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The Back-to-School Shopping Guide

by renybabe


BACK TO SCHOOL SHOP - It's almost that time of year again folks. That's right. It's BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! It’s time for learning and above all complaints from every Neopet in all of Neopia. The biggest worry should not be getting your Neopet out of bed. It should be sending them prepared and this article will show you how.

The first thing every Neopet needs to buy for school, of course, is a backpack. You want to get this first for 2 reasons:

Number 1- you don't want to have all the supplies, such as pencils and notebooks, and then no place to carry them.

Number 2- Even if you don't have all your supplies, you pet will still look cool in their trendy backpack.

Even if it's empty. Neopets tend to get picky and choosy when it comes to picking one of these. The faerie ones are quite popular with the girls and express their attitude. A girl with an earth faerie backpack seems like a sweet, caring Pet, but a girl with a dark faerie backpack means one thing: STAY AWAY! A backpack can predict a girl's social life as well. Someone with a dark faerie backpack might be feared and not well liked. I didn't forget the boys though. A boy can choose a punchbag sid backpack. Who is punchbag sid is you ask? I have no clue, but he has a backpack and I don't think a girl would want it. Bottom line is girls might want to go neutral and choose a faerie backpack instead of one after a specific faerie and boys might want the punchbag sid backpack. If you can't decide, there's always the plain, but ever so trendy green backpack.

The second thing you'll need is a lunch box. Why? Because your pet needs to eat something! Lunch boxes work a little differently though. Some of them are packed and some are just cool looking. There is one pro and one con to both. The lunch boxes look cool, but they have no food in them. The packed lunch boxes have food in them, but it may look plain and boring. Simple solution: If you have food, buy a cool one. If you don’t, buy a packed one. If you cant choose, bring your lunch in a brown bag.

The third thing you need is a notebook to do all their work in. Notebooks tend to go by taste. All you really need is the paper in it so you can choose your color and things like that with not regrets. Then again, there are so many to choose from. If you have a theme going with your supplies, stick to it. If you’re not, just pick the one you think is best for your pet. You might want to get a notebook with your roll model on it. If your role model is Kayla, then get the Kayla Notebook. Bottom line is, choose the one you like best.

Next, you need a pencil case, pencil sharpener and maybe a holder. Once again, if you have a theme, stick to it. If you don’t, choose the one that best fits your taste and your personality. Actually, most girls choose the Starry Poogle or Kayla Pencil Case and most boys choose the Lord Kass, Punchbag bob or sid Pencil Cases. Whatever matches with your set, represents your pet’s personality or just looks cool.

The fifth thing you need is pens, pencils and erasers. I would recommend pencils with erasers so if they make mistakes, they can be erased. Your best choice would be the basic pencil. It’s perfect. It matches with any theme and they’re not too trendy, but not too boring either. They’re also cheap. The best pen is the fancy pen. Like the basic pencil, it matches with everything and it’s cheap. The best eraser would have to be the White Poogle Eraser. It’s cute for both boys and girls and it looks really cool

The next thing you’ll need is a ruler. There is no plain ruler you can get so just stick your theme or get the one you think is cool and trendy. The Blue Cybunny ruler is quite popular with girls and the Red Techo ruler is also quite popular with the boys.

The last thing your pet will want to succeed at school is cool clothes. Every Neopet needs a cool T-shirt with their hero on it to show off in school. Who doesn’t want to prove how much they love Jhudora by wearing a Jhudora T-Shirt. Of course you need to be clean and well groomed before you start school as well so you might want to head the grooming parlor with you Neopet, even if it is a boy, to get some shampoo and a brush. No one wants to go to school looking and smelling like dung. Eww!

Another thing your pet might need is a desk to work at at home. What else are they going to write on when they have an essay due the next day? They need a desk to do their homework on or else they’ll get in trouble at school. No parent wants that. Especially after they purchased all these supplies.

Your pet, above all else really needs one thing. That one thing is an education. Yes, I know. That’s what they’re going to school for, but your Neopet needs to have somewhat of an education before you send them off to school. You might want to play with the abacus for a few hours or maybe read them a long story so their intelligence will rise.

Well, that’s all you’ll need to start off the new school year with a bang. Remember to choose what’s right for your pet. Have a safe and happy school year!

Note: The only truth in this article is the names of the items. This entire article is not fact but the opinion of the author. You may use this information to help you but don’t forget that it’s not true.

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