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Skull Chambers Treasure

by cruzerchic123


"Look out, Pawkee!" a Pirate Shoyru advised his Green Pawkeet as a boulder fell right in front of the duo. The Shoyru sighed and adjusted his black bandanna. "‘Tis a place full of booby traps and sorts. I wouldn't venture too far away in this 'ere chamber of doom."

Samuel looked at his map, staring out at the chamber. "According to this 'ere map, Pawkee, we should be in the Skull's left eye." He looked up. "Unfortunately I can't see any treasure in 'ere. Follow me, matey!"

Samuel the Pirate Shoyru was an adventurous one, one who wasn't afraid to talk or take risks. He lived and trained in Krawk Island for a long time with his fellow companion and pirate Petpet Pawkee and began devoting his life to searching the Krawk Island Caves in search of treasure. The Skull Chamber, a legendary cave of despair, was one of them.

Samuel wasn't the only one searching for the Skull Chambers treasure. The Pirate Shoyru had run into Hannah the Usul. He had mistaken the damsel for someone who would dare hurt ol' Pawkee. The Usul hastily explained that she would not touch his Petpet. After that (and an adventure with rolling boulders and big bangs), the two had become very good friends, and ran into the Skull Chamber. Now the two departed and challenged each other to find the treasure first. Samuel chuckled as he thought of the brown-haired Usul who would actually be running 'round in a skirt fighting pirates.

Suddenly as Samuel's foot stepped on the cave floor, his foot seemed to press on something. Surprised, the Pirate Shoyru drew his sword from his scabbard, expecting someone to reach out and attack. As he looked to the left where Pawkee was madly squawking...

"Arrows!" he screeched as the deadly weapons began flying past him. "I hate these booby traps!" He grabbed Pawkee and frantically began flying up, not turning around to see death behind him. "Whoa!" he cried as arrows began to head down at him. Dodging them, he took a quick peek down before he saw to his dismay that arrows were tailing him, and the arrows at the side were gaining.

The Pirate Shoyru's wings were throbbing with pain now. He wasn't used to flying. Quickly Samuel darted in a small hole in the nearby cavern as he watched the arrows sail past, gently letting Pawkee fly out. The Pawkeet continued to squawk as arrows continued flying past the walls.

"Ay, my wings feel as if they are heavier than the biggest boulder in this 'ere cave," Sam groaned as he tapped his wings. Grabbing some rope from his small bag, he calmly watched the arrows fly past. As an arrow whizzed by the hold, Sam reached out and snatched it. "This better work," he muttered as he tied the rope around the arrow. Aiming for the cavern ceiling, he flung his new harpoon, and with just a stroke of luck he managed to get the arrow stuck to the cavern ceiling in one piece.

"That should do," Sam breathed as he swung past the arrows. He grabbed a couple of arrows while Pawkee followed. "And these should come in handy," he added as he stuffed the weapons in his bag.

* * * * * * * *

"So far, except for that annoying Pawkeet rampage in that so-called secret chamber, we're getting close, Pawkee," Sam said, a bit of frustration in his voice. Flapping his wings around, he drew his sword. "This place 'ere's an ol' labyrinth, mate. We ought to be gettin' close to the treasure, very close." Pawkee once again squawked in agreement. Sam smiled as he crawled down the small tunnel.

"I wonder how Hannah's doing so far," Samuel pondered out loud. He bumped his head on the cavern while thinking. "Ow! I mean, it's not like the damsel is going t' make a huge appearance while we get our hands on our treasure, eh, Pawkee?"

"Look, a Mallard!" a familiar voice suddenly spoke. A few shouts of "Where?" responded as Sam cocked his head in confusion. He quickly continued crawling as Pawkee followed.

"Come back here, you little whipper snapper!" another angry voice suddenly rang out. As Samuel and Pawkee poked their heads out, Sam let out a mock groan as a blue of yellow, green and brown dashed past him.

"I guess I was wrong," he sighed as he watched Hannah climb onto a dangling ladder, a beautiful sparkling emerald gem clutched in one of her paws.

"No way!" Hannah retorted to the angry pirate Neopets, who snarled and cursed at her. "You'll have to get me first, mates!" She laughed as a Pirate Kyrii and Eyrie ran into each other while trying to catch her.

"Release the Pawkeets!" the captain, a Pirate Kiko known as Captain Dread angrily ordered. Each Pirate opened several steel crates that contained those annoying Blue Pawkeets Hannah and Samuel hated. As the Pawkeets flew out to ambush Hannah, the Pirate Shoyru grinned and tripped two pirates who were waving their swords and daggers dangerously in the air.

Suddenly a Pirate Kyrii swung up using a harpoon and sliced the ladder the Usul was hanging on. Frantic, Hannah swung over to a hanging pole, kicking a nearby Pawkeet. As she continued swinging past like a Mirgle, Samuel was had his hands busy swashbuckling with the other pirates.

"Well, what do we have 'ere, mateys?" a Pirate Krawk sneered. He lunged at Sam, which retaliated with a shove.

"Name's Samuel the Shoyru, your worst enemy," the Shoyru responded before smashing a crate on another pirate. He grinned. "That damsel up there is the infamous Hannah, haven't you heard?"

"That little nosy Krawk?" A Pirate Kyrii said before trying to ram into Sam. The Kyrii twitched his nose. "They be somethin' annoyin' about her, mark me words!"

Samuel waved his sword at the Kyrii. "To ye, lad," he snickered. "To me, she's a fellow matey!"

"What?!" the pirates spluttered, but Sam already disappeared, flinging his harpoon at the ceiling and leaving the pirates gaping at him.

* * * * * * * *

So, Hannah thought excitedly as she stared down at a Pirate Shoyru. He made it in time to see me in action!

Just then a nearby Pawkeet pecked at Hannah's head. "Hey! Lay off!" Hannah cried, swatting at the Krawk Island Petpet. It didn't help as she loosened her grip, causing the gem to fall from her clutch.

"Queen Fyora, no way!" Hannah cried, falling from the air. Neopets would call her crazy; no one would pull a stunt like that over a sea of spikes! Successfully landing on some steel crates, Hannah grinned as she saw a blur of crimson red, gray and other colors swing past. Samuel held the gem that Hannah had dropped. As Pawkeets began surrounding Sam, he stared at Hannah. The Usul nodded her head, and crouched down.

With the strength he could muster Sam flung the gem at Hannah, which with one leap she caught the precious gem in her two hands. The pirates gawked at her as a Pawkeet flew down to retrieve their treasure. Too bad for the Pawkeet as Samuel's Petpet Pawkee began to poke a foot at the Pawkeet. It took a few minutes before the blue Pawkeet was hurdling down like a falling boulder.

"Let's go!" Samuel cried, grabbing Hannah's hand and dragging her behind. "Ye knocked over some dynamite while ye were flickin' Pawkeets!"

Hannah spun around just to see the wick of the dynamite was so close to exploding. "I better watch out more often," she muttered to Pawkee and Sam as a big KA-BLAAAAM! came from behind. All the trio could here was boulders tumbling down behind.

* * * * * * * *

At last, Samuel thought exhaustedly, we made it. He stared at Hannah. "According to me map, we should be very close to the treasure."

"Yes!" Hannah said, pumping her fists in the air. She looked around. "But, I can't find any treasure chests or coins, gems, not anything," she pondered, scratching her head.

Pawkee began to fly around, then nodded his head at Samuel and Hannah. Sam sighed. "Well, keep lookin, lads," he advised as he scrambled over a steel crate. "We may not be lookin' right."

"Samuel, look out!" Hannah cried, her eyes wide. As Samuel turned he screamed as a ghastly Gelert drifted at them. Its eyes were flashing red, its body a translucent blue, a red captain cloak he wore. He stared at the surprised Usul and baffled Shoyru who continued to gape at him, then nodded and turned around, floating away.

For a minute no one could speak, move or squawk. It was Pawkee who, of course, broke the silence. "What was that all about?" Hannah questioned uncomfortably as she stared at Sam.

Sam blinked, then stared at the ground. "Hannah, mate, check this out!" he said, pointing to the ground. As Hannah shifted her gaze to where Sam was pointing, she noticed a shiny object that lay on the cold cave floor, unprotected. As Hannah reached over and picked up the object, she realized it was a skeleton key with a small blue jewel on the handle. A piece of string was threaded through a small hole at the tip of the handle.

As Hannah gently fondled with the object, Sam advised her to put it on her neck, just in case she lost it. The Usul solemnly agreed, even after responding a smart comment.

Silently sneaking through the cavern where the Ghost had disappeared through, they came across a huge mound of boulders.

"Oh, that's just great," Samuel groaned. He sat down on a boulder and folded his wings. "We follow Cap'n Ghost Gelert just to come to a dead end, lads." Even Pawkee looked discouraged as he perched on his companion’s shoulder.

Hannah sighed. "I thought those legends were true about Skull Chamber," she said sadly. "Even if they were true, we'll never get out because boulders covered the entrance..."

Samuel sighed and looked up. Suddenly he gasped. "No we won't, Hannah!" he said, a bright smile spreading on his once discouraged face. He pointed to the top, where Hannah noticed a few arrows in the walls. "I bet if we shoot at 'em, it'll cause one of 'em chain reactions like ye ol' dynamite!"

"Samuel my mate," Hannah laughed, "you are a genius!" She held out her hand. "I recall you having a harpoon with an arrow on it. Hand it over."

"Forget that!" Sam retorted as he pulled out his arrows. "Use these! My muscles need a break!"

Hannah sighed, then turned towards the top arrow above her. If she just aimed properly, she can trigger the arrow so it'll shoot out...

The Usul walked closer to the boulders. Aiming, she shot directly up, groaning as she completely missed the target.

"You still have three arrows left, Hannah," Samuel pointed out.

"Can't you just fly up there and poke at it?" Hannah suggested.

"Are you Weewoo?!"

"I take that as a 'no', eh, Sam?"

"There has got to be one way or another to get that arrow to fly!" Hannah sulked. She then gaped at the same ghost Gelert, who once again began to drift away slowly. Curious as always, the Usul followed until she reached the place she had found the key. Looking up, she saw the Gelert drift away in the cavern wall.

"Hey!" she screamed. She sighed and sat down as Pawkee and Samuel flew over. "We came all this way for nothing."

A hand tapped her shoulder. "Don't give in, matey," Samuel soothed. He looked up. "I mean, there must be a way to reach the-"

"OW!" he screeched as the Usul absentmindedly poked the tip of an arrow at his tail. As the Shoyru flew up surprised, Hannah gasped as he crashed into the wall...

...and, disappeared into the wall.

Hannah shrieked and gaped as Samuel poked his head out, grinning eagerly. "If this is a joke, Samuel, I will make sure you suffer deeply!" she screeched, her heart and pulse beating like a drum.

"Hannah, there seems to be a secret wall here!" Sam said as he flew down and picked up Hannah. He thrust her at the spot he rammed into. Hannah was surprised she went through. Crawling in, she finally poked her head out, seeing the arrow above her head and the mound of rocks from a Pawkeet's eye view.

"Incredible!" she breathed as she stared below. She smiled as she saw some dynamite. Looking up, she used an arrow to wiggle the arrow above her. "If I just can get it right this time..."

"Whoa!" she yelled as the arrow whizzed past her, striking the other arrow as it flew down to the dynamite. As a great explosion rang in her ears, the boulders disintegrated into piles of rubble as the dust cleared slowly.

Not wanting to take the long way back, Hannah jumped. Landing on her feet gracefully, she headed over to the rubble and looked around.

"Doesn't look as if they be anything 'ere, Hannah," Samuel said, setting his feet on the ground and folding his wings. "But wait, look!" he added as he pointed. Hannah spun around to see Pawkee flying over a shiny gold coin.

Hannah gasped. "Skull Chambers Treasure!" she said, dropping the coin in her bag. She started flinging stones from the mound of rock. "Help me, Samuel!" she cried enthusiastically as she began to dig furiously. Samuel did as told, and after retrieving three golden coins they had dug all the way to discover it.

"Skull Chambers Treasure, eh?" Sam chuckled. "Hannah, you're a genius," he said as they stared down at an enormous sparkling mound of golden coins, glittering rupees and emerald gems, pearls and much more, including what looked like a king's crown and a gold knife.

"We found it, Samuel," Hannah breathed heavily. "We had found it at last. We had corrected the legend, mate. No one found the treasure. But we did." She smiled at Samuel and no more than a smile that they began stashing the treasure away in their bags.

Just then the Usul spotted a small wooden chest. A small shiny lock seemed to fasten it as Hannah fingered the chest. "Even though it's small, it looks like a strong sturdy lock," Samuel pointed out as he noticed the gold lock.

"The key!" Hannah realized. She reached at her neck, then gasped as she felt nothing at all. "Sam, the key-" she started, but as Pawkee flew in front of her she burst out laughing. "Give it back, Pawkee!" she giggled, snatching the key that dangled from the Green Pawkeet's neck. Placing the key in, she handed it to Samuel. "Would you like to do the honors?" she mocked. The Pirate Shoyru laughed and turned the key. Hannah held her breath as her friend slowly opened the chest.

Peering inside, the two saw a beautiful gold envelope with a small silver skull with red rubies as eyes in the middle. Sam carefully plucked the skull off and handed it to Hannah before opening the envelope. Tucking the envelope in his bag, he scanned through the letter and gasped. "Blimey, Hannah, check this out!" He handed the letter to Hannah, who began reading it immediately. She coughed and her eyes flew wide open as she read the letter a second time.

Ahoy there, fellow mates, I expected you might come soon.

Allow me to introduce myself. Cap'n Gerald at yer service, an ol' Gelert Captain of the Blue Wind. My fellow crew and mateys were very loyal to me. Our original point of view at ye beautiful sea was t' whereabouts islands, when that scoundrel Cap'n Dread came ashore and sunk my ship. Me and my first mate yet faithful companion Cascade the feminine Pirate Weewoo finally woke up in these 'ere caverns they call the Skull Chambers. Didn't scare me, I reassure ye, matey. Cascade and me had no choice but to stay 'ere in this dreary place. A few living creatures dwelled here, such as those annoyin' little Pawkeets and Mirgles. I tell ye, lad, I hate 'em as much as I hate Cap'n Dread. And then that sorrowful day I learned that the possessed skeletons of Skull Chambers had take poor Cascade away was the same day I realized that the Blue Wind was sunken below this cavern. Finally I had no choice but to stash me treasure away which you have finally found. I beg ye to take it all since I cannot continue on in these caves. If thank Queen Fyora if I ever do survive somehow in here I will help ye find me treasure 'stead of Cap'n Dread and his evil crew and first mate Bloodbeard. Perhaps you seemed to follow me 'ere, eh?

After ye take all ye treasure continue digging through these rocks. Below I had struggled to dig a deep hole where the sea shall be. You may escape from 'ere by swimming through it and going up to shore. I bid you my farewells, and good luck.

~ Cap'n Gerald

Hannah smiled. "So that Gelert Ghost was Cap'n Gerald, eh?" she beamed. "Who would've knew?"

She turned to Sam and Pawkee, who had finally dug all the way down to the hole of water, which had begun to leak through the cave. "Let's go!" Samuel said as he stuffed Pawkee in his bag, diving in the hole. The chamber was already beginning to flood, and Hannah turned around to see the Gelert Ghost smiling at her.

"I'll see you sometime, Cap'n," Hannah whispered, and dived in the hole.

* * * * * * * *

One year later...

"You what?!" a surprised Aisha gasped.

Hannah nodded to her shocked friends. "Yup," she beamed. "Me and Samuel discovered a cavern of treasure, and we saw ghosts and evil Pawkeets." Hannah had become a hero to Krawk Island; her adventures with Samuel and Pawkee had become one of the most famed stories around Neopia. Of course she bid her farewells to Samuel, and after that she hadn't visited him in a long time.

"Wow, Hannah," a Wocky sighed. "You're so lucky."

"Let's get back to work, girls," an elderly Pirate Kyrii said, poking his head through the door. "We musn't be stallin' now, shall we?"

"We were just listening to Hannah tell her story about the Skull Chamber and Cap'n Gerald," the Wocky explained.

"Ah, Cap'n Gerald," the Kyrii sighed. "I never forgot our great Cap'n or his first mate Cascade even though I though she would only suit as a fellow companion." He turned to Hannah. "I hope he's as well as ever in the ol' Skull. In which speaking of, what is this heart-shaped ruby doing in the kitchen, Hannah?" the Kyrii smirked, waving a red gem in the shape of a heart in front of Hannah.

The Usul gasped and snatched it back as the Kyrii snickered. "I got it from Cap'n Gerald's stash of treasure," she retorted, even through it was actually a gift from Samuel.

"Right..." the Kyrii said, rolling his eyes. He handed two books to Hannah. "Your friend is very famous by the way. Maybe you should read these 'ere books, Hannah."

"What?" the Usul responded, and snatched the two books. She gawked at the first one, a beautiful crimson red color that was made of velvet. On the front shimmered golden letters, "Pirate Cave Peril." Flipping through the pages, she read the first sentences. Holding her breath, she picked up the next book; a green velvet book instead with a small silver skull with red rubies to resemble eyes in the middle and the golden letters, "Skull Chamber's Treasure" on the top. Hannah, intrigued, flipped to the first page, reading carefully.

"Look out, Pawkee!" a Pirate Shoyru advised his Green Pawkeet as a boulder fell right in front of the duo. The Shoyru sighed and adjusted his black bandanna. "‘Tis a place full of booby traps and sorts. I wouldn't venture too far away in this 'ere chamber of doom."

Hannah continued reading, smiling when she got to a part where Samuel describes her. She looked at the side of the beautiful book. Sure enough, it said "Samuel." Her best friend, who claimed they were true stories, made both books.

Indeed they are, Samuel, she thought happily as she continued reading, indeed they are.


Author's Note: This is a sequel to "Pirate Cave Peril", a story where Hannah meets Samuel and they brave on Skull Chamber to find the treasure. To be exact, Samuel isn't the one who wrote the two stories; of course you know who wrote them. *grins* Cap'n Gerald is not exactly that Ghost Gelert you see in the game "Hannah and the Pirate Caves," and so far I don't know anyone who created Skull Chamber as a Pirate Cave yet. Of course, I could be wrong, but if you get the tingling inspiration to create Skull Chamber or have any comments or questions, please neomail me. Thank you for reading the final story of Hannah's adventures with Samuel, but don't worry, their adventures may continue on...


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