently pick up the Spyder (or trap it in a box if you are a tad squeamish), and let it go outside, as you should do with the Miamouse See? Problem solved!

Our last pest to talk about today is yet another petpet, the Beekadoodle. Although it sings beautiful songs the whole day through, it acts much like a woodpecker. Sometimes, it might peck and peck and peck some more at the beautiful, finished wood on your NeoHome Before you can even realize what that drilling noise is, there are many holes in your walls. Oh, what to do, what to do?

If you mix some super strong hair gel (available in the grooming shop) and a little bit of brown paint, it turns out to be a simple wood substitute! Just fill in the holes with it, let dry, and voila! Your wood looks good as new! Plus, it isn’t expensive, so you can make it often.

I hope these tips will help you with your pest problems and make your NeoHome a better place!

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